Greetings from UMass Family Medicine!  
Thank you for requesting information about our academic programs and/or our visiting rotations at UMass Family Medicine. I'm Michael Smith, Associate Director of Admissions for both the UMass Fitchburg and UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residencies. I wanted to introduce myself to you and to let you know that I will be using this e-mail address to send you periodic e-mail blasts about our programs in the coming months as you get to know us prior to next year's Match!   

And speaking of the Match, we know that the months ahead are full of promise and excitement for you as you prepare to apply to residencies this fall. Therefore, we thought it might be helpful for you to send you a terrific brochure called Strolling Through the Match, a great introduction to the 2014 Match from A to Z!

Now that the 2013 Match has passed, we are very excited about the new interns who will be training with our respective programs! So, I invite you to meet our 6 new Fitchburg interns and our 12 new Worcester interns.  (Four Worcester interns match at each of the residency's three health center sites: Hahnemann Family Health Center, Family Health Center of Worcester and Barre Family Health Center. More to come on this in future emails.)  

                              Stacy Potts, MD                                    James Ledwith, MD
                      Worcester Program Director                   Fitchburg Program Director 

Some other info I'd like to pass on: once again this year, UMass Medical School was ranked within the Top 10 medical schools for Primary Care in U.S. News
 and World Report's annual issue, "America's Best Graduate Schools" - check it out here.

Each of our programs is devoted to mentoring and teaching. UMass Family Medicine is also committed to global health and we have integrated a Global Health Track into our curriculum.  In fact, three of our UMass residents have just finished blogging about their experiences in Nicaragua as part of the Track and I invite you to check them out on the front page of our Global Health Track website.    

Interested in completing a Family Medicine Inpatient or Outpatient visiting elective at UMass? Our application process for visiting medical student electives is now open! Click to find info about applying for an elective in Fitchburg and/or Worcester. Visiting electives will be offered on a space-available basis beginning after May 1.  A UMass Family Medicine elective rotation is a great way to get to know our programs!

Please don't hesitate to visit our Worcester and Fitchburg residency websites to learn more about each of our programs. Contact me anytime with questions. I will be in touch with more UMass Family Medicine info in the coming months!                                                                                                                                                
Michael P. Smith, MS
Associate Director of Admissions
UMass Worcester/Fitchburg Family Medicine Residencies
Phone: 508-334-8023