Christ Church Valdosta Weekly Bulletin
February 21, 2014
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Worship Services


Feb. 23:  Epiphany V

Vestry Member of the Day: 

    Sheri Gravett


Nursery Worker: 

    Mimi Allen


Coffee Hour Host:

  Hospitality Committee



8:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite I

    (no music)
Celebrant - Joye Cantrell
Preacher - Joye Cantrell
Lay Eucharistic Minister - Allan Dear
Usher - Max Bontrager
10:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist, Rite II
Celebrant - Joye Cantrell
Preacher - Joye Cantrell
Lay Eucharistic Ministers - Phyllis
   Holland, Melanie Ford, Eric Herndon
Lay Readers - Nancy Lutsko, Ralph
   Jackson, Cathy Oglesby  
Ushers - Al Turner, Larry Wisenbaker,
   Aaron Parten 
Acolytes - Andrew Greneker, John
   David Greneker, Chris Hanson,
   Joshua Hanson 

6 p.m. Vespers - Sanctuary 


First Lesson - Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18
Psalm 119:33-40
Second Lesson - 
   1 Corinthians 3:10-11, 16-23
Gospel - Matthew 5:38-48

Every Wednesday
6 p.m.

Every Thursday
7 a.m.


Statistical Information

(Latest Available Financials)

General Fund

January: Income - $ 80,969

         Expenses - $ 43,416

YTD: Income - $ 80,969

         Expenses - $ 43,416


Attendance for February 16th:

8:00 a.m. - 24

10:00 a.m. - 105


Upcoming Events

March 1: Lunch Bunch - 10:00 a.m.
March 4: Shrove Tuesday Pancake
    Supper, 6 - 7 p.m.
    - hosted by Senior EYC
March 5: Ash Wednesday - 12 and 6 
     No Parish Dinner 
March 16: Animal Blessing - 2:00 p.m.
    - Front Lawn

 Senior EYC:  at Gabard Building
Clergy and Staff of 
Christ Episcopal Church

The Rev. Laura "Joye" Q. Cantrell, Interim Rector
[email protected] 

church office (229) 242-5115


The Rev. Tar Drazdowski,

Assistant Rector

(on sabbatical leave 12/30-03/04)
[email protected] 

church office (229) 242-5115  

other (229) 249-0895


Kim Dudley, Parish Administrator

[email protected] 

church office (229) 242-5115


Amy Creasy, Bookkeeper
[email protected] 

bookkeeper's office (229) 242-0616 


Angela Duncan, Music Director

[email protected]  

church office (229) 242-5115



The Community Depot
Joan Bailey Center
Auction - March 22, 2014
The Community Depot would like to announce its first annual Joan Bailey Center Charity Auction to be held at Mathis Auditorium on Saturday, March 22, 2014.  The doors will open at 5:30 p.m. for a preview of auction items. Items will include extraordinary pieces of furniture, home decor items, clothes and other fine art objects. Live auction to start around 7:30 p.m.  Silent auction will run concurrently.  All auction items are to benefit The American Red Cross, Easter Seals,  and the Humane Society - Valdosta.

The Community Depot is now accepting donations for the silent and live auction.  We can schedule a Pick-up at your convenience.  Please contact Joan Bailey, Phyllis Hiers, or Ralph Jackson. 229-561-9343.

Christ Episcopal Church has been awarded a Diamond Sponsor Award by The Community Depot for outstanding support.  Christ Church will be recognized at the Auction Event on March 22, 2014.
Digital Pictures to be taken
Sundays before and after services

We will be taking pictures for the next month of our parishioners to help our new rector.  Please plan to stop by and have a casual photo taken, before or after services.   Please contact Frances Guice if you have questions.

Search Committee Update
From 11 candidates to 4 finalists

The Search Committee has narrowed our initial list of 11 names to 4 candidates for rector.  We have divided into groups of three to visit these candidates in their parishes.  As instructed in the transition manual, we will attend a service in which each one is preaching, attend any activity following the service in which an ordinary visitor would participate, observe the general atmosphere of the church and the service, and talk to people without indicating the purpose of our visit.  In addition we will share a meal with candidates and their spouses to get acquainted on a personal level.  The Vestry has given us a travel budget and we are working to be good stewards of these funds.  Please pray for travel safety and discernment for the traveling teams.  Our last visit is scheduled for the end of February.  At that point we will have to decide who to bring to Valdosta for interviews.  We are fortunate in that this is going to be a difficult decision because of the high quality of our candidates.  We appreciate your patience and support throughout this search. -- Phyllis Holland, Chair

Adult Education Classes
Sunday mornings at 9:00
Adult education classes continue at 9 a.m. each Sunday morning in the front of the Parish Hall.  The current schedule is below:   


Feb. 23: Bonnie & Jeff Hanson - Christ Church 2014 Budget

March 2: Julius & Julia Ariail - Dominican Republic Mission  

March 9:  Patricia Marks - First Church in the new world

March 16: Karen Gunter - St. Francis Ministry for Animals

March 23: Lucy Tomberlin - Elder law and End-of-Life Issues

March 30: Clinton Beeland - Exploring the Roots of Symbols

April 6: Irene Dodd - Crucifixion and Easter art

Change is Like a Slinky
by Dr. Les Robinson, Jr.

When I was growing up, one of my favorite toys was a slinky. Slinky is a toy made out of recompressed spring that is formed in the shape of a spiral. It can perform a number of tricks and will re-form itself with the aid of gravity and its own momentum. I had to share this toy with my sister, and we once disagreed on whose turn it was to have control. From that experience, I will warn you that if you play tug of war with a slinky, it very likely will not return to the original spiral shape!


