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Happy Holidays from the Staff at Personalized Nursing LIGHT House

Fall/Winter 2012


"Guiding Clients From The Darkness of Addiction"







Fiscal Year




Personalized Nursing LIGHT House has opened a new Women's Only DETOX Program (funded by SEMCA and Detroit).




Oakland County has renewed funding for IOPD services with PNLH. Additional funding was approved for Outpatient, Outpatient with Domicile, Peer Recovery Coaching and Case Management Services.







 PNLH clients are riding in style with our new 15 passenger turtle top shuttle bus.






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Welcome to the BEACON NEWS, published by Personalized Nursing LIGHT House (PNLH).

Personalized Nursing LIGHT House is a 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 1990, that offers day treatment, intensive outpatient (with domicile) and outpatient programs for adults seeking substance abuse and/or mental health treatment. PNLH is dedicated to providing the highest quality service, within a positive healing environment, using a personalized approach.


PNLH mourns the loss of one of its Founding Members...



Dr. Marcia DeCann Anderson


Marcia Anderson


It is with a very heavy heart that we share with you the passing of Dr. Marcia Andersen, on June 5, 2012 at the age of 69. She passed away surrounded by love from her family and friends.


Marcia was a pioneer in both her professional field and personal life. She received her Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science, and PhD in Nursing from the University of Michigan. In fact, she was the first person to receive a Doctorate in Nursing from the University of Michigan. Marcia was a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. She chaired the graduate nursing faculty at Wayne State University in Detroit and taught nursing both at Wayne State University and The University of Michigan, from which she received the 1994 Distinguished Alumni Service Award. Her early work focused on the connection between stress and illness. Her focus later shifted to the treatment of addiction.


Dr. Andersen was the founder of the Personalized Nursing LIGHT Model, a nursing intervention she developed, tested, published and taught since 1982. She was also the co-founder and driving force of opening Personalized Nursing LIGHT House (1990). She had a positive impact on countless lives through her years of service including; outreach programs in the City of Detroit (Well-Being Institute), her NIDA and CSAT projects in multiple states, teaching of the LIGHT Model to nurses and doctors in Germany, staffing Westland Medical Center's Psychiatric units, and of course, here at Personalized Nursing LIGHT House.


There are no words that can truly capture or adequately describe Marcia's unbridled energy, passion for life and for helping others, her business vision, leadership, innovation and an incredible ability to provide comfort to others.


Marcia will always be remembered...and truly missed.  


Personalized Nursing LIGHT House held a Celebration of Life Event in memory of Marcia on July 12, 2012.



What is the Personalized Nursing LIGHT Model ?

Many people wonder why we are called "Personalized Nursing LIGHT House". Our name relates to the philosophical model by which we implement our programs: called the Personalized Nursing LIGHT Model. The LIGHT Model is similar to Motivational Interviewing and can be used by all staff (not just for nurses). This philosophy is integrated into our clinical protocols, and guides all PNLH employees in providing treatment development and service provision. The LIGHT Model has been an integral part of PNLH's successful clinical outcomes over the past 22 years.


Research has verified the effectiveness of the Personalized Nursing LIGHT model. A randomized clinical trial, funded by SAMHSA, conducted in multiple states with 6,600 IV drug users in the mid 1980's, demonstrated that the Personalized Nursing LIGHT model was associated with improved well-being, a decrease in substance abuse and decrease in client's stress. This improvement in well-being was followed by an increase in positive contributions to society (improvement in the national outcome measures).


The Personalized Nursing LIGHT model has been published in numerous nursing journals (Andersen, et al, 2003; Andersen, 1982; 1986; Andersen & Smereck, 1989; 1992; 1993a; 1993b; Andersen & Hockman, 1997), and based on PNLH's success in Detroit, an article published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse (2003) entitled, "Integrating Medical and Substance Abuse Treatment for Addicts Living with HIV/AIDS: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Model."


The Personalized Nursing LIGHT Model is a treatment approach whose name is an acronym for the steps both counselor and client should take to achieve lasting, positive behavioral change for the client. Accordingly:


Staff Will:                                     Staff Encourage Clients: Love the Client                                 Love Yourself

Intend to Help                                   Identify a Concern

Give Care Gently                             Give Yourself a Goal

Help Improve Well-Being              Have Confidence

Teach the Process                            Take Action 

(Improve Well -Being)


Client talents and skills are assessed and encouraged as a key to improving well-being. With the LIGHT Model, clients are helped to improve their well-being, taught to see and expand their options, and encouraged to direct the inevitable changes that life presents. This makes the LIGHT model an ideal intervention model for those who have medical/psychiatric issues and/or who are seeking recovery from substance use disorder.


