Issue: 6
June 2013 
Storage Sells 


You nag at the kids to clean their rooms and exasperated, they reply "there's no place to put it all!" Clothes packed so tightly together they're wrinkled right off the hanger. A garage so crammed that you're worried about an OSHA citation. Such symptoms are all too typical in homes today. It should come as no surprise that storage (and organization) ranks high among home buyer's priorities. And the Moss Bluff II, with its accommodating bedroom closets, generous kitchen storage and huge pantry answers the call!



#43066 the Moss Bluff II
sq. ft. 
40'-0" wide x 62'-0" deep 


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Risk and Pricing 


Any significant purchase involves risk for the buyer. But espe­cially when it comes to items buyers are unfamiliar with and/ or rarely purchased, the perceived risk escalates. Their risks generally fall into one of two areas  
-- uncertainty and conse­quences of their purchases.


How often does a consumer buy roof water heating...or a high performance air cleaner? Such high dol­lar new home options are saturated in uncertainty. The storm-resistant shingles don't look much different. How much money will you really save with solar water heating? Will we really notice the benefits of indoor air quality? Such options can cost a lot more than "builder standard". If you were absolutely certainy your storm-resistant shingles would stand up to mother nature, or that the solar water heating system would save $50 a month in utilities, or that the HEPA air cleaner would greatly reduce allergy and respiratory ail­ments, such purchase decisions would be a lot easier. Uncer­tainty reduces the amount of money buyers are willing to risk on that purchase.    

Everyone can relate to a purchase they regret having made. The higher the dollar amount, the higher the financial risk and degree of remorse, plus possibly, embarrassment. Some­thing that doesn't work or perform as expected was a rip-off. Stains won't come out of the premium, stain-resistant carpet­ing...crayon art that doesn't come off the "scrubbable" paint...the home automation system that's too cumbersome to fully utilize...buyers look to reduce negative outcomes. Brand names, guarantees, warranties, testimonials, and inde­pendent, third-party reviews can all help alleviate some of these risks.


Also, when people are considering purchasing an item they don't know much about, they take cues from the item's price. The bath fans included in the base price cost about $50 each. Mid-range (and much quieter) fans with a warranty twice as long cost about $100 more. Top of the line, virtually inaudible fans with the longest warranty carry a $200 premium. So obviously, the most expensive fans are the "best". Ironically, the more expensive choice can suggest less risk because it is assumed to be better!  


Bonus Design Tool Plans


#8560 the Hallsville
2-Story - Master Down
2,051 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms
40'-0"W x 55'-0"D
#42160 the Sinclair III

1-Story / Rancher

1,925 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms
57'-8"W x 58'-0"D
#42038V the Peony
2-Story - Master Down
2,495 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms
58'-4"W x 54'-0"D
BldrsToolbox May2013 HER Home Cover
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