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February/March 2014
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Upcoming Events

Next Cycling Committee meeting to be held the week of April 14th. Please check our website for updated information.


Bike to Work Week registration events: 

April 23rd (12 Noon-1:00pm) Registration Event at Axcelis


April 25th (time TBD) Registration Event at Cell Signaling



Bike to Work Week: 

May 10th - 18th


May 12th (7:00am-9:00am) Bike Breakfast at Eastern Bank


May 13th (7:00am-9:00am) Bike Breakfast at Cell Signaling


May 14th (7:00am-9:00am) Bike Breakfast at Axcelis


May 15th (time/location TBD) Parklet events in Beverly


May 16th (time/location TBD) Parklet events in Salem

Happy Almost Spring!
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I can't believe that we are already two months in to 2014! This is going to be an eventful year for the North Shore TMA. Earlier this month, we held our Winter Promotion for vanpool formation. The responses to our survey provided great information on the commuting habits of our members. We are also staying on top of the MBTA projects going on in Salem and Beverly and we're getting ready for Bike Week, which is coming up in May. We'll have more details on that special week in our next newsletter-coming out in April.

I'm also pleased that the North Shore TMA blog, "The Greener Commute" is gaining traction, especially with our latest post-a guest entry by fellow North Shore bike commuter, Terry Cowman (thanks, Terry!).

As always, please visit our website for the latest updates on developments in the North Shore. If there's anything we can do to make your commute easier, please let us know.


Happy Commuting!

Andrea Leary

Executive Director

NSTMA Winter Promotion - New Year, New Commute    


Steve Arena of Eastern Bank, winner of the NSTMA Winter Promotion with his new Amazon Kindle Fire. 


The North Shore TMA's Winter Vanpool Promotion concluded on February 14th. TMA staff gained an incredible amount of insight into the commuting habits of our member employees with 93 responses to to the vanpool survey. Congratulations are in order for Steve Arena of Eastern Bank. Steve took the vanpool survey and his name was randomly selected from among the list of fellow North Shore commuters who also took the survey. Now he is the lucky owner of an Amazon Kindle Fire! When asked why he took the survey, Steve said "I am interested in exploring commuting options since I currently drive from the South Shore to Lynn everyday." Steve is considering a shared commute and wanted to see what was available for him. Thanks for your participation, Steve and Congratulations!


The North Shore TMA would also like to remind readers that MassDOT is currently offering a $600 subsidy for all vanpools. Vanpools are already a convenient, relaxing and inexpensive way to get to work. With this subsidy in place, your commute could cost as little as $34/ week! For more information, please contact our Outreach Manager, Al Marrone at almarronetma@gmail.com or 603-702-2156.


Salem Depot and Beverly Depot parking garage
Future look of the Beverly Depot garage 

As you are well aware, construction on the Salem Depot began at the end of July. The project is well under way and according to the contractor, Consigli Construction, proceeding on schedule. The first half of the raised platform for the new commuter rail station is scheduled to open this spring and the second half of the raised platform is scheduled to open in early fall of this year. Please check our website for updates or visit http://www.buildingsalem.com/.


Construction of the parking garage in Beverly is also proceeding on schedule. The garage closed at the end of 2012 and construction began in early 2013. The four-level cast iron garage is scheduled to open in just a few short months in June of 2014! Please visit our website for updates as they become available.

Ferry service in Lynn? OK!
Yes, it's true! Ferry boat service from Lynn into Boston is coming! According to James Cowdell, the Executive Director of Lynn's Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC), the city is poised to begin ferry service this May. Lynn is currently collecting bids for ferry boat operators and they intend to hire one in April. Cowdell is working closely with State Senator Thomas McGee, Chairman of the Legislature's Transportation Committee to put subsidies in place for the fare, at least for the first few years of operation. The ferry trip from Lynn to Boston will take 25-30 minutes and EDIC intends to run two trips in the morning and two trips in the evening on weekdays. The North Shore TMA is excited about this new commuting option and thanks Senator McGee for his advocacy and the folks at Lynn's EDIC office for all of their hard work on this project. The addition of ferry service in Lynn will be especially helpful for employees at Eastern Bank since their headquarters is located just a few short blocks from the ferry dock!

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