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December 2014/January 2015  

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Welcome New Members!

Footprint Power and Salem State University

The North Shore TMA is pleased to welcome two new members, Footprint Power of Salem and Salem State University. We are excited to extend our programs and services to commuters at both of these organizations. We look forward to helping Footprint Power and Salem State meet their sustainability goals.

Upcoming Events

Over the next few weeks, we'll be setting up meetings with our members to discuss our programs and services and to schedule table events at member companies. Be on the lookout! TMO Outreach Manager Al Marrone will be reaching out to member contacts to schedule something at your worksite!

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Increasingly, companies, non-profit organizations, universities and government agencies are looking to make their worksites more environmentally friendly and with that comes the need to make sustainability a core value. After all, practicing sustainability helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint, require less water and avoid conflicts in their supply chains. More...

North Shore TMA to help develop a white paper about the value of a TMA
Beginning in early 2015, North Shore TMA Executive Director Andrea Leary will be working closely with our umbrella organization MassCommute and a team of consultants from ERG to develop a white paper. The white paper will explore the history, structure, and strategic advantages of working with TMAs
in delivering commuter services, congestion mitigation, and air quality benefits here in Massachusetts and throughout the country.
ERG researchers plan to interview the Executive Director as part of a case study about the TMA that will be included in the White Paper. The paper is anticipated to be completed by the end of February after which, it will be submitted for peer review prior to its release. 

New Promotion for Referrals

If you refer a company to the NSTMA and they join in first quarter of 2015, then you will receive a gift card (valued at $50) of your choice and your company will receive $100 off their 2015 dues. It's a win-win! Contact us to find out more.

The Advocacy Corner 

We're introducing a new feature into our newsletters - The Advocacy Corner. Each NSTMA newsletter will highlight an issue that requires advocacy on the part of a TMA. This issue, we're focusing on the pre-tax commuter benefit.

Prior to closing, the 113th Congress passed legislation that retroactively extends the transit benefit for 2014. As a result, the transit/vanpool benefit for 2014 will retroactively increase from $130/month to $250/month. Unfortunately, most commuters will not benefit from the legislation. In order to take advantage of this benefit, commuters must have had their employer withhold over the current $130/month cap or received a direct subsidy from their employer above the $130/month capMore information about this issue from Edenred...   

In order to provide predictability and value for employers and commuters, we urge commuters to contact your member of Congress to take action to extend transit benefit for 2015 as soon as possible!