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 Clean Air Challenge 


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Why is it that we seem to be "OK" with spending money -- considerable amounts of our take-home pay -- to drive to and from work? Does it even make sense (pun intended)? Many think that the time and money spent "commuting" is just the "cost" of having a job. It's certainly a popular sentiment since 10.8 million Americans travel
at least an hour each way to work every day. Add up the cost of gas, tolls, wear and tear on your vehicle and the value of time spent in your car and you're talking about a pretty hefty penny -- Just to drive to work.
Greetings from Andrea Leary, Executive Director


I can't believe that summer has already escaped us and we are in the midst of back-to-school and fall preparations.

This summer was a busy one for the Merrimack Valley TMA. We ran a promotion for vanpool formation and in late July, we spoke with some folks at Schneider Electric about their commute to/from work. We have also been keeping up with the construction project on the Methuen Rotary and we've designed a website that lists changes to the area as a result of the construction. We welcomed Schneider Electric's new North American Headquarters to Andover and we're working with all of the TMAs in Massachusetts to promote the Clean Air Challenge (taking place September 22nd - 26th).


Please visit our website often for a list of our latest whereabouts and program offerings. And if you're not already tracking your trips in NuRide, make sure to sign-up today.



Stop Staring at Break Lights. Join us September 22-26!

Are you sick and tired of your commute? Have you ever thought about biking or carpooling to work? Do you already walk, carpool or take the MVRTA bus to work but aren't getting incentivized to do so? It's time to change. Next week, the Merrimack Valley TMA will join its fellow partner TMAs in Massachusetts to promote the Clean Air Challenge (formerly known as Car Free Week). Register with NuRide and log your trips between Monday, September 22nd and Friday, September 26th and you could win one of five daily $50 prizes and one of three $100 grand prizes.   

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Schneider Electric's New Facility in Andover

Laurent Vernerey, President and CEO of Schneider Electric's North America Operations

On September 10th, Massachusetts welcomed energy management giant Schneider Electric to Andover as it officially opened its North American headquarters, the Boston One Campus.

The opening ceremony featured remarks from Governor Patrick who mentioned that Schneider Electric's move to Andover will help to cement Massachusetts as a global hub of technology and innovation.

Schneider Electric's new facility spans more than 240,000 square feet and includes two buildings.

Since December of 2013 in preparation for the move to Andover, the Merrimack Valley TMA staff worked closely with Ed Mueskes, Matt Volpe, and Jackie Masse to provide information to Schneider Electric employees about commuting options to Andover as well as MVTMA programs and services.   

Area Transportation Projects Could Be in Jeopardy

On September 12th, the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a breakfast at Burton's Grill in North Andover for members and businesses for a frank conversation about funding our state transportation infrastructure. 

Andrea Leary (MVTMA) and Steve Maffetone (HP)
Joe Bevliqua, CEO of the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce welcomed MassDOT Transportation Secretary and CEO Richard Davey and invited Merrimack Valley TMA Director Andrea Leary to present remarks to the assembled guests. At the breakfast, Secretary Davey provided updates on the Whittier Bridge Project and the Methuen Rotary project.
Davey also discussed the efficiencies undertaken at MassDOT to reign in costs - including automated tolling, but acknowledged the struggle the state will face to repair existing infrastructure without a consistent funding mechanism.
In her remarks Ms. Leary thanked TMA members for doing their part to reduce traffic by promoting a wide variety of travel options for their employees. But she stated, "While TMA programs expand the capacity of our local roads and public transportation, we still need safe roads and bridges on which to travel." She urged those present to support a stable source for transportation funding in the fall elections.
Traffic Management and Construction Project Updates

Construction has begun on the Methuen Rotary.
On August 21st, the MVTMA Board of Directors met with member contacts at the businesses located on Federal Street off of River Road in Andover. The group discussed safety, traffic management and road design issues on Federal Street, specifically, enforcing the 25 mph speed limit, light sequencing at the intersection of Federal Street and River Road and lane striping (painting) on Federal Street.

John Gregg from MassDOT Highway District 4 supplied the group with information regarding the latest traffic counts in the area and corresponding analysis by MassDOT.

Also of interest to TMA members and Federal Street employers is the recently commenced construction of the Methuen Rotary. David Conroy from Mass DOT provided the group with an update regarding this important regional construction project located at Exit 46 on I-93. The project has an expected completion date of June 2018. For more information including the most recent construction updates, visit the Merrimack Valley TMA's Methuen Rotary Construction landing page on our website.


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