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News from CustomVault

for the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Fourth Quarter, 2012 

We at CustomVault are happy to introduce our first quarterly e-newsletter, specifically intended to educate and inform our pharmaceutical client base.  We look foward to sharing company news and industry insights.  Your feedback is most welcome.  Please contact CustomVault Marketing with any comments by using the email link on the bottom of this page.

CustomVault Extends Product Line-up Into Electronic Security

- Leverages BranchServ's Progress With Recent Acquisition -

Electronic SecurityCustomVault is now offering its clients more comprehensive security solutions by complementing vault systems with fully integrated electronic security including video surveillance, access control and intrusion alarm. Ultimately, the company seeks to offer progressive bundled products that accommodate client security needs with consideration for their regulatory, environmental and budget constraints.


The company has historically offered wire security cages, safes and bullet resistant equipment in addition to its vault line-up: LightWeight™ Vaults, HighBay™ Vaults and MegaVaults™. Now, working through its sister company, BranchServ, CustomVault is able to leverage vendor relationships with key manufacturers including Verint, March Networks and DMP, to offer its customers the best-in-class with regard to electronic security.


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Bullet Proof 
A Trend to Watch: ManTraps Capture Attention of Many

There is an uptick in commercial demand for modular mantraps nationwide. Mantraps are commonly used in financial institutions, armored car facilities, detention centers and the like. However, they are increasingly being adopted by a number of alterative industries including those served by CustomVault; namely precious metals, pharmaceuticals, health care facilities and casinos. In fact, these new installations are oftentimes larger and more comprehensive than ever, and a critical piece of overall security.


The concept of a mantrap is to capture and confine an individual between two interlocking doors within a bullet-proof room, thereby creating a roadblock within a facility. Most often, video surveillance and access control systems are utilized to verify identity and restrict the individual from moving forward to high security areas as needed. Metal detectors and scales are also not uncommon in these installations. Importantly, more complex systems can enhance control over piggybacking (when an unauthorized person follow an authorized person who is complicit) or tailgating (when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person without their knowledge) access to controlled areas.  Read More.



CustomVault provides an expert, consultative approach to the design, manufacture, delivery and assembly of modular vault systems.

Offering a full line-up of complementary security products including cages, mantraps, bullet resistant equipment, video surveillance, intrusion alarm systems and access control, allows us to offer our clients complete security solutions. We look forward to serving as your source of industry information via our quarterly newsletter.  You can also learn more about us by visiting our Website . 

Best Regards,
Rebecca Cicarelli
Marketing Director, CustomVault


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Security Insight: People

Are Your Strongest Asset and Your Weakest Link

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Having the right security equipment in place is essential to optimizing protection at your pharmaceutical facility. This includes physical components like vaults, cages, mantraps and safes, and electronic components like video surveillance, access control and alarm. But the right equipment cannot ensure full security. The human component is your strongest asset and yet your weakest link.


Your employees are your eyes and your ears. As such, you need to ensure that you indeed have the right people on board, with the right training and the right procedures for guidance.

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The Word On...Modular

Modular homes. Houses... but in pieces. We sometimes see them being propelled via convoy down the freeways of suburbia, and try to veer as far away from the 'wide load' signs as we can. Why would someone choose modular instead of building from the ground up? Simple: cost efficiency, expediency, and flexibility. In fact, the word modular translates to "composed of multiple modules or sections for easy construction and optimal design flexibility and customization."


This also applies to modular vaults. Constructed of high strength pre-cast concrete and high density laminate lightweight panels, modular vaults offer cost efficiency, expediency and flexibility. 
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