Volume 47, Issue #7, July 1, 2015
President's Message
By Will Benedict


Your responses to the question of how the SLOBC can be a better bicycle club identified a problem that we as a club struggle with every year. That problem is finding members to serve on the Board. Those of us who have or are serving on the Board do not see it as a long term job. We see it as an opportunity to make the SLOBC a better club and to give back some of what we have received. The changes that occur in the Board 's composition over time have supported the club's growth and evolution and will do so in the future.


Every year at this time, Board members are asked to assess where they are in terms of their tenure. The process identifies the positions that need to be recruited prior to the election in November. Last year, we could not fill all the openings before the election. It was not until Gary Havas, who was already serving as the Wildflower Century Chair, agreed to also serve as Vice President at the December meeting that we had a full Board.


The difficulty of finding members to serve on the Board has resulted in some Board members staying on longer than they would prefer because they do not want to leave jobs unfilled. Knowing that members are interested in serving on the Board facilitates its evolution.


The Immediate Past President chairs the nominating committee and may choose two or more club members to serve on the committee. One way you can help is to let the Past President, Robert Davis, know that you are interested in serving on the board or the nominating committee. Email Robert at past-president@slobc.org.


A description of existing Board positions can be found at: http://slobc.org/volunteering/board.html


SLOBC Purpose & Newsletter Survey

The following presents the results of the survey. Thanks to all that participated. The survey provides input to Board deliberations and will be discussed at a future general meeting.


What is the purpose of the SLOBC?


I want a social club with our funds spent primarily on this purpose.


I want a bicycle advocacy club with our funds spent primarily on this purpose


I want a balanced social and advocacy club


I just want to ride with friends



What should be the 2016 newsletter subscription fee?

SLOBC General Meeting Minutes
By Craig Armstrong, Secretary

Minutes of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club General Meeting

Elks Lodge

222 Elks Lane, San Luis Obispo, CA

Thursday, June 4, 2015 6:00 PM


President Benedict called the meeting to order at approximately 6:30 PM. He announced that there were comment cards on each table for members to submit suggestions as to what we as a group could do to make the club better.


Following dinner, President Benedict thanked Joan Henry and Robin Dery for serving as greeters and Sharon and Dale Sutliff for providing the coffee station. He also thanked Joan Henry, Robin Dery, Joan Petersen and Sandi Heller for volunteering to organize the December potluck.


Ken Price noted that there are several road construction and chip sealing projects underway in San Luis Obispo and the south county.


President Benedict reported that approximately 1100 riders had registered for the Lighthouse Century. Captains are needed for the Donati and Shamel Park rest stops, and a food planning meeting will be held in July.


Chris Broome received the Bob Garing award for his numerous contributions to the club as Membership Director, Treasurer, and century ride captain and volunteer over the years.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:25 PM.

SLOBC Board Meeting Minutes
By Craig Armstrong, Secretary

Air Pollution Control District Auditorium

3433 Roberto Court, San Luis Obispo CA

Tuesday, June 2, 2015, 5:00 PM


Board members present:  Will Benedict, Bill Martin, Craig Armstrong, Mike Balster, Susan McTaggart, Martin Howell, and Ken Price.


The minutes of the March 31, 2015 meeting were approved (MSC Balster/Price).


The minutes of the May 5, 2015 meeting were approved (MSC Price/Balster).


Bill Martin reported that the club's operating bank account was $135,000. Year-to-date, the club has an operating deficit of approximately $14,000, primarily due to significant contributions being paid in the first part of the year. Wildflower revenues were down $13,000 as a result of a decrease in jersey sales. Two exceptions noted in the financial audit for 2014 have been satisfactorily resolved.


President Benedict reported on the upcoming Lighthouse and some of the proposed changes regarding the rest stops and food purveyors.


President Benedict noted that the SLOBC Wildflower and the Wildflower Triathlon periodically fall on the same weekend when April 30 is a Saturday. This creates a challenge for several volunteers groups that provide support to both events. To alleviate this conflict, the board approved amending policy 5.1 as follows:


5.1 The club's two century rides are normally scheduled for the last Saturdays in April and September. When April 30th falls on a Saturday, the Wildflower Century will be held the weekend before.


President Benedict noted that the membership renewal form was not clear as to how a member should indicate that he/she wanted a free printed copy of the club directory. The board discussed options for simplifying the process but deferred making any changes pending further review .


President Benedict noted that SLOBC was now participating in the Voler Product on Demand Program and described how the program operates. He noted that ordering a single jersey via the On Demand program following a ride would be significantly more expensive than ordering a jersey at the preride club member price since no quantity discounts are available.  


President Benedict advised the attendees to begin thinking about whether they would run for a board position for 2016 since the search for nominees will begin in mid-summer.


