South Coast Task Force on Youth Gangs

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November  2012

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Service Providers Meeting
SWOT: Mission, Vision, and Goals
SWOT: Strategic goals
Next Quarterly Council Meeting 
January 16, 2013
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Los Prietos Boys Camp Survey
Dr. Sharkey 

A final report for the Los Prietos Survey was presented at the last quarterly meeting in October, highlighting the voices of the youth from Los Prietos Boys Camp. The South Coast Task Force on Youth Gangs asked researchers at UCSB to conduct a qualitative examination of the responses. The anonymous surveys were given to UCSB researchers for analysis. Dr. Jill Sharkey and three graduate students analyzed youths' responses to the questions over the summer and drafted this report. More sophisticated research is still needed to determine if interventions with teachers to support youths in gangs would help such youth succeed in leading a healthy life within their community. For the full report, click here.



This update provides highlights of the work on the South Coast.  More details will be provided at upcoming meetings. The goal is to keep you informed. If you need further information on items in this report please contact me.


Saul Serrano
Interim Task Force Coordinator 805-964-8857  ext. 152
Service Providers Meeting  


A meeting for service providers has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 27, 2012, from 9am to 12pm, at the Westside Community Center. The intent of the meeting is to bring together a core group of service providers who work with the target population---on probation and with gang terms and conditions and their families---and also providers who offer high at-risk preventative services, with the intent to develop a service provider group that meets consistently. The service provider group would then work to maximize the effectiveness of strategies in place by sharing the resources and strategies of each organization, increasing collaboration, and maximizing results in lowering youth gang violence while improving the choices and opportunities youth have access to. Following the establishment of this group, a youth and family group will also be convened to identify the needs of youth and families as well as to receive their feedback and input.

SWOT analysis, Mission and Vision, and Goals for the Task Force


The South Coast Task Force on Youth Gangs held its quarterly council meeting on October 17, 2012, at the Goleta Valley Community Center. During the meeting members of the council had an opportunity to review the priorities that were collected through the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,Threats (SWOT) activity. From the feedback of the SWOT process, a mission and vision for the South Coast Task Force on Youth Gangs were drafted, sent to the group for review, revised during the meeting by the council,and adopted. The following is our mission and vision:




The Mission of the South Coast Task Force on Youth Gangs is to eliminate gang activity, thus improving the safety and quality of life for youths, their families, and the community.





Foster a caring environment and opportunities for youths to fulfill their educational, employment, and personal potential rather than join gangs.



SWOT analysis, Goals for the Task Force


From the SWOT analysis, strategic goals were drafted which are currently being finalized. Further information is forthcoming.



The Cal-GRIP II program is preparing for the end of the grant period. Processing of information and reports are currently being scheduled. Reports and highlights of the information collected for this grant will be made available at the January 2013 quarterly meeting. A plan is being drafted to address roll over into programs for 2013.