Oil & Wax Workshops 2014
What's ahead in 2014?


2014 Workshops: There are still spaces in my Introductory level workshops in Ireland and British Columbia and in Level Two classes in British Columbia, Florida, and North Carolina. I am also scheduling both levels of workshops in my Wisconsin studio.

In addition, I am offering two Oil & Wax Master Classes this year--in Mineral Point, WI and at a lovely lakeside retreat in North Carolina. 


Detailed descriptions of my workshops and their locations are in the section below, and the sidebar to the right lists dates, registration/contact information and venue websites. 


Thanks to all for your continuing interest and participation in my workshops. I hope to see many of you in the coming year!




Description of workshops


Oil and Wax Workshop (Introductory level): This class is about discovering the versatility and beauty of cold wax medium, as used with oil paint, pigment sticks and powdered pigment in abstract painting. There will be plenty of working time and opportunity for experimentation. Presentations about abstraction are also included in the workshop. (Prior painting experience is desirable.)

Special note regarding the Introductory level class to be held in Ireland at Ballinglen Arts Foundation : This is a seven-day class, with a total of four days instruction and the rest of the time for independent work. Several half-day trips into the spectacular landscape and seascape of Co. Mayo are also scheduled. While landscape-based abstraction is a special focus of this class, all approaches to abstraction are welcomed.  Because of the length and scope of the session, this class is suitable for all levels of experience from intro to advanced.   
Oil and Wax Workshop (Level Two): This workshop affords the opportunity to share with others who are experienced with cold wax medium, learn about new techniques, materials and approaches, and refresh your memory on anything that did not "take" the first time. The emphasis is on developing personal style and expression, and includes private critique sessions. 

Please note: while advanced students may choose to re-take the Introductory class, Level Two classes are exclusively for those who have had an Introductory class. 
Master Class:  A Master Class is a chance to connect with other artists who have had considerable experience working in oil and cold wax medium, and to consider ways to achieve higher levels of personal expression. Private consultations, understanding and practicing critique skills, and delving further into insights and philosophies of abstraction are all aspects of this workshop. 
Workshop Locations:


Delray Beach, FL: A charming seaside community an hour north of Miami. The workshop is held at Delray Beach Center for the Arts, a complex that includes an art museum as well as well-equipped classroom facilities.

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada: Nanaimo (Intro ) and Victoria (Level Two) Both cities are located on the eastern coast of beautiful Vancouver Island, off the Western Coast of Canada. Workshop is hosted by Vancouver island Workshops. Extended hours available for independent work. 

Mineral Point, WI: A quaint and historic mining village in southeastern Wisconsin--accommodations may be booked through Shake Rag Alley, where the workshop will be held.   
Osseo, WI:  Enjoy the full resources on hand in my studio, and small group interaction. My studio is located in rural west-central Wisconsin. Travel details provided upon request.
Cullowhee, NCMy class is one of many held at Cullowhee Mountain Arts, a summer program held on the campus of Western Carolina University, near Asheville, NC. Be part of a week long community of artists, meet students and instructors in other classes, enjoy optional evening studio hours and faculty talks. Campus housing is available. (My workshop is a Level Two --if you would like an Intro level workshop at Cullowhee Mountain, I highly recommend this one  taught by Janice Mason Steeves during the same week as mine.)
Canton, NC (Lake Logan Retreat Center): Near Asheville, NC, on a quiet, pristine lake. Canoeing and swimming available as well as nature walks, bonfires, and sessions on movement and mindfulness. The workshop package includes dining and accommodations and registration will be handled by Cullowhee Mountain Arts. 
Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, Ireland: 
A unique opportunity to paint and experience the dramatic scenery of northern County Mayo, Ireland, while working in the professional environment of Ballinglen Arts Foundation, a facility that hosts artists in residence from around the world. Studio access  24/7, field trips, art library, and life in a small Irish village. My first class at Ballinglen, in 2013, was a huge success! (below, photo of the wild and beautiful North Mayo coastline.)

Testimonials from workshop participants;

"Over the past four years I have experienced each level of Rebecca Crowell's Oil & Wax Workshops, from Intro to Master Class. I also went to Ireland (Fall 2013) for the chance to work with her again, visit Ireland and meet an international group of artists. Rebecca is a consummate artist.  She possesses a mastery of her medium, a thoughtful & spiritual approach to her art, a profound love of and respect for nature and most importantly a generosity with her knowledge, experience and interests.  After the intro and intermediate levels, you may attend a master class where Rebecca continues to inspire, share freely, guide intuitively and encourage you to explore and expand your own creative language.  Taking a workshop with Rebecca is enlightening, educational & enjoyable. It is an experience that I highly recommend that give yourself."

--James Edward Scherbarth, Minneapolis, MN 


"Rebecca is a natural when it comes to teaching. In her workshop, one doesn't feel "being taught" at all, but rather being directed on a step by step journey of discovery - discovery of techniques, of philosophy, of resources, of "self". Unlike many workshops, the journey continues after the event...Rebecca reaffirmed my belief in the connection between the intuitive process and the intellectual decision-making when creating artwork."
--Barb Chappelle, Ontario, Canada  

"Thanks to Rebecca's organizational skills, versatile teaching style, clear and professional demos, interesting presentations, and the conversational give and take we had during our hands-on time with the materials, I can honestly say this was the best workshop I have ever attended. Thank you so much!"
-Phyllis Lasche, Livermore, CA


"In addition to being an extraordinary painter (and a lovely person), Rebecca is an amazing teacher. I've been in education, on one level or another, for most of my professional career, 40+ years, so I know a bit about great teaching. Rebecca is a remarkably talented teacher: organized, helpful, tolerant of a multitude of student styles and abilities, supportive of individual work, and completely selfless about sharing ideas, techniques, and approaches. I highly recommend Rebecca's workshops, which have been a principal, positive influence on my own work."

