March 4, 2014
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Webinar: Communicating with Families in Head Start- 21st Century Techniques to Enhance Family Involvement and Relationships
Presented by: Karen Nemeth
Date: March 5, 2014
Time: 2:00 Eastern Time
Cost: FREE 
Communicating with parents of children in a program is more important than ever - and the options to support that communication are growing at a rapid pace. This webinar will describe recent research on the impact of parent engagement on preschool student outcomes and discuss strategies of improving that engagement. New options for using various kinds of technology to facilitate communication with parents will be explored. Specialized strategies for reaching out to families who speak different languages will be discussed. When you have completed this webinar you will come away with many new ideas to bring back to your program that will improve the way you communicate with diverse families and advance our ongoing work with those families. 



Edutopia Blog


Parent Involvement in Early Literacy is an Edutopia blog post offering a number of useful suggestions to parents of young children. Check out the blog.



Family Engagement Infographic


The National PTA has created a nice infographic, Tips For Teachers On Family Engagement.





Partner Updates
All teams have completed their action plans and are focusing on their activities at this point.

Delaware: Elwyn has activities around creating a more welcoming environment for families, both in their office as well as building stronger relationships with families. They have hired a "Parent Partner" who will work 8 hours a week, in the program. The Parent Partner will assist families to build stronger relationships with their EI team and community, as well as to support Elwyn and the community to become more welcoming to families.

Adams: Upper Adams School District, is focusing many of their efforts around Kindergarten registration and ensuring that families register their children and attend Kindergarten transition events. They have reached out to the migrant education program and have plans to reach out to faith communities and their local 211 to reach families in their district.

Butler: Butler has several focus areas, including enhancing their Week of the Young Child Events with additional activities for families to do together with their children.

Fayette: A focus of the team is to ensure that families understand and have the support they need to have a voice in their community.

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