Issue: 7
August 2013 
Owner's Bathroom Lighting

Few areas in the home reveal attention to design more than the master bathroom. Specifically, bathroom lighting-which must be integrated into the overall design of the bathroom!



Home owners complain about the lack of natural light in owner's bathrooms more than any other area of the home.   


  • Windows not only provide much-needed daylight, they connect us with the world. Which brings about privacy issues. Many bathrooms are designed with large windows, only to be immediately obscured with window coverings. One solution is to install windows that are high enough to provide the desired privacy. For those who prefer, these windows can still be operable for buyers who prioritize fresh air. Other  privacy solutions are frosted or glass block windows and skylights.



Adequate light levels are non-negotiable, especially as home owners age and less of the available light passes through their eyes' lenses.  
  • Over-the-mirror bath bars are still popular, but are being augmented by pendant lights or wall sconces flanking both sides of the mirror providing better overall illumination for applying makeup or for his shaving. Additionally, decorative ceiling lights and even smaller chandeliers accentuate many of today's bathrooms.
  • Recessed lighting such as can lights in the ceiling and lighting in the toe-kick area underneath vanity cabinets "goes away" visually, yet adds to overall light levels.
  • Decorative accent lights help call attention to certain features, amenities and artwork displayed in the bathroom.



Nothing says "cheap" more than walking into a master bath and flipping a single switch that turns on all of the lights!  



  • Different lighting (i.e., light bars/sconces, ceiling lights, accent lights) should be on different switches, allowing for a "layered" effect.
  • Dimmers provide control over light levels and are essential for setting the mood. Digital dimmers bring lights up and down gradually, rather than the abrupt on/off.



  • Lamps have different color temperatures, which affect our perception of colors. Heather Thomas with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery suggests younger women often prefer the warm shades found with 2,700-degree Kelvin bulbs, while more mature home owners like the whiter light of bulbs in the 3,000 - 3,500-degree Kelvin range.    




#9161V the Woodvine Manor
2-Story - Master up
2,715 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms
75'-1" W x 38'-0" D
#50031 the Draper

2-Story - Master on the main 

1,733 sq. ft. 1-2 bedrooms
54'-0" W x 56'-0" D
#50009 the Clapton
1-Story / Rancher
1,765 sq. ft. 1-2 bedrooms
54'-0" W x 60'-0" D
#42139 the Costello
2-Story - Master up
2,264 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms
57'-4" W x 40'-0" D
Paid Media, Earned Media and Owned Media   

We all understand paid media, such as traditional advertising and website banners or online pay-per-clicks. We control the message which can potentially be seen by a wide audience-if the budget is sufficient.


Earned media is comprised primarily of word-of-mouth and publicity. You have done something worthy of being talked about. As author and business guru Seth Godin points out, "Innovation is cheaper than advertising." Building homes that offer new design thought, new amenities, new products-essentially new solutions to issues home owners appreciate-can garner articles in local newspapers and magazines, as well as land you and your home(s) on local television. You don't pay to jump start this buzz, but it isn't free, either. It takes creating a home worth talking about and it takes considerable effort to have your home seen by people (and media) who will spread your message to lots and lots of people. However, keep in mind you have minimal control over the message that spreads. It is critical, therefore, that you consistently and effectively present your message, tailored to your audience.


Most of you own your own media. Your website, your social media efforts, blogs, speaking presentations, editorial/articles you author, even your outbound newsletters and e-mails are all exam­ples of your owned media. Have you thought about that reality? You are the director, the producer, and you have total control over your message. Traditional media channels tailor their content to what their audience wants. Today the key is "content", because home buyers want the information to make their own decisions. They don't necessarily want your Healthy Home option package. They want to understand the associated products and benefits and weigh that against other priorities and budget considerations.


How many viewers would tune into local TV programming that was merely repeats? The station manager would get fired! No, broadcasters know that to interest an audience and keep them engaged, they need to offer a flow of fresh content. You decide the programming offered on your owned media. It's your responsibility to attract an audience and keep them engaged. If you need help generating fresh content for your audience, Design Basics offers a number of proven resources for you. Don't get fired!  


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