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  • Recap of Fall Leadership Retreat at Dumas Bay
  • Dumas Takesaways by: Executive Board, House of Delegates, Program Chairs and MAIN leaders
  • Mark your Calendars for MAD on January 28
  • Leadership Tool Box TED talk video
  • Leadership Calls (Program Directors & staff-next call is 12/5/13 @ 7:30-9pm) & (MAIN-next call is 1/12/14 @ 7:30-9pm)
  • Leadership Reading; Fierce Conversations
  • Last Reminder to VOTE for National Elections!
  • MAIN
    Happenings; PA celebrates NMTAW, Tri-Cities Touch energized by QiGong and Bremerton review of by-laws
mark your calendars NOW
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
10am - 3pm 
MAD 1.29.13 Group
 leadership tool box


CHECK OUT THIS TED TALK to see how Amy Cuddy's research on body language reveals that we can change other peoples perceptions - and even our own body chemistry - simply by changing body positions.

tiny tweaks =  
 monthly leadership calls

Program Directors and Staff Calls are on the 1st Thursday of even numbered months. Below is the schedule:
Dec. 5, 2013
Feb. 6, 2014
April 3, 2014
June 5, 2014
August 7, 2014
October 2, 2014
December 4, 2014
(Calls are from 7:30-9pm. Call in number is (605) 477-2100 pin #699389)

 leadership reading
Fierce Conversations: Achieving Sucess at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time
by Susan Scott


A fierce conversation requires knowing ourselves, letting go of our limited version of "the truth" and understanding that we have just a part of a truth. It means going into a conversation without an idea of the outcome, letting the real conversation happen and, as Scott says, "coming out from behind [ourselves]." It means first having a courageous conversation with ourselves, answering the questions "What needs to be talked about that isn't being said?" and "What am I pretending not to know?"


It starts with finding our authentic selves.


Four Ways To Have Fierce Conversations

Scott uses this guide for creating meaningful conversations:

  • Interrogate reality. Look at reality from the other's point of view. What part of the truth do they own?
  • Provoke learning. Be open to learning, to really hearing the other person.
  • Tackle tough challenges. Find a way to say what cannot be said.
  • Enrich relationships. Go deeper into the relationship. How is this affecting the other person in ways beyond the issue at hand?

We can apply these guidelines to personal relationships as well as business ones.


last reminder to VOTE!
Time is winding down, cast your vote by Dec 1st for the national AMTA board. This is a profoundly important contribution as a member and one that I hope you will take seriously.  Read more about each of them through to their candidacy  pages on Facebook.  This is where they express their thoughts and ideas, and more importantly, you can ask them specific questions about what matters to you.


The national board sets the tone, philosophy and priorities of the organization, so who is on that board makes a huge difference. They have all posted short bios on the AMTA National website but I think that it is hard to discern much from just a few hundred words. I'd encourage you to follow their social media pages and ask them about things that will help you decide on how to vote.


Things that are important to me as a medical massage clinic owner in the state of Washington are varied. But one of the things most critical for me is to make sure that whoever is on the national board continues to support and nurture the position that massage IS health care. I want to know that they are fighting for continued inclusion in the ACA and that they will always be looking to increase our industry standards and professionalism. So you will already see me online posing questions to all of the candidates that have sites. I'd love it if you joined me!


And, once you've made up your mind, don't forget to vote. Voting is online only and is only open for one month. Tell your friends and spread the word. We have a lot to gain or lose in the state of Washington based upon who represents us on the board, take the time to learn who will have your back.


Teri Mayo, LMP (3rd VP)

Port Angeles MAIN celebrates NMTAW
Massage Practitioners standing lt to rt; Pat Carter (who co-organized event), Catherine Kavanaugh, Sheryl Wolover, & Kelley Gagnon. Seated are PA Food Bank staff members Julie Woodin-Stockert & Nicole Moran.

 National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (NMTAW) was kicked off on Monday, October 21 with free seated massages for the staff and volunteers at the Port Angeles Food Bank and St. Andrews Place.


One of the event's organizers, massage practitioner Darla Workman (not pictured), said "Everyone was so appreciative. 

Some people had never had any type of massage before and loved it. It was a rewarding time for all of us.


from left; LMPs Leslie Campbell, Catherine Cavanaugh, Scot Athair, Melanie Doster. The clients pictured are among the 28 staff and residents of St. Andrews who took advantage of the free treatment sessions.


