Issue: 2
February 2014

"The great closet debate"

A debate rages over Owner's suite closet position and access. Some buyers prefer the convenience of entering the closet(s) directly from the owner's bath area, as shown in plan #50023. This approach minimizes noise and disruption in the bedroom when, say, one spouse is getting ready while the other is trying to sleep.   It also allows the combined bathroom + closet areas to double as dressing areas. Yet, many buyers fear excess bathroom humidity will damage clothing in the closet(s). Seemingly the same layout in reverse, in Scholz Design's plan 55177 the homeowners walk through the closet area en route to the adjoining bathroom.




Homes That Flow design 29803 provides abundant separation between the closets and the bathroom. Concern over excess humidity is eliminated, but there is the aforementioned disruption in using a part of the bedroom as a trafficway.   Carmichael and Dame plan 9210 presents a short hallway that keeps the doors to both the bathroom and the closet out of the bedroom itself, yet they are just a couple steps apart.



Understanding and nurturing web leads


Almost all prospective new home buyers use the internet in their new home search. At the same time they're gaining knowledge, they are also forming opinions. So much many's no wonder buyers quickly begin to eliminate options-including builders-that haven't piqued their interest.


So, your website's first job is to interest those home buyers. Is your website remarkable - literally, worth remarking about? It could be the visual could be your could be superb could be engaging content...but if your website isn't different, you've probably already been ruled out.


Besides providing a wealth of information, the internet provides anonymity which reduces the prospects' risk. They don't know you. They're skeptical-are you going to take advantage of them? Are you going to pressure them or "hound" them? There is no relationship yet.


Therefore, for someone to give up their anonymity and contact you, there is interest in something they saw on your website. Congratulations! Still, filling out an online "contact us" form is a passive approach of getting information. In response:

  • Use the same method of contact as they used to contact you. If they completed your "contact us" website form or sent you an email, respond via email. If they phoned you, call them back.
  • Respond promptly  The average company that follows up with web leads takes 44 hours to respond!
  • Communicate realistic expectations to your web leads. If they're going to receive your e-newsletter, let them know. Better, ask permission to stay in touch.
  • Imagine yourself in their shoes. What would you want to receive if you were the lead?
  • They contacted you for a reason. Their reason. Tailor your response to their inquiry.
  • Most web leads are not ready to buy now. Yes, some are, but you'll know that from the tone and content of their inquiry. Successful new home marketers understand the goal is to nurture web leads, gain their confidence and trust, helping them want to do business with you.
  • Add value beyond their expectations! If you send them useful information, they will keep reading your emails rather than simply deleting them. Including the parts of your emails that encourage them to take action.
  • Provide useful tips and they are much more likely to remember you. They'll feel they owe something. You're different from other builders they may have contacted. You care about them. You become more of a consultant and less of a salesperson.

Understandably, salespeople focus on the now at the expense of the big picture. Without losing sight of this quarter's numbers, a focus on nurturing web leads can dramatically increase their quarterly sales production 6 months or a year from now!

Featured Home Plan 
#29803 the Mirada

2 Story - Owner's suite on the upper level with 2,999 Finished Sq.Ft.

View #29802 Plan Online



Laag 58 
What's the Livability Index? 


#55177 the Balmoral A
2-story / Owner's Suite Up
3,854 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms

78'-8" W x 51'-4" D


#9210 the Batersea

2-Story Owner's Suite Up 

2,975 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms

67'-9" W x 60'-11" D


#50023 the McClover

1-story / Rancher

2,701 sq. ft. 4 bedroom

79'-0" W x 68'-0" D

HER Home Thought of the Day



The email series designed to answer your client's who say "I wish I had thought of that!"  HER Home Thought of the Day is published Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  As a home builder or sales professional, forward it your clients or share them via your social media channels!

Recent topic:  Doubling up in the kitchen 


Designing the perfect kitchen is a matter of personal style. Everything from your household size to meal preferences to how you like to entertain needs to be considered.

If your new kitchen has sufficient cabinet space, many people are eliminating a base cabinet and adding a second dishwasher. You may be surprised how little the difference in price is. And for individuals who set the table right out of the dishwasher (hey, they're clean dishes!) it's almost like you didn't give up any storage! 


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