--Max McConkey, Tucson, AZ

Rebecca is the best!  I have taken two workshops with Rebecca and her generosity, professionalism and wonderful way of instructing has changed my painting in a new direction - one I am totally thankful for!  I plan to attend another of her workshops in the future as she is overflowing with knowledge and inspiration."  

--Ginnnie Cappaert, Michigan


studio table
Please click on these links for contact and information about my work: 

and to learn more about using cold wax medium:

Thanks very much, and best wishes for 2014!
2013 Workshop Calendar
These are my currently scheduled workshops for 2014. A list of materials that need to be purchased by the student will be supplied at time of registration. 

For questions about materials or the content of classes please email me. For questions about registration, travel details etc. please contact appropriate venue. 

Workshops are subject to cancellation 
due to low enrollment or emergency situations. Contact individual venues for specific refund and registration 
policies. Most venues require a deposit or full payment that is non-refundable unless the venue itself cancels the class.


Important: please do NOT purchase non-refundable travel tickets until 
your workshop is confirmed by the venue. 



January 17-19, Delray Beach Center for the Arts at Old School Square.
(3- day, Level Two--a previous Intro class required.)  For information and registration, click here. Or phone  561.243.7922.
Cost: $540 + materials.

VANCOUVER ISLAND,  British Columbia, Canada; 
NANAIMO BC: March 24-28, Vancouver Island Workshops.
(5-day, Introductory class, only one space left.) Full days instruction and open studio until 9pm. For information and registration, or to join the waiting list, click here or phone 250-716-1440. Cost: $1200+T+ materials.
VICTORIA, BC: March 31-April 4, Vancouver Island Workshops.
(5-day, Level Two class. a previous intro class is required.) Full days instruction and open studio until 11pm. For information and to register, click here, or phone 250-716-1440. Cost: $1250 + T+materials.
OSSEO, WI (my studio) dates and other details TBA.
Please email me if you are interested in an Introductory or Level Two class in my studio. I will notify you of dates and cost of upcoming classes (1-3 months in advance) in the order your email was received. (If you have previously emailed about 2014 classes, you are already on the list.) If you would like a private or semi-private class please indicate that in your email.

I hope to accommodate everyone who writes, but that may not be possible. In order to maintain my own painting practice,  I need to limit the number of studio classes. Thank you for your understanding. 
May 29-June 1, Shake Rag Alley School for Arts & Crafts.
(4-day Master Class, for those who have taken previous Introductory and Level Two classes. ) For information and registration, please click here. Or phone 608-987-3292. $450 + materials.

CULLOWHEE, North Carolina:
June 15-20, Cullowhee Mountain Arts,  Western Carolina University.
(5-day, Level Two ) For information and to register: click here or phone 828.342.6913.
Tuition $600 + $35 lab fee+ materials.
Housing and meal plan also available. 

LAKE LOGAN, North Carolina:
Sept. 15-21, Lake Logan Retreat Center, Canton, NC.
(week-long Master Class, for those who have had previous Introductory  and Level Two classes.) For information and to register: click here.or phone 828-342-6913.
Cost: $1549 all-inclusive (room and meals, retreat facilities)+ materials. 
Oct.27-Nov.2, Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle. 
(week-long Introductory level, with four days instruction and the remainder independent study--24/7 studio access.) For information about the venue,  please click here. For information/registration, please email Una Forde or call 096 43 184 (+353 country code outside Ireland.) 
Cost: $1500 includes tuition, lodging and some materials. 


Nov. 17-23, Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle. 
(week-long Level Two class, four days instruction, the remainder for independent study, 24/7 studio access.) For information about the facility,please click here.  
Please NOTE: this class is filled, but you may join the waiting list. To do so, please email Una Forde or call 096 43 184 (+353 country code outside Ireland.) Cost $1500 includes tuition, lodging and some materials. You may also wish to consider the Intro level class described above; due to its length and scope, all levels of experience can be accommodated.
(Below: my 2013 class in Ireland, photo courtesy of Conway Restom of Australia.)

About Me: I've been a professional, exhibiting artist since the mid-1980s, when I received my Masters of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University. For a number of years I taught classes at the university level, and I now bring this experience and background to my workshops. Since 2009, I've been teaching workshops around the country, in my studio, and most recently in Ireland.  
I first began using cold wax medium about 12 years ago, mixing it with my oils and discovering how beautifully it enhances texture, depth of color and paint handling. I went on to develop many original techniques--those that I now share in my classes and continue to use in my own painting. 
I currently exhibit my work in galleries in Santa Fe, Telluride, CO, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Dublin, Ireland. I work almost every day in my studio in rural Wisconsin, with time out for teaching and travel. Artist residencies include  one in Georgia, two in Spain and three in Ireland (where most recently I was a Fellow at Ballinglen Arts Foundation in County Mayo.) 
oil and cold wax paintings above by Rebecca Crowell, 2012-2013.