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January 12, 2014
Sunday Masses

Friday, January 17th:
Spring Break Service Immersion Trip Mandatory Meeting
Massman 250 
If you are participating in a service immersion trip this coming spring break,
attend this mandatory meeting 
to meet you group and prepare for your trip.    
Contact Bill Kriege (501.4855) if you have any questions!
Monday, January 21st:
Martin Luther King, Jr Day



MLK Day of Service


Honor Dr. King and our Ignatian Heritage by jumping into this day, which will include service, 

a screening of the film Art Saved My Life (film trailer), 

live performances by artists from the film, 

and breakout sessions at which YOU can join in the art!

Retreat on the Rock
 Here is more information and the registration form for Retreat on the Rock!  
Question of the Week
question mark
Question of the Week: Classes for the spring semester begin on Tuesday!  What day's classes will you attend that day?


Send your answer to Cindy Schmersal by 9:00am on Wednesday.  Of those students who respond, one will be chosen at random to receive a free (and delicious!) twister from the Pub.  The winner will be announced in the following week's bulletin.

Prayer for the Week

Leaving the Old, Welcoming the New


Go to your place of prayer where you can be alone in stillness.


Begin by quieting your body and mind.  It is helpful to do this by taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly.  Do this three or four times.


Recall the presence of the Holy One dwelling in love within you.


Turn your heart to remembrance of how this Holy One shelters you.


Place your hands on your lap, palms up and open.


Mentally place in your hands these people and events of the past year:


            . . . your loved ones,

            . . . your colleagues and coworkers,

            . . . those for whom you were responsible to offer care and concern,

            . . . those with whom you have had differences and struggles,

            . . . all people, events, and situations that held significance for you,

            . . . anyone or anything else that comes to your mind or heart.


Now, mentally place in your open hands all of your gifts of the past year:


            . . . your happiness,

            . . . your successes,

            . . . your insights and awareness,

            . . . your messengers from the Holy One,

            . . . your difficult things that helped you grow,

            . . . whatever else seems like a gift to you.


Offer your prayer of gratitude for the year just completed, with all its blessings and opportunities for growth.  You might want to pause here and write a prayer.


Next, place in your open hands:


            . . . your whole life, all your concerns, cares, hopes, dreams, joys,

            . . . any specific persons with whom you feel especially bonded, or hope to be, in the new year,

            . . . the beauty of earth,

. . . anything or anyone else whom you are especially mindful of brining into the new year with you.


Entrust yourself to the Holy One.  Pray your prayer of hope as you begin the new year.  You may want to pause and write this prayer of hope.


To close this time of prayer, stand, raise your hands (palms up).  Hold them high in the air.  Once again, place all of your life in those hands and give all to the Holy One.  Then bow to the Holy One who dwells within you.  Go with peace and hope into the new year.


Taken from Out of the Ordinary 2000 by Joyce Rupp.  Used by permission of Ave Maria Press.  All Rights Reserved


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Monday, January 13th 

Noon: Mass (MC)


Tuesday, January 14th 

First Day of Classes

12noon: Mass (MC)

**There is no Pasta and Prayer today**


Wed, January 15th 

12noon: Mass (MC)

10:10pm: Mass (MC)


Thursday, January 16th

12noon: Mass (MC)

10:10pm: Mass (MC)


Friday, January 17th

12noon: Mass (MC)

2:00pm: Service Trip Meeting (Massman 250)


Sunday, January 19th

6:00pm: Mass (MC)


Need Prayer?


Email the Campus Ministry staff with your name and your intention, and we will happily hold you in prayer throughout the week.

Office of Campus Ministry
Massman 4 (lower level)
(816) 501-4063