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Parfrey Murphy
Chartered Accountants
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Our aim is to help our clients increase their profitability, improve their cash flow and reduce their tax liabilities so that they have more disposable income.  Please feel free to call us on  021 4310266 or email us at [email protected] if you wish to do business with us
Common Bookkeeping Errors
Seamus Parfrey

By Seamus Parfrey





Business owners unfortunately make many mistakes in looking after their books and records. The following is our advice to overcome the most common errors we find.


1.         DO IT NOW


Do your bookkeeping at least weekly so that you have up to date information but more importantly you are not falling behind, letting the problem build up and then trying to attend to it when deadlines loom and chaos reigns.


2.         DON'T KEEP BOOKS


Manual books I mean. At the very least use spreadsheets to record your financial information. This of course can save your accountant time and you money as a result.


3.         BANK ACCOUNT








Good Interview Questions

By Seamus Parfrey


As my little darlings are currently going through the interview process I have done some research on good interview questions which you should find useful when hiring.


If you want to fit the right candidates into your open positions, you need to take charge of the interview process.


It's imperative to come up with interview questions that dig deep into a potential hire's passion, drive, commitment, and problem-solving skills. Focusing just on job responsibilities and skills isn't the right approach--you need to find out if the candidate is a strong fit as a person first.


An employee without drive and commitment to your company will just wind up unmotivated and unproductive. That's not fair to you or him.


Here are the seven character questions you must ask:





A Word from Graphite HRM

By Jacinta Roche - Graphite HRM Ltd. 


A leading provider of HR Products and Services


Graphite HRM Ltd., a specialist employment law compliance provider, are very pleased to partner with Parfrey Murphy & Co to support its clients to deliver best in class standards in HR policy and practice.


We specialise in delivering a range of unique HR Services specifically designed to ensure businesses have the confidence in their HR practices and get expert advice when required.


Founded in 1993 we have built up a substantial client base supporting many small -medium businesses, to large publically-listed companies and continue to be the supplier of choice for 41 of the top 50 Irish Organisations.


Our clients benefit from our:


  • Experience of working with  over 1000 clients
  • Expert HR and employment law knowledge
  • Dedication to providing practical, results-orientated solutions
  • Commitment to building customer self sufficiency - not supplier dependency
  • Expertise in providing managers with procedures, guidelines and advice on how to deal with difficult situations





US Tax Humour

By Noel Murphy


A white business envelope with your name in the cellophane window and the return address of the IRS. Attention from the Internal Revenue Service can mean only one thing: They want your money. - Jessica Steinberg, The Times of Israel, 5-6-12


Over the years and out of literally thousands of tax protestors who have been criminally prosecuted, a very small handful have won acquittals in their criminal trials, by convincing the jury that they were too stupid to understand that they had to pay taxes. - Financial & Tax Fraud Education Associates, Inc


Here's a funny story relayed by Internal Revenue Service ........





Sinead Herlihy
Deadline - 14 March2013
  • P30 monthly return and payment for Februaru 2013.
  • DWT - Return and payment for February 2013


Deadline - 19 March 2013

  • VAT - Return and payment for January / February 2013


Deadline - 23 March 2013

  • RCT - Return and payment for February 2013


Deadline - 21 March 2013

Corporation Tax

  • Preliminary Tax for accounting periods ending between 1 - 30 April 2013
  • First instalment of preliminary tax for "Large Companies" with a financial year ending between 1 - 30 September 2013
  • Returns for accounting periods ending between 1 - 30 June 2012
  • Pay balance of tax due on accounting periods ending between 1 - 30 June 2012
  • Returns of third party information for accounting periods ending between 1 - 30 June 2012


Where returns and payments are made electronically the return and payment deadlines are being extended to the 23rd day of the month.



Parfrey Murphy
+353 (0)21 4310266
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