Is the October 6th Deadline for Real?!
  You may be wondering.  We asked.
Will you be ready for October 6th?  If not, is there an "out".  According to our DEA contacts, while the mandate for change is inflexible, a waiver will allow you to buy some time for getting your storage facilities in compliance with the HCP reschedule requirements. 
So don't panic.  If your timetable won't allow you to meet the October deadline, contact your local Diversion Field Office immediately to submit your waiver request.  The local office will then guide you through the process of completing paperwork and submitting it to Cathy Gallagher, Chief of the Liaison & Policy Section of the Office of Diversion Control in Washington, D.C.


Then get in touch with us because while a waiver will buy you time, it will not excuse you from compliance.  Let us help you.


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