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October 21, 2012
Mass in the Fishbowl


Higher Learning Commission Visit


We highly encourage your involvement in this session.  To refresh your memory of what the HLC is and both why and how you can get involved, read this.  

Pasta and Prayer

This Week

Due to the HLC Student Forum, Pasta and Prayer will look a bit different this week.  We encourage all students to attend the forum in Massman 250 from 3:30-5:00.  Then, those students who wish to enjoy Pasta and Prayer may go directly to the CMC at 5:00 where we will join in a brief prayer and, of course, eat! 

Mass with Bishop Finn


CLC Retreat


If you are a CLC member and planning to attend the retreat, you may use this form to register.  Simply return it to Campus Ministry.   

Retreat on the Rock
Leader Applications


If you are a sophomore, junior or senior who has previously attended Retreat on the Rock, Kairos, TEC, Awakenings, Search or a similar retreat - or - if you are a freshman who has previously led one of these retreats, you are eligible to apply for a leadership position.  Here is the application - It's due Tuesday, November 4th.

Presidential Debate
3rd & Final Take - This Monday

This week's debate is co-sponsored by
the College Democrats and the College Republicans
Women Leaders in Early Christianity
St. Francis Xavier Faith Formation Program
Women Leaders in Early Christianity: A Powerpoint Slide Presentation created by Sister Christine Schenk, CSJ facilitated by Janelle Lazzo

Tuesday, October 23
7:00-8:30 pm
St. Francis Xavier Chapel
Bone Marrow Donor Drive

October 30th

10 am to 7 pm

Rock Room


Open to Students, Faculty,

Staff and Community Members Ages 18-55


Our goal is 500 participants.  The process will take only 10 minutes and include JUST A MOUTH SWAB; you will then be added to the registry.  If a match is found and that bone marrow is needed someday, further specimen collection will be needed (bone marrow extraction or stem cell extraction).  Read this to learn more about the local family with Rockhurst ties who is helping to sponsor the drive and to learn more about becoming registered as a marrow donor.


You could save a life!

Fr. Conroy, SJ
Chaplain for the US House of Representatives


Miller Service Scholarship
  Interested in doing service over Christmas Break? 
Miller Scholarship - Marc
The Miller Service Scholarship provides an opportunity to do service for 3 weeks over Christmas break and receive in return a scholarship that would be added to your financial aid package. You can do the Service in your hometown or wherever you will be during Christmas Break. 

Applications are available in Campus Ministry and are due by November 1st.

Contact Maureen Henderson for more information.
Question of the Week

question markThis Week's Question: What is the name of the Islamic pilgrimage to Meccca, the fifth pillar of Islam? 


Send your answer to Cindy Schmersal
by 9:00am on Wednesday.  Of those students who respond, one will be chosen at random to receive a free (and delicious!) twister from the Pub.  The winner will be announced in the following week's bulletin.
Last week's winner is . . . Jessie Lock!
Here's to YOU!




Kim Patterson,

an American Cancer Society

Hero of Hope!



This year, Kim was selected as an American Cancer Society Hero of Hope.  She is a member of a class of about 25 cancer survivors and caregivers chosen to represent the High Plains Division.  Her main responsibility within this role is to share her cancer experience through public speaking to Relay For Life events of Kansas and Missouri.  She will be speaking and traveling to a variety of different kick-off meetings, retreats, Relays, and conferences starting this week and lasting all year.  In addition to this, Kim will continue her work on our own Rockhurst-UMKC Relay For Life Committee.  Kudos to you, Kim!

Commonweal Magazine
Free Subscription

Commonweal Magazine, an independent journal of religion, politics and culture edited by lay Catholics, offers free subscriptions for college students. 


If you would like your name submitted to receive a free subscription for this academic year, email Cindy with your name and your current mailing address. 


Please do so by November 1st.

Faithful Citizenship

What does faith have to say about domestic poverty? 

 Learn about it here.

A Prayer

 Thank You, God . . .


Thank you God for who I am,

(Pause to consider the uniqueness and beauty of your person: the gifts you have to offer, your goodness)

Thank you for You,

(Pause to consider God: God's presence in and work through your life, God's love)

For all living beings,

For the love I feel that makes me live

Every moment of my life with great joy,

Helping me bring joy

To all that my life touches.


Thank you God for the opportunities I have every day

To express the best I have in me,

(Pause to consider "the best in you.")

For being able to be of service to every person I meet.

(Pause to consider how you may use these gifts to the benefit of all you will encounter today.)


Thank you God for the perfect peace I feel inside,

Tranquility, serenity, Divine Quietness.

Thank you for everything I learn

From all I experience and all I create every day.


Thank you God for inspiring me,

For helping me create Heaven on Earth

Now, and now, and now,

And in every moment I think, speak and act.


Thank you God

For being who I am.

Thank you,

Thank you,

Thank you.


-        Ocsar Motomura, Director, Amana-Key, Brazil

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Fishbowl Mass
HLC Visit
Pasta and Prayer
Mass with Bishop Finn
CLC Retreat
Retreat Leadership
Presidential Debate
Women in Early Church
Donor Drive
Fr. Conroy, SJ
Service Scholarship
Question of the Week
Here's to YOU!
Free Subscription
Faithful Citizenship
A Prayer
This Week in
Campus Ministry

Sunday, October 21st
6:00pm: Mass (Fishbowl) 


Monday, October 22nd  

12noon: Mass (MC)

8:00pm: Presidential Debate Watching Party (Rock Room)

9:15pm: Reconciliation (MC)
10:10pm: Mass (MC)


Tuesday, October 23rd 

12noon: Mass (MC)

3:30pm: HLC Student Forum (Massman 250)

5:00pm: Pasta and Prayer (CMC)  


Wednesday, October24th

12noon: Mass (MC)

9:15pm: Benediction and Adoration (MC) 

10:10pm: Mass (MC)


Thursday, October 25th

12noon: Mass (MC)

10:10pm: Mass (MC) 


Friday, October 26th

12noon: Mass (MC)


Sunday, October 28th
: Mass with Bishop Finn (SFX)

Need Prayer?


Email the Campus Ministry staff with your name and your intention, and we will happily hold you in prayer throughout the week.

Office of Campus Ministry
Massman 4 (lower level)
(816) 501-4063