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News from CustomVault

for the Pharmaceutical Industry 

First Quarter, 2013 

This quarterly e-newsletter is specifically intended to educate and inform our pharmaceutical client base.  We are focused on sharing company news and industry insights.  Your feedback is most welcome.  Please contact CustomVault Marketing with any comments by using the email link on the bottom of this page.

CustomVault Making Strides

with Electronic Security


CustomVault has successfully expanded its product line to include electronic security as a complement to vault systems, and commenced marketing this specifically to the pharmaceutical industry. This represents a real opportunity for pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and retailers to use CustomVault as a 'one stop shop' for security.   


Indeed, customers and prospects alike are responding enthusiastically to this effort. As an example, the company recently secured a contract to design, furnish and install a DEA approved modular vault system, DEA approved cage system, and integrated electronic security including alarm, access control and video surveillance for a major pharmaceutical concern in the NorthEast. Read More

A Trend to Watch: Hydrocodone Combination Drugs in Review


Are you ready to adjust your security systems if Hydrocodone combination drugs are reclassified as Schedule II? How quickly can you respond?


On Friday, January 25th, the FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee voted to recommend that Hydrocodone combination drugs, like Vicodin, Norco and Lortab, be moved from Schedule III to Schedule II. This follows the DEA's request that the FDA reconsider its position given new research and data that shows that this drug is increasingly being abused, much like Oxycontin, and therefore merits increased restrictions. If the FDA chooses to act on the panel's recommendation, the Department of Health and Human Services will then be asked to make the final determination regarding the fate of this drug.  


CustomVault will remain on top of this issue as it directly affects a number of our customers, and their storage mandates. Read More



CustomVault provides an expert, consultative approach to the design, manufacture, delivery and assembly of modular vault systems.

Offering a full line-up of complementary security products including cages, mantraps, bullet resistant equipment, video surveillance, intrusion alarm systems and access control, allows us to offer our clients complete security solutions. We look forward to serving as your source of industry information via our quarterly newsletter.  You can also learn more about us by visiting our Website . 

Best Regards,
Rebecca Cicarelli
Marketing Director, CustomVault


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 Security Insight: 

Cargo Theft

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 When $70mil of cardiovascular and anti-depression medication was stolen from Eli Lilly in 2009, it became obvious that warehouse and cargo theft was an issue that could no longer be ignored. Their incidence had reached almost epidemic proportions, and resulted in significant financial losses for manufacturers and distributors, public perception challenges, and most importantly, an increased risk of stolen drugs finding their way back to the gray market and posing a hazard to consumers.


The Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition was formed as an industry response focused on improving communication, cooperation, staffing and technology in order to deter cargo theft.


Read More 

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The Word On...SOP


SOP or Standard Operating Procedure applies to 'established or prescribed methods to be followed uniformly and routinely for the performance of a designated operation or in a particular situation', according to Webster. In the world of pharmaceuticals, it can create the consistency required to effectively reduce external security threats.


There are at least three key areas that must be addressed by an SOP in order to minimize potential for losses to outside predators: loading docks, roofs, and alarm response. While some procedures may seem logical, putting them in writing and requiring adherence ensures that they are enforced. Read More




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