A few years ago Hans Finzel wrote a book entitled, Change is Like A Slinky. He uses the book to talk about the organizational climate of "change or perish." Finzel is primarily a motivational speaker/writer, but has a number of good suggestions regarding dealing with the ever-present reality of change. Here are five of his principles, along with my interpretation/perspective:

  • You have to take it out of the box to have fun with it. Denying that change is occurring all around us is one way to assure that we will miss the opportunity to handle change in a productive manner. Congregations often get into a difficult place when they ignore signs that things are different; they get into an even more difficult place, however, when they fail to recognize the good things that can ultimately come from change.
  • Somebody has to launch it on its way. John Kotter is arguably the leading authority on the subject of change. Kotter says that in order for change to happen, the group must have a sense of urgency. I worked with a new pastor who felt the congregation needed to take note of its financial situation. Consequently, he addressed the leadership with the following scenario: "based on our current financial condition, if we do not make significant changes in our giving patterns, the church will close in about 15 years." Nobody in the room, other than the new pastor, felt any sense that they needed to make changes - in fact, one person stated, "sounds like we are in good shape - I could be dead in 15 years!"
  • It is messy, noisy, and chaotic. Even when we use a slinky in the proper manner (not for tug of war), it can get tangled up or lose its intended direction or fall out of our hands and make a terrible clanging noise. Change is the same way. It is chaotic because we are not used to having to do things differently; and when we do agree to start making strides toward change we are usually entering uncharted territory and thus it gets messy and confusing before we figure it out.
  • The course it takes, once it begins, is entirely unpredictable. True enough. Our best planning and strategizing needs a Plan B and perhaps a Plan C. Like the Olympic skiers many of us have been watching over the last few days, even when we start down a path that has some familiarity, we do not know exactly how to navigate all of the turns. Further, we will encounter unexpected terrain with different dips and curves. Hopefully, where we land will have some semblance to what we hoped at the beginning, but rarely will it look exactly the way we anticipated it would look.
Before it is launched, it has stored potential energy. When launched, that energy force becomes kinetic energy. This is another way of saying that change frequently takes on a life of its own and often leads to different outcomes than we imagined at the start. Change can be powerful.
The Rev. Tar Drazdowski
April 27, 2014
The Rev. Tar Drazdowski will be returning to Christ Church on March 5, 2014.  She will assist with worship services through Easter.  Her last Sunday at Christ Church will be April 27, 2014.

We will have a reception for Tar+ following the 10:00 worship service on April 27th.  A purse will be presented to her at this reception. 

If you would like to make a donation to this purse, please send it to Amy in the church office and be sure to denote that it is for Tar+.  

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Golf Tournament on Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Valdosta State chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will be holding a fund-raising golf tournament on Thursday, March 6, 2014. The registration form and other details are here:


Shane Goodwin, the FCA leader, spoke about the programs and mission of this organization at our adult education class on October 27, 2013. 

Men's Softball

It's time for softball sign-ups.  If you're interested in playing on the church softball league this season for Christ Church, please contact Paul Stevenson as soon as possible. 

Summer Camps
Honey Creek
Registration is open for the 2014 season of Summer Camp at Honey Creek. There is another action packed, memory filled summer planned this year. Don't delay in registering for camp! Spots are already starting to fill. If you are registered before March 1 and the $75 deposit is in, you will receive a discount on the camp tuition. Camp tuition is $425. If you register before March 1, you will receive a $25 discount. A link to the summer camp online registration can be found here.  

2014 Summer Camp Schedule

June 15-21- High School Camp (completed grades 9-12, 
                                  not yet started college); 
June 22-28 St. Joseph & Mary I (completed grades 3-5); 
July 6-12 St. Peter I (completed grades 6-8);
July 13-19 St. Joseph & Mary (completed grades 3-5); 
July 20-26 St. Peter II (completed grades 6-8).

Please let Elizabeth Burns know if you have any questions. 

This Week in The Vineyard
New articles in the online Vineyard this week include: Revised Church Bylaws, Adult Class on Medical Ethics, Blocks into Blankets. Online Vineyard
Birthdays this week
February 22 - February 28

22 Dottie Pitts

23 Dean Failor, Martha Leake

24 Barbara Jane Rigby

26 Freddie Bajalia

27 Tammy Borders

Wedding Anniversaries this week
February 22 - February 28
None this week
Baptismal Anniversaries this week
February 22 - February 28

23 Sarah Parrish

24 Brody Force

25 Emory Warrick, III


Please contact the church office to update our records if we missed your Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, or Baptismal Anniversary.


Remember in your prayers

Dave Armstrong, Pat Armstrong, Joan Bailey, Freddie Bajalia, Katherine Berkman, Pat Bradley, Carrie Brooks, Judy Carter, Lydia Coddington, Cheryl Critchfield, Robert Church, Jeff Crawford, Jackie Dennis, Leroy Dorminy, Elizabeth, Ann Embry, Kathy Failor, Gene and Pam Garner, Gil Gjertsen, Natalie Gjertsen, Travis Grove, Cheryl Hatcher, Rena Holmes, Velma Hobgood, Ramona Hoffman, Charles Hunt, Renee Jackson, Vernell Jackson, Barney Knighton, Christopher Lutsko, Jerriann Levy, Brady Lloyd, Daniel Mayer, Bobbi McGraw, Mary Louise McRae, Jayne Nyhammer, Valerie Page, Laura Paine, Terry Parsons, Paul, Andrew Pritchett, Cathy Rippeon, Bernice Roberts, Reva Rollins, David Sandbach, Sr., Pat Sims, Eloise Smith, Danelle Starling, Jewellee Thomas, Ronnie Thompson, Joe Tomberlin, Chris Warren, Emory Warrick, Sr.

Kim Dudley, Parish Administrator

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