Tri-Cities Touch - energized by QiGong

Jan & Doug Cozens posted the following topic on Groupsite:


Pat Swope, DC, moved the TCT group through the movements of Soaring Crane Qi Gong. Pat is a certified instructor teaching the past 12 years. All 22 LMP's, massage students and reflexologists present participated. Pat also talked about the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and summarized this ancient study for us. We enjoyed our local chiropractor's mini workshop. We are blessed to have her skills of 30 years available for us and our clients.

update from Bremerton MAIN

President of Kitsap County's Massage Network Solutions, Cheyenne Stallings realized a review of the group's by-laws was needed when problems running the organization long-term became apparent. Cheyenne is the fifth president of MNS and has held this post since 2012.   As a true leader, she enlisted other members to help with the daunting task of creating a new set of by-laws that fit the group's present needs. 


Cynthia Land, Marilyn Rose and Colleen Toepfer took the time to research the by-laws of similar network groups and crafted a new document to fit the massage group. Through the course of about three months, a rough draft was constructed and brought to the larger group for fine tuning. It was clear we needed more time to review and change the document to fit our small and unique massage therapist support group. Upon hearing of these global changes, Lesley Bush scheduled a couple of meetings at her house to continue hashing out details of the by-laws. Ten members generously gave their time to collaborate on refining the document.  The synergy and input was electrifying. Everyone had valuable and pertinent information to share.


It feels like the energy of the group is turning inward to create a powerful structure that will prepare the group for maturity and growth. The by-laws are not finished but we have made great headway in creating clarity for Massage Network Solutions' future leadership and membership. Thank you to Cheyenne, Cynthia, Marilyn and Colleen for their dedication to keeping the synergy alive.

November 2013
highlights for amta-wa volunteer leaders
What Happens at Dumas, Doesn't Stay at Dumas!

Highlights from Fall Leadership Retreat 2013:
Greatness is a matter of "Conscious Choice"

WORDS to describe weekend:
(The Elephant in the room, if we don't know our struggles/weaknesses, we can't help)
"feels believed in"
"was the juice worth the squeeze?"
"ready to spread wings"
"see mechanism in action"
"feel welcome"
"feels pride"
"feels more connected"
"not feeling so abandoned, feeling better"
(Key Performance Indicators)
.....and many more!

Dumas takeaways
Thank you to all the leaders who were able to attend the Fall Leadership at Dumas Bay, both new faces and familiar ones!

Along with the Executive Board and Program Chairs, we had over 13 leaders representing MAIN groups from: Bellingham (North Cascades Massage Connection), Everett (Snohomish County Massage Therapists Network), Bremerton (Massage Network Solutions), Port Angeles (The Olympic Massage Community), Port Townsend (LMPs Near PT), Olympia (South Sound Massage Therapists), Seattle (Seattle LMP Network), and Spokane (Spokane Regional LMPs).

It was a full, fun, challenging and exhilarating weekend. Below are a few takeaways to share from these amazing volunteer leaders! 
2014 PLAN

Brief Takeaways from Executive Board (EB)
(Marybeth Berney, President; Annie LaCroix, 1st VP; Scott Lesieur, 2nd VP; Teri Mayo, 3rd VP; Susan Cook, Treasurer; David Phillips, Secretary)

Focus on getting our framework in place. Our Strategic Action Plan includes KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). KPI's are crucial for setting measurements, identifying our baseline and creating benchmarks and steps to help us reach our objectives, initiatives and goals. Use monitoring as your governance."

  • Brief Takeaways from House of Delegates (HOD)
    (Linda Bucher, Kristine Proctor, Tom Whitmore, Alicia Moon Chong-Saulsbury, Glyn Desmond) 

"1) Increase awareness within membership of what Delegates do, especially at the National level. Share this 'job description' on blog. 2) Increase awareness of issues at National Convention via: blog, MAIN groups, etc 3) Want 5 HOD alternates to run for election"

