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MAD 1.29.13 Group
 successful eminent grassroots response to our:
call to action!
THANK YOU to every MAIN group and every person who contacted L&I regarding the treatment of shoulder injuries!
Almost every MAIN group shared the information, and more comments and responses are on their groups "site". (Tianne Curtiss, MAIN Chair, is still doing the happy dance!)
Labor and Industries is defining recommendations for treatment of shoulder injuries. The recommendations currently under consideration have been drafted by the Industrial Insurance Medical Advisory Committee. There is not a single reference to massage therapy in the document that they submitted for public comment! Hear that? PUBLIC COMMENT!


So, we asked YOU to take action and MANY OF YOU did! Even if you do not take L&I reimbursement, honor the fact that so many of your peers do seek reimbursement for massage through L&I and don't want their livelihood impacted negatively by the recommendations being suggested by the IIMAC. More importantly, people who are hurt on the job will be impacted by this.


October 18 is the deadline for public input (yes, all day since this newsletter is being sent out 10/18!). We sent out a suggestion (and sample letter) for LMPs to respond with comments that support the continued use of massage therapy in the treatment of work-related injuries. And, many of you DID!


Below is the contact information regarding this issue:


Teresa Cooper, MN, MPH, RN

Occupational Nurse Consultant

Office of the Medical Director

P.O. Box 44321

Olympia, WA 98504-4315



(A HUGE THANK YOU to Dari Lewis for initiating action and creating a template letter for people to access!)

 great read
Posted by Lauren 9/24/13

Healthcare is segregated.  Massage therapists (and naturopaths and midwives and acupuncturists...the list goes on) are not allowed to drink from the same water fountains as those on the inside.  We are not invited to eat and talk and share at the same tables as those on the inside.  We are second-class citizens when it comes to healthcare.  If you're a massage therapist and you're looking around wondering who I am talking about, I'm inspired to share what I can remember of a quote captured during the feminist movement of the early 70's that goes something like this:  there can be no greater proof of the totality of our oppression than our total lack of awareness that we are oppressed. (If anyone can find the actual quote, puh-leeze send it my way, but you get the gist.)

You might feel that I'm stretching to compare the position of massage therapists in the world of healthcare with the civil rights movement or the feminist movement.  That's cool.  I'm not selling anything here.  If, in your role as a massage therapist, you feel respected and "seen" by doctors, physical therapists, nurses and hospital administrators, then you should stop reading now.  Don't waste this beautiful day staring at your computer when you could be out riding your unicorn.....

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October 2013
keeping amta-wa members connected & informed
Celebrate National Massage Therapy Awareness Week!!!
NMTAW; October 20 - 26, 2013
  • Share and Celebrate AMTA's 17th Annual NMTAW!
  • Get Involved! Talk to your community about the health benefits of massage! Promote your profession!
  • Click Here to find tips on how to promote masage and access consumer education materials

AMTA national elections
why you should vote!
Beginning on November 1st...
you will have one month to cast your vote for the national AMTA board. This is a profoundly important contribution as a member and one that I hope you will take seriously.  Read more about each of them through to their candidacy  pages on Facebook.  This is where they express their thoughts and ideas, and more importantly, you can ask them specific questions about what matters to you.


The national board sets the tone, philosophy and priorities of the organization, so who is on that board makes a huge difference. They have all posted short bios on the AMTA National website but I think that it is hard to discern much from just a few hundred words. I'd encourage you to follow their social media pages and ask them about things that will help you decide on how to vote.


Things that are important to me as a medical massage clinic owner in the state of Washington are varied. But one of the things most critical for me is to make sure that whoever is on the national board continues to support and nurture the position that massage IS health care. I want to know that they are fighting for continued inclusion in the ACA and that they will always be looking to increase our industry standards and professionalism. So you will already see me online posing questions to all of the candidates that have sites. I'd love it if you joined me!


And, once you've made up your mind, don't forget to vote. Voting is online only and is only open for one month. Tell your friends and spread the word. We have a lot to gain or lose in the state of Washington based upon who represents us on the board, take the time to learn who will have your back.


Teri Mayo, LMP (3rd VP)

report on national convention
Thanks for a successful AMTA 2013 National Convention!