The board continued the discussion from the May meeting regarding several proposed changes to the by-laws to clarify duties for several board positions. There was an extensive discussion regarding how the club functions and how to better address some of the suggestions and concerns being expressed by members. There was a consensus that step one would be to solicit comments from members as to what suggestions and ideas they have for improving the club. Once those have been received and collated, a future general meeting would be devoted to discussing those issues. 


Ken Price updated the board on several road construction and chip-sealing projects currently in progress.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:30 PM.

News, Notes & Events
Century Jersey Ordering
By Will Benedict, Clothing Coordinator

Responses by several people in our recent surveys indicated that our policy concerning members ability to purchase Wildflower and Lighthouse Century clothing at member prices is not clearly understood by everyone. The club's policy has been and continues to be: 

5.8 Member discounts for ride jerseys and t-shirts will only be given for items ordered before the clothing order is placed with the vendor. After the ride, leftover items may be sold to club members at a discount. Anyone purchasing items between the time the order is placed with the vendor and the ride is completed must pay the full price. 

What has changed is that an additional option has been added. Starting with the 2015 Wildflower, century jerseys will be made available through Voler's Product On Demand (POD) program after each ride. This was done to give everyone an additional opportunity to purchase a jersey. POD Jerseys are ordered directly from Voler and shipped to the customer. Only short sleeve jerseys are available through the program and everyone pays the same price. This makes the option comparable to members purchasing a jersey during clothing sales at a ride.

2015 Lighthouse Jersey Ordering

For example, to ensure that you get the Lighthouse Century clothing you want at member prices, you must place your order before July 1, 2015. Login to the Member website, click on the Clothing tab and generate your order. The alternative is that you hope the clothing you want is left over after the ride. If so, you can purchase it at member prices. 

Wildflower Jersey Designs

By Will Benedict, Clothing Coordinator

This is the second a call for 2016 Wildflower jersey design ideas. All concepts must be completed and received by September 1, 2015.
Ideas must be presented in the standard jersey format. For format specifications and assistance in illustrating your idea or putting your idea into the standard format, email me at clothing-coordinator@slobc.org

Lighthouse Volunteers

By Will Benedict, Lighthouse Chair

We are making good progress filling Lighthouse volunteer jobs. We still need members to volunteer for the following Captains positions: Trucks, Volunteer Coordinator, Cleanup, Clothing Sales, Course Marshals, Pre-Ride, Food Ordering, Donati, Shamel, Recycle and Volunteer Brunch.


Complete volunteer information can be found on our Century Jobs web page.

Chris Broome: 2015 Bob Garing Service Award Recipient

By Will Benedict


Each year nominations are solicited for the Bob Garing Service Award that recognizes members who have contributed years of unselfish service to the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club and the bicycling community. This year, the Bob Garing Service Award committee, composed of all past recipients, unanimously selected Chris Broome from those nominated. 

Some of us find our passion for bicycling later in life or even after joining the SLOBC. Chris came to the club in 2000 as an avid cyclist and member of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA). Since 1986 he has continuously served there as either an officer or director, including President from 1998 - 2005.

What I remember is Chris' involvement with IHPVA's most prominent event, the World Human Powered Speed Challenge held each September in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Chris was involved from the event's inception in 2000 and has served as its organizer, treasurer, starter, race director, timer and technical inspector.

The current hour record for conventional bicycles is 32.89 miles held by a professional cyclist. The corresponding HPV record is over 56 miles, held by an amateur cyclist. The outright speed record for an HPV is 83.13 MPH, held by a Dutch college student.

My first memory of Chris was at a club meeting in 2002 when he and others brought their bikes to a show and tell program organized by Frank Mullin. Chris presented his Lightning P38 with an aerodynamic coroplast body and said that as you get older you need to upgrade your equipment if you want to keep up.

From the beginning of his membership, Chris has volunteered for many century jobs including serving as rest stop captain at Shell Creek, Highway 41, Pozo and Donati. He has also been a SAG driver, truck driver and member of the clean-up and pre-ride teams at various times. Chris always has and continues to be willing to step in and fill a need.

Chris served as a Member of the Board of Directors of the San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition for three years from 2011 thru 2013.

In 2007, Chris joined the SLOBC Board as Membership Coordinator, a position he held for two years. He started a process for extracting statistical demographic information from the membership database to facilitate our understanding of membership longevity and retention patterns.

Chris served as SLOBC Treasurer for six years from 2009 thru 2014. During this time he converted our financial records to a robust accounting system and restructured our accounts to provide a high level of detail that enabled us to better manage club business. He created the set of financial documents used to monitor club finances and our performance against the annual budget and developed the Capital Projects Fund concept with Dale Sutliff that the Board implemented.

Chris Broome is a person you always want on your team and we are fortunate to have him in our club. He is a friendly, thoughtful and diligent person that contributes ideas to whatever he takes on. Thank you Chris for all you have contributed to the club. We look forward to riding and working with you in the future.