Brief Takeaways from Program Chairs
  • Volunteer Development (Patty Phillips) "The challenge is to start finding people now, for the goal of the March Volunteer Annual Meeting where you can introduce someone that you've taken 'under your wing' to be a volunteer."
  • Governement Affairs & External Relations (Teri Green)  "What we're discussing is HUGE, 'Tip of the Spear' as far as CAM Research (cited ACA starts Jan 1, we need to be vigilant with insurance solutions. In Jan. we'll focus on the legislative session in WA state and in March we'll try to get insurance reps at our convention. Work to get 2706 implemented at the federal level. If we are faced to buy health insurance, we should have options."
  • MAIN (Tianne Curtiss)  "Focus on leadership development for groups, have monthly 'GOLD' calls, do mailer to groups & non-members once a year, encourage group leader cross-talk/think outside box, promote YM (Your Membership on website)."
  • MERT (Linda Bucher)  "I'm new to this lead, but aiming for goal of one outreach per month. First planned 2014 event is the Scott's Stairclimb on 3/9. Visit MAIN groups, raise funds for charity & WSART (WA State Animal Rescue Team)."
  • WSMT (Scott Lesieur)  "Increase events & participation, glad new website will help with logistics. Team members join amta. Include Spokane. Increase calibration trainings. Find replacement for Scott (remember, he's also 2nd VP!)."
  • Membership (Trevor Griffith)  "With 36 schools in state, we'll focus on 2 tiered program; 1) Re-evaluate representing amta at schools, have priority of schools and get volunteers to commit. Every school should have a contact name of volunteer. 2) Reach out to LMPs that have no affiliation with any association, maybe get in touch with employers."
  • Journal (Rina Clark) "Not be so static, appeal to wider audience. Have 'ghostwriter" to make readers more engaged with membership. Get a snapshot of readership."
  • Convention (Veronica Hildebrand) "Working with Lynn Edwards on exhibitors, sponsorship, wine reception, etc. Working on CE for Intra Oral Endorsement/40 students/16 hrs, eliminating Sunday, moving skills calibration & CPR to Thurs, maybe get discounted Tacoma Rainier's tickets or other appealing event."
Dumas takeaways from MAIN
Bremerton-Massage Network Solutions
"The AMTA-WA has been very supportive in ways I had no idea. I always looked to the national amta for my needs, but now I'll look to our state chapter for my needs, thank you!" Lori J. Dodge (far rt)

"I learned the requirements for me to teach a CE. I've been wondering about that for a year and not aware of where to find the information, and it was under my nose! AMTA-WA is an amazing resource." Andrea Kranovich (middle)

"AMTA-WA will do a mailing on postcards to announce group meetings and events." Lesley Bush (far lt)

Snohomish County Massage Therapist Network (SCMTN)
(lt to rt; Nicole Paganucci & Debbie Clemans)
"1) Yet again, another Leadership Retreat with great tools to use not only in our professional lives, but our personal lives too. Can't wait to use the tools for some Fierce Conversations. 2) Reconnection with other MAIN groups and other LMP's/Program leaders-directors/Board Members. Mutual Encouragement. 3)Updated news on all things related to the massage industry and our Strategic Plan. Nice to know direction and goals as a group and now more focus and direction to build our own direction and goals. 4) Always improving and growing! Thanks!"

Port Angeles - The Olympic Massage Community
(lt to rt; Pat Carter & Darla Workman)
"1) Website information excellent, it will be a great tool for dissemination. 2) Debbie Daniels is an excellent speaker and tamed down Fierce Conversations. 3)Great interactions/connections with other LMPs present."

Port Townsend - LMPs near PT
(Catherine Herrick)
"I was inspired by the group energy at Leadership Retreat. The training on Fierce Conversations was perfect for the organization to move into a new phase of 'doing'."

Olympia - South Sound Massage Therapists
(Allison Hanelt)
"The AMTA-WA is a leader in the massage profession on a national level. This in part because of the fantastic group of volunteers driving the AMTA-WA bus. I am honored to be one of those volunteers-and the experiences I share with so many other passionate volunteers have helped me grow as a volunteer, a leader, an LMP and a person. I've read AMTA-WA's mission statement and WA Chapter's strategic plan from time to time. Now I really feel the difference between reading it, believing it and putting it into action."
learning, reflecting & growing

Fierce Conversations; BIG IDEAS
#1 Our lives succeed or fail gradually then suddenly, one conversation at a time

#2 The conversation is the relationship

#3 All conversations are with myself and sometimes they include others

 say cheese!




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