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November 3, 2013
Today: Mass with the Bishop, Provincial and President
This Week: Pro-Life Week
   Rockhurst Students for Life         
 Pro Life Week 2014!
Sunday: We will be handing out baby bottles after Mass to collect spare change for Mother's Refuge, a Crisis Pregnancy Center in K.C.
Monday:Come to Massman 250 at 8pm to hear Fr. Joe Laramie S.J. talk about why the Pro-Life movement is opposed to the Death Penalty and more about the spirituality of being Pro-Life in general.

 Tuesday:  We'll be having a Pro-Life prayer service from 7-9pm in Mabee Chapel.  Come and go as you please to remember, reflect, and give thanks for all life.

Wednesday: We will be collecting the bottles handed out on Sunday during Lunch in the Fishbowl.
Thursday:  Come celebrate life with us by watching The Bucket List at 7pm in Massman 250.


Monday: Retreat on the Rock Leader Application Extended Deadline 
New deadline for leader applications is Monday, November 4th.
Please turn in to Cindy Schmersal in Campus Ministry.  
Wednesday: Mass of Remembrance
Following in the tradition of all Jesuit colleges and universities, Rockhurst will mark the month of November as a time dedicated to remembering and praying for our loved ones who have died. Starting Monday, October 28th, students are encouraged to visit Mabee Chapel to fill out a special remembrance card and place it in the basket. The basket will be kept on our Altar of Remembrance so that we may include your loved ones in our prayers throughout the month.
Wednesday: Miller Service Scholarship Application Deadline
By Wednesday: Registered for Enders Game and Catholic Social Teaching?
If so, stop by Bill's office to snag your reading materials before the day's end on Wednesday.
Next Sunday: A Slice of Life
  Do you find yourself wondering what God really has in mind for you? 

Young women are invited to come for
"A Slice of Life" at the Jesuit residence
on Sunday, November 10,
following the 6pm Mass.

Sr. Colleen, Apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, will host pizza
and a discussion on discernment and religious life.

For more information contact Sr. Colleen Smith
at (203) 988-4742 or by e-mail at
Vocation Night for Men
 Come for a mens informal chat with food and conversation on vocation.
 Friday, Novembe 15th at 5pm on Claver East. 
Please RSVP to Fr. John.
Question of the Week
question mark
Question of the Week:
Last Week's Answer: The tradition of All Saints Day started in 610 when Pope Boniface IV consecrated the Pantheon at Rome to the Blessed Virgin and all the martyrs.
Last Week's Winner: Courtney Lock

Send your answer to Cindy Schmersal by 9:00am on Wednesday.  Of those students who respond, one will be chosen at random to receive a free (and delicious!) twister from the Pub.  The winner will be announced in the following week's bulletin.

Here's to You!


 We celebrate all of you who dedicated some of your fall break serving in Oklahoma!  A special shout out to Christian Lamb's family for their generosity in providing a warm welcome and some spectacular hospitality! 

Check it Out!
In the interest of cura personalis and the approaching cold and flu season, did you know that the
University District Medical Center is now open on Saturdays from 9-12noon.
The More You Know:
Prayer to Saints


 Some people ask "why say prayers to saints? Shouldn't all our prayers be to God?" Praying to the saints is praying to God, in a fundamental way. We're praying to those who can ask God to help us in our various needs in accordance with His will.


When you ask someone to pray for you are you worshiping that person? Of course not! It's the same when we ask the saints to pray for us! In our prayers to saints we ask them to "put in a good word" for us with God in Heaven. They are not the focus of our worship, God is.


In this regard, it is worth noting that many compilations of prayers to saints also include prayers by them as well, to our Lord. The important thing to remember is that all these prayers have the same Divine destination, for our salvation. 


The authors of the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium ("light of the nations") noted that it was important that we "suppliantly invoke" the saints and "have recourse to their prayers, their power and help in obtaining benefits from God through His Son, Jesus Christ, who is our Redeemer and Saviour."


For example, in one well known prayer to St. Joseph we ask him to"assist me by your powerful intercession and obtain for me from your divine Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord." In the saints we have as advocates members of what is called the Church triumphant (those already in heaven.) We on earth are part of the Church militant. 


In addition, with the Church suffering (those in purgatory) we all make up what is known as the Communion of Saints, part of one glorious mystical body of Christ in His Church. We are truly all in this together!


 Note that the saints had their weaknesses and struggles just we do. But they also had a tremendous devotion to God. They became canonized (that is to say, officially recognized) as Catholic Saints after their deaths. This was usually done after a lengthy review of both the holiness of their lives and miracles associated with them.

What is comforting is that with the saints we have so many members of our Church in heaven to look out for us! Do you ever feel some days like you need all the help you can get? You can ask one of many patron saints for their assistance. They've been "put in charge" of various causes, occupations, (and even countries!), though popular traditions or by the Church. These saints are considered our protectors as well as our intercessors. (From

Prayer for the Week

Let us honor the ones who have lived and loved deeply, who found the source of their inner strength from you, the Divine Beloved . . . (add names of any individuals you want to honor)


 Let us honor the light-filled ones, who enkindled our spirits with their teachings and the spark of their beliefs . . .


 Let us honor the risk-takers, who faced their fears and took action, who sought justice even though they had to pay a price for it . . .


 Let us honor the vulnerable ones who allowed us to care for them, to be with them in their time of need . . .


 Let us honor the faith-filled ones who brought us to the Holy One, who led us, by their words and example, into deeper relationship with God. . . .


 Let us honor the brave ones who walked through their struggles with hope, who taught us how to trust and have confidence during our times of sorrow and difficulty. . . .


Let us honor the great lovers of life, whose humor and enthusiasm lifted our spirits and brought us joy. . . .

Let us honor the nurturers, who birthed us... spiritually, who gave us sustenance by their caring presence. . . .

Sacred One, Giver and Sustainer of life,

thank you for the holy ones whom we have known . . .

May our lives model their virtues,

May our hearts resonate with their goodness. Amen.


This prayer by Joyce Rupp has been adapted from her "Remembering Our Spiritual Ancestors" in her book Out of the Ordinary

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Pro Life Week
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November is a Month of Remembrance


LIFT Book Clubs  

begin this Week


Sunday, November 3rd

6pm: Mass with the Bishop, Provincial and President (SFX)


Monday, November 4th

ROTR Leader Apps Due 

Noon: Mass (MC)

8:00pm: Speaker (Mas 250)

8:30pm: Reconciliation (MC) 

10:10pm: Mass (MC)


Tuesday, November 5th 

Noon: Mass (MC)

4:30pm: Pasta and Prayer (MC) 

7:00pm: Pro-Life Vigil (MC)


Wednesday, November 6th

Noon: Mass of Remembrance (MC)

10:10pm: Mass (MC)


Thursday, November 7th

Noon: Mass (MC)

7:00pm: Bucket List (Mas 250)

10:10pm: Mass (MC)


Friday, November 8th

Enders Game and Catholic Social Teaching

Need Prayer?


Email the Campus Ministry staff with your name and your intention, and we will happily hold you in prayer throughout the week.

Office of Campus Ministry
Massman 4 (lower level)
(816) 501-4063