September 24, 2013

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Keeping you up-to-date with what's happening in regards to the OCDEL Family Engagement Pilot Project--upcoming opportunities, accomplishments, and resources you can use! 
September 30, 2013: The Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education's Family Engagement:  LEA to LEA Webinar Series

Engaging families in the education of their students is vital to students' success in school. Promoting active engagement in school-related activities, programs, and studies takes commitment and planning from both educators and families. During these hour-long webinars, members of Local Education Agencies (LEAs) throughout Pennsylvania along with PaTTAN educational consultants will share current practices and strategies for other LEAs to consider as a means to enhance their interactions with family members.  Learn more!
Growing and Sustaining Parent Engagement: A Toolkit for  Parents and Community Partners

The Toolkit is a quick and easy guide to help support and sustain parent engagement. It provides how to's for implementing three powerful strategies communities can use to maintain and grow parent engagement work that is already underway: Creating a Parent Engagement 1) Roadmap, 2) Checklist and 3) Support Network.
This toolkit includes information, examples, and helpful questions that parents and community partners can draw from as they jointly develop engagement strategies that reflect their unique priorities and communities. Learn more!
Team Updates: Go Teams!


The OCDEL Family Engagement Pilot Project Teams are making progress!

  • All four communities have scheduled their self-assessments.
  • Self-assessments will occur in a variety of locations including: a program site, local library, and faith communities.
  • Teams are all focusing efforts on recruiting family members and others who they feel are important voices in their community (for example: faith community leaders, library personnel, etc.)

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