Issue: #2.6
November 2013 

Send Us Photos
for the Yearbook

We want your photos from the 2013 season that captures anything related to VSA soccer.  Intramural games, travel games, practices, team outings, tournament shots, etc.  Your images will be used for the candid photo pages of the yearbook. Send photos to


Coach's Corner
Featured Drill:
Dribble Tag
Dribble Tag

Looking for a new drill for you next practice?  Try this featured drill from Jim Schade, VSA Director of Coaching.  

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Looking for Volunteers for the 2014 Tournament
The Voorhees Memorial Day Classic is one of the areas largest travel tournaments. Last year's event attracted over 220 teams from the East Coast and plans for the 2014 event is to grow the event larger.  The tournament committee is actively looking for individuals who are interested in helping plan and manage the event.

Volunteers can contribute in many ways ranging from small to large tasks.  Interested individuals should contact Christian Blasberg, Tournament Director at

Complex Map 
Wondering where your field is located at Echelon? Refer to this handy field map for locating fields easily!
We Want to Hear From You

VSA values your input and feedback.  As we strive to make VSA one of the best soccer programs in the state, we can't do it alone.

Feel free to contact any of our board members to discuss any concerns, ideas or thoughts you may have regarding the program and/or organization. 
Cheer on Your Favorite Team During the Intramural Tournament Finals this Weekend   

Division 2, 3 & 4 teams have been competing each night this week in the annual Intramural Tournament.  Teams compete in a series of 3 games including championship playoffs.  The tournament concludes on Saturday with all the final playoff games for each division. 

Come out and support your club's teams as the play for their division titles.  Enjoy warm drinks and food from the snack bar as you cheer on the teams from the sidelines.

View the tournament schedule 

The NSCAA Convention is Coming to Ph

Whether you're new to soccer or have been playing and coaching for years, I'd like to invite you to attend this year's National Soccer Coaches Association of America's annual convention.


When it comes to soccer events in the United States, few can parallel the NSCAA Convention. No other event matches the fun, excitement and learning opportunities this annual gathering offers to soccer coaches at all levels of the game.


Whether it's learning the basics of coaching goalkeepers or a high-level discussion of systems of play, every coach who attends will find something new to add to their soccer repertoire. And the coaching instruction is just the beginning - the four-day program is filled with unlimited opportunities to mix and mingle with some of the most prominent names on the soccer landscape.  


I've attended the NSCAA convention annually for about 15 years and learn something new each time. Whether it's held in Indianapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Baltimore or Nashville it's always fun to meet people from the local soccer communities. This year the NSCAA convention is being held in Philadelphia. No city can bring out the soccer crowds like Philly, which sets attendance records each time.


With so much to do, every coach or player will find something they love. There are field session's held in the large exhibit halls where you can see one of the world's top coaches run through a practice, or classroom sessions where you can learn about anything from sports nutrition to sports psychology. There is also a great vendor exhibit hall where you can browse all kind of soccer products or just grab some free stuff from the booths.


Whether you join the NSCAA, attend the whole convention or just decide to buy a weekend pass, I can promise you a soccer experience like you've never seen before. You can go to or contact me for more information.


Trainer Highlight:
Steve Kosyla

As part of a continuing series VSA will routinely profile one of the top level professional trainers employed here in town. This issue's trainer is Hayden Woodworth. By Jim Schade, Director of Coaching.


Voorhees native Steve Kosyla is a true home town legend. He, of course has had many great exploits of his own on the soccer (and other sports) fields. But he has also had, and continues to have, an even greater impact on our soccer community as a soccer trainer and coach.


Before taking over as head varsity coach for the Eastern High School boys' soccer program, Coach Kos put time in at several other regiona high school programs including Haddonfield and Paul VI. He has instructed soccer in our town since 1978 and worked with the VSA since its founding. Several area soccer trainers have learned at least part of their trade as well as a love of the game from Coach Kos.


His numerous abilities have led him to be inducted into the Eastern HS Athletics hall of fame as well as the South Jersey Soccer hall of fame. If you ask him, he may regale you with humorous story from the past, but it's the future he's focused on. I think it's his ability to see the potential in each child that drives him to find a way to help them realize it.


Although soccer is a primary love, it's not the only way Steve helps our community. He currently is employed as a Voorhees Middle School teacher, but has worked locally in banking, retail and even served on the local Board of Education. His wealth of knowledge and experience makes him a considerable asset to the VSA.  

Health Series:
Stretching & Why It's Important

Stretching for soccer games is not a very new concept. Although stretching is very important in keeping your body flexible as you play the sport, the most crucial benefit of stretching is that it helps prevent injuries. Doing a few warm-up exercises before you hit the field can dramatically lower the chances of cramps, muscle tears, and other, more serious injuries.


Soccer is an incredibly taxing sport on your muscles. All the running, kicking and diving puts a lot of stress onto your muscles, especially the legs. With such a great amount of pressure constantly hitting your muscles, one of two things can happen: they tighten up, leading to cramps, or they weaken, which can result in major injuries. As much as your muscles are needed to move you up and down the field, they are also needed to support your frame. Without the muscle strength needed to help absorb the impact on your joints, there is a larger chance that the stress can tear your ligaments or fracture your bones. This is why stretching before a game of soccer is so important. Preparing the muscles and limbering them up allow them to better absorb the punishment they will be taking in the course of a game. If you are concerned about your own pregame warm-up, here are a few stretches (there are many more) you can do:



The basic lunge stretches several muscles: hip flexors, gluteus maximus muscles and a little bit of the calves. To do a proper lunge, place one leg in front of you. Slowly lower your body by bending the knee in front of you, extending the reach of your legs when necessary. Be sure to keep your torso straight at all times.


You should feel the calf of your rear leg stretching. After a few counts, bend your torso forward and lower your rear knee to the ground. This will stretch your hip flexors and gluteus muscles. Slowly stand up and repeat, switching the positions of your legs.


Standing Quadriceps Stretch

The quadriceps are muscles on the front portion of your thigh, and are among the largest muscles in your leg. You can stretch these important soccer muscles by lifting one foot behind you and grasping it with the opposite hand. For example, if you lift your left foot, hold it with your right hand. You should be able to pull your foot upward a little, stretching your quadriceps.


Sitting Hamstring Stretch

The hamstrings are muscles on the back of your thighs, and are also very important in soccer. Stretch them out by sitting on the ground with your legs spread apart. Turn your torso toward one foot, and then bend toward the foot as far as you can.


Knee and Ankle Rotations

The muscles around your joints will also need stretching. To stretch the muscles near the knee, simply bend your knees and rotate them in a clockwise direction. After a few counts, rotate them in the opposite direction. Do the same stretching for your ankles.


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