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June 2014

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2014 Chapter Convention Photos
Below are photos from the 2014 Chapter Convention in Tacoma, WA -  May 1-3, 2014.

Washington Massage Journal
Click here for the Spring 2014 edition of Washington Massage Journal

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Welcome to the latest edition of e-news - the bi-monthly newsletter from AMTA Washington. In each issue we keep you up to date on the latest industry news and AMTA Chapter events.  We hope that you enjoy our newsletter and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

AMTA Washington Chapter
Why Support the "Washington State Massage Association": AMTA-Washington Chapter with a Financial Contribution?
A few facts... 
  1. We are the only not-for-profit, volunteer driven association for massage therapists in WA. 
  2. We are the only massage organization to have a full time lobbyist in Olympia, protecting your right to practice as a health care provider. 
  3. We are the only massage organization in WA to have staff available to answer your questions and provide you information when you need it. 
  4. We have an award winning publication the Washington Massage Journal.  
  5. We provide Programs which build community among LMPs, provide continuing education and promote massage to the public.
These are the questions that I ask myself when I am considering an investment or contribution to anyone...Is it a benefit to me and my family? Is it a benefit to my business? Is it a benefit to the community? Will I be proud of making a contribution to this organization or cause? With the "Washington State Massage Association": AMTA-WA Chapter I feel confident that the answer to ALL these questions is YES! 
This organization advocates on behalf of massage therapy in WA. Because of this I know that my chosen profession of massage therapy will continue to be recognized as a respected part of health care. This is important to me, I like what I do, and it is important that my family, friends, community and society see me as a professional providing a valued and necessary health care service.

This organization keeps me informed. My ability to practice is enhanced by knowing what is going on in the massage profession, politically and legislatively. My business and my clients/patients benefit from the continuing education opportunities that this organization provides me. Being a contributing, informed member of this organization makes me a better, more effective member of the profession. It impresses my clients/patients that I am constantly learning and improving my skills and ability to serve their needs.

This organization gives back to the community. The Government and External Affairs Program sponsors Massage Awareness Days (MAD) at the Capitol each legislative session, where they educate legislators and others about the value and importance of massage as health care. The Massage Emergency Response Team (MERT) provides massage to First Responders at events like the Scott Stair Climb. There are local, grassroots groups of massage therapist (Massage Awareness and Involvement Network-MAIN) that work events that benefit the homeless and the elderly. These groups also create community for the LMPs themselves. And the Washington Sports Massage Team (WSMT) works both paid and charity events. I can participate in any of these events as a volunteer; but even when I can't attend, I know that other volunteers are out there doing what I consider to be important work.

Will I be proud to make a contribution and/or become a member of this organization? YES! It is an investment in my own future as well as the future of the entire profession. I consider it a business expense with huge returns. I am proud to say that I contribute to the Washington State Massage Association: AMTA-WA Chapter. Whether you are an AMTA member or not, whether you are a massage practitioner or a stakeholder in the massage profession, I strongly urge you to invest in your future and the future of the massage profession. It is only with your support that this organization will be able to continue to accomplish its vital and important work. Please go to and click on the "donate" button on the home page today.

Thank you, 
Marybeth Berney, President 

New Resource Link page on Chapter Website for LMPs

We've created a one-stop location to find some of the most frequently searched information by Washington LMPs. Resources include links to the RCWs and WACs relating to massage, links to websites for Labor and Industries, Office of the Insurance Commissioner, and Washington State Business Licensing. Let us know if you have suggestions for resource links to add to this page. 

Click here for the Resource Links Page

Life and Times Annual Album

Our latest issue of Life & Times magazine is now posted on the website. This annual publication highlights the many accomplishments of AMTA Washington in 2013. These include National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, Massage Awareness Days in Olympia, our Annual Meeting, Chapter Convention and more. Learn about your fellow members, chapter leaders, staff and volunteers. Life & Times is available to both members and non-members alike.

