Issue: 2
February 2013 
Bundling Interior Design Services   


Unless you're strictly selling completed inventory ("spec") homes, your buyers are actually purchasing a mental image(s) of the completed home. In their minds, every­thing is perfect-just like in the magazines. What most buyers fail to appreciate is the impact an interior design professional had on the gorgeous roomscapes they've seen in print and on TV. Buyers can easily become over­whelmed by all of the selections they need to make; many doubt their own ability to coordinate everything; and most buyers just don't have the knowledge, talent, train­ing or imagination to optimize their spaces.  


Recognizing happy home buyers are essential to future referrals, some builders are working with local interior design professionals and are including a certain number of hours of the interior designer's time in the price of the home. On the low end, we're seeing four hours of interior design time included-which is often enough to assist buyers with color and some surface selections. More com­mon is the builder bundling eight to ten hours of interior design, which typically extends design services to lighting, plumbing and window fashions.  


Interior Designers may discount their rate to the builders for generating the clients. And when those clients elect to exceed the number of hours paid by the builder, the designer has already established rapport and trust with the buyer, making it easy for the buyers to become direct clients of the designer. Ultimately, everyone wins: The builder gets firm decisions made on a timely basis; the designer has a source of new business; and the home buy­ers get the home they imagined! 

Knowing your buyer's "primary personality" provides remarkable insights into their preferences and style.

Radon Mitigation: There's a new ANSI standard. 



The American National Standards Institute has developed standards for reducing radon in new construction, likely to be adopted into the next revision of the International Residential Code, for homes built in areas identified as Radon Zone 1 and Zone 2 (see map).


A naturally occurring soil gas, radon is an invisible, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas estimated to cause more than 20,000 lung cancer deaths per year in the U.S., according to the EPA.


"Adding a radon mitigation system in residential new construction is less expensive and more aesthetically pleasing than remediating the problem once a home is built," according to David Hill, Vice President of Radon Away, adding "And, our system also helps control potential moisture issues."


As you can see on the attached system drawing, adding a radon mitigation system is not difficult, but it must be planned for in the design phase, in terms of locating the vent pipe chase and determining where the vent pipe penetrates the roof.   


Radon Mitigation System Drawing courtesy of Radon Away 



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42232 Cabot Grove 1,619 sq. ft. 
45'-0" wide x 62'-0" deep 



Main Level Floor Plan
Floor plan options
Floor plan options
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Radon Mitigation: There's a new ANSI standard.
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