For more information about the LIGHT Model, please feel free to contact us at (734)451-7800. 

Opioid addiction is a chronic medical condition resulting from taking heroin or various prescription medications for long periods of time, resulting in a long-lasting impact on the brain. Withdrawal can be intensely unpleasant and can last for several days. Withdrawal symptoms include: agitation, drug cravings, body aches, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and chills. With opioid withdrawal being so difficult to endure, many clients return to drug use before their recovery can truly begin. Suboxone is one of the newest medications being used for detox from opioid addiction.


What is Suboxone?

Suboxone contains Buprenorphine, which is a partial opioid agonist, which blocks other opioids from attaching to receptors in the brain. As the brain "accepts this medication" painful symptoms of withdrawal can be averted. Suboxone also contains Naloxone, an opioid antagonist, which is used to prevent the dissolving and injection of the Suboxone. Taken as prescribed, Suboxone can be a helpful tool for a person to stop the misuse of opioids.


A new form of Suboxone, a sublingual film was released in August of 2010. The film is a strip individually wrapped in a sealed foil wrapper thereby making it more durable and much more childproof. The film must be taken under the tongue and cannot be snorted. The manufacturer of Suboxone has announced on 9/18/12 that they are discontinuing the pill form altogether and this will be implemented over the next few months.


One concern reported by clients who take it over long periods of time is the difficult detox process from Suboxone itself. Suboxone has a significant half-life, and 50% remains in your system after 24 hours. As a person takes 16 mg on Monday, they will have 8 mg in their system on Tuesday, 4 mg on Wednesday, etc. Taking 16 mg over the course of several months means the person will have a build up in their system. Patients/clients with long-term use of Suboxone are highly encouraged to seek an experienced doctor when tapering down from Suboxone.


Suboxone therapy remains one effective tool in the treatment of opioid addiction. Personalized Nursing LIGHT House, having had success in treating clients with Suboxone, continues to make this treatment option available when deemed appropriate-with an emphasis on a short term basis. As with any medications available through our programs, Suboxone is prescribed on a limited case-by-case basis and monitored closely by our physicians. If you or the population you serve would like more information regarding opioid dependence and treatment options, please feel free to contact Personalized Nursing LIGHT House at 734 451 7800.


For more information about the Pros and Cons of Suboxone, please see:





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Personalized Nursing



First we RAN, then we WALKED, then we WATCHED...

Run 2 Save our Youth

Some of our staff members braved the heat as PNLH participated in the 5k "Run 2 Save Our Youth".

                   Dr. Menestrina & Teri Baker
run2save - Teri


By Teri Baker
- PNLH heard about the Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition and attended their monthly meeting.  It was there we learned about the run and how substance abuse treatment organizations were showing their support by sponsoring the event.  It seemed like an excellent opportunity to share information about PNLH with the community.  


It was a hot morning for June but a festive crowd of over 300 runners and their families were present and excited.  There was a kid's fun walk/run as well as the main run.  It was a 5 and 10 K run, but many participated by walking the 5K course as a family with their strollers and pets.  I had started  running in February, so I chose this as my first race and I finished 4th in my age group. After the run ended there was plenty of food donated by many vendors.   There was also a large raffle with many prizes.


run2save Sarah Other addiction treatment agencies participated including Hegira Programs and Dawn Farms.  PNLH's former Medical Director - Dr. Mark Menestrina was present and a sponsor of the event.  He is on the Board of the Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition and was the official cotton candy maker for the day.



Sarah Rothstein 




The Annual Celebrate Recovery Walk and Rally September 15th on Belle Isle

    Recovery Walk


We had a great time at the Celebrate Recovery Walk and Rally on Belle Isle. Approximately 60 people came from the LIGHT House (staff, alumni, community supporters and clients).


 Please check out the Youtube video and weblink and see some friendly faces:








Each year, PNLH secures tickets to a Detroit Tigers game to provide a night of clean fun for our clients, staff and other stakeholders. This year tickets were purchased for the Tigers vs Oakland Athletics game on September 18th.



Don Pintar, an employee at Personalized Nursing LIGHT House, enjoying the game.