Click here to read the Life & Times album 
Do you need more help with marketing? 
Who doesn't? 
Now you can get help in the comfort of your home or office.

If you were not able to make it to the AMTA-WA Chapter Convention May 1-3, 2014 or you missed taking Felicia Brown's classes at convention or you just want more help in building your practice, you can now get more from Felicia in her Every Touch Marketing:  Home Study Program. This program is a 12-week home study course that covers the basics of building a business - getting new clients, getting repeat clients, as well as getting your clients to refer all of their friends and family members to you for massage.
Click here to read Felicia's Free and Easy article
Click here to purchase Felicia's Every Touch Marketing: Home Study Program
Although AMTA-WA is offering this program to its members, AMTA-WA does not in any way endorse Felicia Brown. AMTA and AMTA-WA assume no responsibility or liability for the accuracy, suitability or completeness of the program. AMTA-WA does receive some financial gain from the purchase of this program.
2014 Chapter Convention "Road to Success"
This year's convention was attended by over 400 area LMP's and students. Thursday's Kick Start Program for students and first-year LMPs was sold out with over 150 students and instructors. This year an Employer Panel was added to the Kick Start lineup and was a great opportunity for students to get a sense of what massage employers are looking for in a recent grad applicant.
Click here to read more about the 2014 convention and preliminary information for the 2015 convention.
Click here to view a video of the 2014 convention.
Rules Created for Military Status Licensees 
military_fireworks.jpg Rules which implement Senate Bill 6290 (chapter 45, Laws of 2012) by creating a military status for licensees that are members of the U.S. armed forces, the United States public health service commissioned corps, or the merchant marine of the United States. The rules also create an inactive military related status for licensees that are the spouse or registered domestic partner of a service member in the U.S. armed forces or the United State public health service commissioned corps.

The rules establish the process for confirming eligibility; the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a military or inactive military-related credential; and the requirements and process for returning a credential from each status to active status.

Please contact Betty J. Moe, Program Manager, if you have any questions.
Department of Health
Office of Health Professions and Facilities
PO Box 47852
Olympia, WA 98504-7852
Phone 360.236.4912

Click here to read the Military Status Rules PDF document
Do You Have Questions about Billing L&I?
The Department of Labor and Industries is offering free billing workshops. These workshops are designed to provide you with best billing practices. Your L&I representatives will answer your questions, demonstrate tools and show you how to use the website resources. Earn certificate for free CE credits upon completion of the 4-hour workshop. 

Click here for workshop details, schedule and registration. 
Sign In to the AMTA Chapter Website
We've established website accounts for all current members of AMTA Washington on our Chapter site -

When you Sign In you'll be able to take advantage of the many member benefits we offer online.  For example, you can register for events at member pricing, gain access to members-only pages such as Legal Assistance and member forums.

In December 2013, we sent an e-mail to all members containing Sign In instructions. If you haven't signed in yet, or you don't have the e-mail, follow the instructions below. 
  • Go to the website home page
  • Click on Forgot your password?
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Enter the validation code
  • Click on Reset Password 
You'll receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. During the reset process your Username will appear on the screen. Please make note of this as you'll need it to Sign In.

If you don't receive the Password Reset e-mail or you're encountering any other difficulties, contact our webmaster for assistance.

We've also posted several help pages on the website so that you'll be able to utilize all of the features we offer.
Update Your Website Profile
After you've Signed In to the Chapter website, the first thing you should do is update your profile.  Your profile will determine what information is visible to other members and the public.

The profile page is where you'll also determine if you would like to be included in our "Find a Therapist" search feature. This is where the public can search for LMP's by city, region or specialty, such as Hot Stone, or Reflexology.

To configure your profile -
  • Sign In to the website
  • Click on Manage Profile (right side of screen)
  • Click on Edit Bio (left side of screen)
Click here for the Edit Bio help page with detailed instructions on how to configure your profile (sign in required)