SLOBC Scholarship Presentation 

Shandon High School Graduation, 2015

By Gary Havas


I had the pleasure again this year of receiving an invitation to and then attending the Shandon High School Graduation ceremony in Shandon.  I really hope I bore you with the reminder that the SLOBC contributes $4,000/year currently and has contributed now $50,000 since 1997. Since I have been Wildflower Ride Chair, I have received these invitations from John Svinth, Shandon High's school counselor.  It's with John that we collaborate to bring a number of the high school students out to our lunch stop to assist with set-up and closing.


This year's ceremony was much as previous.  Graduates-to-be march into the assembly following their instructors.  The students have a significant role in the creation of the ceremony and I could see their playful antics in music choices and body language.  Every significant portion of the ceremony is offered in English and Spanish for families seated in the bleachers.  At the appropriate moment the SLOBC representative is invited to present the scholarships to the recipients on stage.  We are not the only contributor as this community has several who think highly of the school and what it has allowed them or their family members to do.  We are on a par with scholarship awards given however.


What was different this year was moving.  So much so, I quite lost track.  OK, that might not surprise you. As the ceremony concluded and I made my departure, I was approached by Esmeralda Ayon, an excited young lady with a significant message to deliver. What had I done? It immediately turned out to be not at all about me. She and three of her siblings had been awarded SLOBC Scholarships over the past years. She'd returned to Shandon from San Diego State where she'd graduated to see her brother, Tony Ayon graduate as valedictorian this year.  She was so compelled to tell me of her and her family's gratitude to the Club that I mistook her earnest outreach as the beginning of some sort of reproach.  Switching gears soundly enough to shear the teeth off my Phil Wood, I replied with something that was meant to be gracious and warm and likely came across as well-intentioned babble.  I wished her well and resumed the journey to my vehicle.


What remains for me revitalizes my commitment to the SLOBC.  We provide goodness to the communities we cycle through.  We create solid collaborations with community groups who support our rides.  The word gets out more and more.  Look for it, listen for it.  The San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club is appreciated for what it does and the partnerships it cultivates.

Ride Coordinator's Report
By Kathleen McHugh

Indulgence Ride 2015


The Indulgence Ride is scheduled for Saturday, October 24, 2015. We will ride from Marina through Monterey, with a challenging extension through Fort Ord, and then continue to 17 Mile Drive and Carmel. Please mark your calendars now. The cost to club members is $40 and includes bus transportation, bike transport, lunch, and a shower. Dinner is not included, however I have arranged for a Mexican buffet for $25 per person including a taco and enchilada buffet with all the trimmings, beverage, dessert, tax, and tip! There will be three routes: a flat <20, a flattish 40, and the challenging 40. In addition, we have access to a heated (90̊) pool for those who finish early. 


Volunteers are needed to make this ride a reality. We will need a truck driver to transport the bikes to and from the ride and someone (or two) to help with the purchase and setting up of a lunch stop. Please talk to your friends and spouses who won't be riding, but could help out.


If you want to participate, you must send a check in the amount of $40 (for bus, lunch, and shower) plus $25 (for a taco/enchilada buffet-all inclusive) made out to SLOBC to Kathleen McHugh, 732 Manzanita Drive, Los Osos, CA 93402.

Changing Weekly Rides
The Ride Calendar provides the full weekly ride schedule.

Flyers (9:00 AM, D3)


Coordinator: Russ Robinson

Phone: 805-781-0903


Date: July 1

Start: Damon Garcia Sports Fields, SLO

Leader: Bill Buckalew

Phone: 805-234-3039


Date: July 8

Start: Bob Jones Bike Trail, Ontario Road

Leader: Steve Vines

Phone: 805-202-8114


Date: July 15

Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo

Leader: Doug Seidewitz

Phone: 410-337-2233


Date: July 22

Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo

Leader: Bill Goodger

Phone: 608-770-1448


Date: July 29

Start: Heritage Square Park, Arroyo Grande

Leader: Terry Cohen

Phone: 805-747-4584

Frequent Feeders (9:00 AM, B2)


Coordinator: Frank Mullin

Phone: 805-602-2058


Date:  July 1

Start: Heritage Square Park, Arroyo Grande

Destination: Willow Deli, Nipomo

Leader: Mark Lyon

Email: lyonm@charter.net


Date:  July 8

Start: Islay Park, San Luis Obispo

Destination: Hi Mountain Road

Leader: Arlene Winn

Phone: 805-781-9466


Date:  July 15

Start: Laguna Lake Park, San Luis Obispo

Destination: Morro Bay Coffee Co., MB

Leader: Dale Sutliff

Email: dalesutlif@me.com


Date: July 22

Start: Throop Park, San Luis Obispo

Destination: Back Bay Café, Los Osos

Leader: Dave Williams

Email: davew805@gmail.com


Date: July 29

Start: Marigold Center, San Luis Obispo

Destination: French Bakery, Morro Bay

Leader: Harvey Cohon

Phone: 805-234-2982

SLO Pokes (9:00 AM, A2)


