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August 2014

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Welcome to the latest edition of e-news - the bi-monthly newsletter from AMTA Washington. In each issue we keep you up to date on the latest industry news and AMTA Chapter events.  We hope that you enjoy our newsletter and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

AMTA Washington Chapter
President's Message

Hello, wonderful and loyal AMTA-WA members and friends. I hope you all are enjoying the amazing Pacific Northwest summer we are having. I don't know about you but my tomato plants are as tall as I am! At AMTA-WA we never really stop, even over the summer. For example, the Convention Experience Program is already hard at work planning the 2015 Chapter convention. Later this month, we will be selecting our presenters and by the end of the year building and testing the registration site will be underway. Also over the summer, the site selection process for the first ever 2016 AMTA-WA Chapter Educational Conference will be happening.

The Washington Sports Massage Team (WSMT) is working really hard right now, with many running and cycling events which happen around here in the summer months. The Government and External Affairs Program is planning strategy for the upcoming Legislative session and assisting local MAIN groups and other LMPs in their communities, working to affect change at the city level that will benefit LMPs and help to combat the issues of Human Trafficking and illicit massage.

For more information about any of our Programs please go to our website and check out the info there or contact the Program Director or any Board Member for additional information and volunteer opportunities. Enjoy the rest of this great summer and thank you for your continued membership in the BEST and BIGGEST AMTA Chapter in the country!

Thank you, 
Marybeth Berney, President 

Communicating with Patients/Clients Using Secure E-Mail

By this time many of you have received information from Healthways and Medversant that you will need to communicate with them and your massage patients/clients through secure electronic means (all part of HIPAA compliance). Here at AMTA-WA we wanted to make sure that you have all the information you need to make a sound and wise choice for your business. Here is an excerpt of what AMTA-WA counsel, attorney John Conniff, has been hearing:

I am continuing to receive telephone calls at my law office from health care practitioners engaged in the re-credentialing process with Healthways being told and hard sold on purchasing HIPAA compliant services (Email) through Healthways vendors. Just to be clear, I understand that Healthways has advised network providers that future communications will only be electronic through HIPAA compliant email and that fax notification will end. However, many practitioners have already purchased HIPAA compliant accounts for this purpose. Furthermore, not every communication involves ePHI or similarly sensitive content and can be sent through "normal" Email.

Healthways/Medversant/ProMailSource must clearly communicate and clarify these requirements. For example, any of the following vendors used by providers satisfy HIPAA standards:
  • Microsoft business Office 360
  • Luxsci HIPAA Compliant Services [used by my law firm]
  • Email Pros
  • MD Office
  • Safety Send

After the misleading communication by Healthways last week and the panic expressed by health care practitioners, I have been asked to create an alternative to the HIPAA Email "recommended" by Healthways. I have also asked Healthways to communicate to practitioners the method for demonstrating compliance through an account other than that sold by Healthways. Network practitioners must eventually be able to demonstrate HIPAA compliant Email sooner or later; so those who do have a HIPAA compliant Email account should contact their vendor for a statement as to how the account complies.

Please let AMTA-WA members know that Healthy Patients has changed their membership plans and AMTA-WA members can now sign up for a HIPAA "Email only" account for $15 per month that will give them compliant Email and a method for HIPAA compliant file and information sharing. 

Here is the link to the new plans:

Techniques in your Toolbox

by Allison Hanelt

As a massage practitioner, you never know what kind of people will lie on your table. Your favorite back routine might not work on someone unable to lie prone. The needs of a long-term client will inevitably change; requiring the massage practitioner to adapt the massage techniques as each client faces new injuries, health conditions, pregnancy or old age. New research may prove the efficacy of certain modalities over others. This is why it's important for all practitioners to learn well beyond our initial training.

New techniques can help us specialize as well as diversify. The more tools in your massage toolbox, the greater your ability and creativity to find the best way to help each and every client, and the knowledge of what kind of practitioner might be best suited to a client that stumps you. If you choose to specialize, there is always a next course to compliment your specialty. It can also be fun to explore something new and different to keep your routine refreshed.

This doesn't mean a practitioner needs to drop thousands of dollars on a two-week certification course. You can easily take a one or two-day workshop every year or two to meet the 8 hours of "direct supervised massage skills training" required continuing education to renew your license.

Need an idea where to start? Check the latest Washington Massage Journal sent to mailboxes in July, or click here to read online.
AMTA-WA Convention
Call for Workshop Proposals

The AMTA Washington Chapter is seeking proposals for lecture and hands-on workshops for our 2015 convention to be held April 23-25 at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center in Tacoma, WA. Those interested may submit a proposal for the Convention Committee's consideration. Deadline for submission is August 15. The workshop proposal form is available on our website.

Click here for the AMTA-WA Convention page and to download the Workshop Proposal Application.
Chapter Website Spotlight

Did you know the Chapter website has a Career Center? Members and non-members can search for jobs there. And members can post job openings for free! 

Click here for the Career Center.

For future reference, here are steps to access the Career Center from the website menus: 
News from National AMTA
Changes to Refer a Friend

As of July 1, there have been slight changes to the Refer a Friend program.
  • Student memberships are no longer eligible to be referred for credit through our Refer a Friend program. Graduates and professionals are still eligible to be referred.
  • The program may not be combined with any other join promotion.
For each person referred who joins at the Graduate or Professional level, the referrer will receive a $20 Visa Gift card. The referred friend will receive the best membership rate possible and a special welcome gift. There are no limits on the number of gift cards referrers can receive.

News from Department of Health

WA DOH logo On July 18, 2014, the Department of Health's Office of Health Professions and Facilities officially filed a pre-proposal statement of inquiry with the Office of the Code Reviser to open chapter 246-830 WAC. This is the first phase of rule development.

This chapter has been opened to clarify, streamline, and modernize the massage practitioner regulations. The Board of Massage (board) will work in conjunction with the Department of Health throughout the rulemaking process. 

Click here to view the WSR #14-15-103 for further information. 

In response to WSR #14-15-103, the board will hold rulemaking workshops. Notice of rulemaking workshops will be sent to the listserv.

Interested parties, stakeholders, and the general public are invited to participate in the workshops. For continued updates on rule development, interested parties are encouraged to join the massage board listserv.

Click here to join the listserv.

Megan Brown, Program Manager
Washington State Board of Massage
Department of Health
Office of Health Professions and Facilities
(360) 236-4945

News from L & I
Important Information for Employers in WA

L & I has a program to help employers keep injured workers on the job. We've posted the L & I "Stay at Work" informational brochure on our website.

Click here to access the brochure.
Do You Have Questions About Billing L&I?

The Department of Labor and Industries is offering free billing workshops. These workshops are designed to provide you with best billing practices. Your L&I representatives will answer your questions, demonstrate tools and show you how to use the website resources. Earn certificate for free CE credits upon completion of the 4-hour workshop. 

Click here for workshop details, schedule and registration. Please see the Medical Provider Billing Workshop schedule

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