Thank you to the 1,300 attendees who made the trip to Fort Worth, Texas, to engage with our AMTA community, connect with leaders of our profession and thrive in a word-class learning environment. Check out our highlights from Texas, and access speaker handouts .


Register Early and Save for the 2014 National Convention in Denver, Colorado, September 17-20! Take advantage of the special rate of $375 and receive first selection of classes when speakers are announced this spring. Online registration will be available until November 15. Register now! 


Click Here for more convention highlights!



legal advocacy
from John Conniff, PLLC

We will have Attorney John Conniff presenting at the AMTA-WA Annual Meeting on March 15, 2014. Topic will be, "HIPPA Compliance for LMPs."
He will also be presenting at our Chapter Convention in Tacoma, May 1-4, 2014.

Because I am discovering that HIPAA compliance is abysmal, I have posted a free "risk assessment" on my Healthy Patients site to raise awareness of the legal exposure and give practitioners a sense of their legal obligations.


I recommend that you distribute the link and advise

practitioners to find out how they measure up. I am finding that many practitioners have not adopted the HIPAA policies and procedures upon which the notice of privacy practices rest; have never conducted the mandatory risk assessment; and have never obtained any training on the HIPAA privacy requirements - hence the abysmal compliance. Those who have actually done any of these things and documented their compliance as required  by law last reviewed their compliance many years ago - so much for the "annual review."


Healthy Patients HIPAA Risk Survey


Apart from the survey, practitioners should at least READ the free material posted on the HIPAA page of and decide if they need help before it's too late.


Just ask the Gig Harbor psychologist who lost his license after a prostitute stole his laptop what he thinks of risk assessment now. Of course, that kind of problem may not be resolved with HIPAA compliance.


Best regards,

John S. Conniff


Washington & Oregon

3801 N 27th Street, #7933

Tacoma, Washington 98407

Tel. (253) 759-7767

Conniff Website


IRS final rule-individual insurance mandate

The federal government does not appear to be interested in delaying the individual mandate. Click here to see the IRS rules posted August 27, 2013 that govern the individual mandate to purchase health insurance and its relationship to filing tax returns and paying penalties.


When filing 2014 taxes in 2015, individuals must show on their returns whether they had health insurance coverage and, if not, pay a fine. The individual penalty is the greater of $95 or 1 percent of income, rising to the greater of $695 or 2.5 percent of income, in 2016. The rule outlines the typical maze of analytics for tax returns to determine whether a person did or didn't have coverage and what kind and what if...


Best regards,

John S. Conniff


HIPAA and HITECH Compliance
What you need to know in the final countdown to HIPAA and HITECH implementation.
Humbled & Happy to serve YOU!
Dumas Group
Looking forward to another renewing Fall Leadership Retreat at Dumas Bay Oct. 19-20, 2013!

 Cortiva Job Fair 
Seattle - Oct. 28

WHAT: JOB FAIR!! Come meet our graduates, soon-to-be-graduates and current students! 


WHEN: Monday, Oct. 28th (4PM - 6PM)


WHERE: Cortiva Institute - Seattle 


WHY: An opportunity for you to meet, and potentially hire, our outstanding graduates! 


COST: This event is free 


RSVP: Is required by Tuesday, October 22nd , please email (note my new email address) or call (206) 204-3161 to confirm 


We have 40 students graduating on Thursday 10/18/13, and over 50 graduates from our June & August graduations, as well as many current students who are eagerly looking forward to meeting you!  They will come with resumes in hand and ready to ask questions and learn about your business!


This event is set up Open house style, where employers have tables which are set up in a few of our classrooms and grads / students wander from room to room to meet everyone.


We provide each business with a 6 foot table upon which you can set up your marketing and promotional materials, give-a-ways, hand outs, applications, and what have you.  You can be as elaborate or as simple with your set up as you wish.


We will also provide light refreshments for everyone, and there will be food tables in each room.


If you have not attended one of these events before, this is a great networking event for employers and an opportunity to learn more about Cortiva and our curriculum. 


If you have not been to our campus before, here is the link to our website & directions to the campus:


Please give yourself PLENTY of time to find parking - There are a number of active construction zones near the school right now and street parking can be a challenge.


I hope you will be available to join us on October 28th!   Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you might have.


I look forward to seeing you soon!


Kind Regards,


Siouxie Jeter-Koch

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