Coordinator: June Kramer
Phone: 425-239-8692 


Date: July 1

Start: Hardie Park, Cayucos

Destination: Linn's, Cambria

Leader: Hans & Patricia Henning-Boerst

Phone: 805-534-9660

Date: July 8

Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo

Destination: TBD

Leader: Participant led

Phone: 425-239-8692

Date: July 15

Start: Cloisters Community Park, Morro Bay

Destination: Cayucos for coffee

Note: Two Creeks Ride

Leader: Val Barboza

Phone: 805-264-5901

Date: July 22

Start: Meadow Park, San Luis Obispo

Destination: Honeymoon Cafe, Pismo Beach

Leader: Gini Stedman

Phone: 805-473-8287

Date: July 29

Start: Biddle Co Park, Arroyo Grande

Destination: Station Grill, Grover Beach

Note: Brown bag lunch at Biddle; Brownies by Bob

Leader: Bob Lindquist

Phone: 805-441-7063

Tortoises (9:00 AM, A1)


Coordinators: Stu & Janie Goldenberg

Phone: 805-544-4720

Date: July 3

Start: Meadow Park, San Luis Obispo

Note: Women Architects #1 - Righetti House on Palm, Monday Club, and around Cal Poly

Leader: Mindy Nissen

Phone: 805-549-0711


Date: July 10

Start: Nazarene El Morro, Los Osos

Note: Casual tour of Los Osos/Baywood

Leaders: Hans & Patricia Henning-Boerst

Phone: 805-534-9660


Date: July 17

Start: Cloisters Community Park, Morro Bay

Destination: Cayucos

Leader: Bob Tuman

Phone: 805-545-5976


Date: July 24

Start: Nipomo Regional Park, Nipomo

Destination: Willow Deli and Market

Leader: Bob Young

Phone: 805-489-4755

ate: July 31

Start: Meadow Park, San Luis Obispo

Note: Women Architects #2 - Claiborne and Churchill and Government building across from the airport

Leader: Mindy Nissen

Phone: 805-549-0711

Advocate's Report
By Dave Abrecht
Regional Ride-Share Bike Month Events

Tour de Baywood
Twenty-seven kids, ages eight months to 11 years, their parents, 14 SLOBC members and Baywood Cyclery owner Luke Starmer made the first Tour de Baywood a huge success.  The ride was a "mini-century" ride experience, complete with a food stop, police escort and finisher "goodie" bags. Two bike deputies from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office rode along and set up a bike skills course that gave the participants a chance to improve their bike handling skills.

A special thanks to SLOBC members Debbie Abrecht, Christine Braun, Peg Heathcote, Roger Heathcote, Bill Martin, Susan McTaggart, Clem Michel, Harvey Petersen, Joan Petersen, Ken Price, Chuck Waldrop and Bob Young for their infectious enthusiasm and willingness to show kids the joys of riding a bike.  This could easily become an annual Bike Month event. 

Bike Month Bike Breakfast
The threat of rain postponed our planned Breakfast Burrito Bike Breakfast so we joined with Regional Ride Share to co-host a breakfast on May 29 at the SLOCOG office in San Luis Obispo. 

200 commuters, students and other cycling enthusiasts showed up and ate everything in sight. Thanks to Roger Heathcote who stepped up to help "flip" pancakes and to Stu and Janie Goldenberg, Ann and Bruce Smith, Gary Havas, Gary Dunning, Kathy Cohon, and Jeanne Kinney for providing fruit and helping to serve the breakfast.  Thanks to Will for the photos.


Morro Bay Rotary Eco-Faire 

"Thank you" to club members Jack Robison and "Seattle Dick" Davidson who represented the SLOBC and promoted bicycling at the annual Eco-Faire sponsored by the Eco Rotary Club of Morro Bay.  The Faire is an opportunity for residents to learn more about environmentally friendly products, services and organizations in our communities.

Upcoming Program
By Gary Havas, Vice President

Fluid Sports Nutrition

Richard Smith, founder/CEO of Fluid Sports Nutrition is a Cal Poly graduate and local person who's made good! Fluid sports drinks are thoughtfully designed with more natural ingredients than competitors. Richard will explain why and how in July's SLOBC meeting presentation.  He might also share with members some tips on stretching to keep your body healthy for cycling and living! 

Date: July 9, 2015
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: SLO City/County Library
995 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo

The Date, Time and Location of 
SLOBC meetings can be found
on our 
Events Calendar webpage. 

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