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March 20, 2015 - March 27, 2015
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Dear AUCC Members and Friends:


Happy Holidays and best wishes for a prosperous New Year! 


We would like to express our gratitude to all AUCC members who, through all these years, have proven to be Uzbekistan's true allies and have been nothing but dedicated, reliable, honest and most conscientious business partners inspired to expand the bilateral relationship, business climate and promote development to enhance the lives of the people of Uzbekistan and the US.  


Our companies recognize that despite the global economic slowdown, Uzbekistan has managed to secure successfully greater macroeconomic stability and growth.  We applaud the Government of Uzbekistan for their continuous process to improve the operating business environment that US companies benefit from and fiscal discipline that has enhanced economic growth.  We greatly appreciate our own US Government for their continuous dialogue with their Uzbek counterparts on how to use trade and investment engagement as a pillar of the bilateral relations.


We stand ready to use our business acumen to facilitate the Uzbek and US Governments' efforts to attract more American companies and helping those who are already here generate even more success stories for the world to hear. We hope for the US and Uzbek Governments' support in helping us multiply our achievements and generate more projects and contracts that will make our nations achieve greater prosperity, stability and higher rates of development. 


Happy Holidays!  May 2015 bring greater prosperity to the American and Uzbek people. 




Carolyn Lamm, AUCC Chairperson

Timothy McGraw, AUCC President


If your company is interested in joining AUCC, please contact our office at 202-509-3744 or [email protected]  We invite you to be part of our organization and participate in our activities and events.   


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Established in 1993, the American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce (AUCC) is a private, non-profit trade association representing interests of U.S. businesses ranging in size from small private enterprises to large, multinational corporations conducting business in Uzbekistan.

Our Mission: To advocate the views of the business community to ensure that private sector positions are considered during the development of key policies that impact American businesses and the future of U.S.-Uzbekistan relations.

Our Objective: To serve the needs of its members by strengthening commercial relations between the United States and Uzbekistan.


March 21, 2015 


Uzbekistan Railways State Joint-Stock Railway Company has extended the contract for the operation and maintenance of the Hairatan-Mazar-i-Sharif railway line in Afghanistan, Afghanistan's embassy in Uzbekistan told Trend.

"The agreement on the contract extension has been signed between the Uzbekistan Railways and the Ministry of Public Works of Afghanistan this week," a representative of the embassy said.

The contract has been extended for three years. According to the new terms of the contract, the Uzbek side will receive $ 19 million per year for the railway maintenance.

The Uzbek side was charged with training 150 railway engineers for Afghanistan and ensuring the transportation for exporting at least four million metric tons of Afghan goods as part of a new agreement.

Earlier, the goods were only imported to Afghanistan via the Hairatan-Mazar-i-Sharif railway line.

Uzbekistan Railways completed the construction of the Hairatan-Mazar-i-Sharif railway line in 2010. Earlier, Uzbekistan Railways won the tender announced by the government of Afghanistan. Uzbek specialists built a railway stretching 75 kilometers, several stations and reconstructed the Hairatan existing station. The gauge width of the railway line is 1,520 millimeters.

The project was implemented through the Asian Development Bank's grant in the amount of $ 165 million allocated to the government of Afghanistan and the Afghan government's own funds (about $5 million).

Almost a half of Afghanistan's imports, as well as many humanitarian goods, are transported through the Hairatan river port (located on the Amu Darya).

Commissioning of the railway has greatly increased the freight traffic.

The railway traffic was opened in December 2011. The government of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan Railways concluded a contract for operation and maintenance of the Hairatan-Mazar-i-Sharif railway line for a period of three years in 2011. According to the contract, the Uzbek side annually receives $32 million (plus additional payment) for the agreed traffic volumes.

Uzbekistan Railways established Sogdiana Trans subsidiary for the railway maintenance in Afghanistan.


Dispatch News Desk

March 23, 2015 


Uzbekistan Familiarization Tours (Fam Tours) for Nuvroz successfully conducted by from March 17 to March 23, reports Dispatch News Desk (DND) news agency.

These Fam tours to promote tourism and culture of Uzbekistan will continue until November2015.

According to Silk Road Destinations (C.A.T.I.A), which is conducting the Fam Tours, foreign travel and tourism agents, travel writers, and tourism experts are being invited by Central Asia Incoming Tourism Agency (C.A.T.I.A) to promote products Uzbekistan offers to international visitors.

Travel experts and travel writers from France, Italy and United States visited Uzbekistan for these tours. Visitors were also shown Mitan Responsible Tourism Project that got International To Do 2014 Award this year at ITB Berlin.

"The idea behind offering Fam Tours by Silk Road Destinations is not to only promote tourism of Uzbekistan rather to encourage visitors to get a feel of exotic culture of Silk Road destinations and provide opportunities to different cultures to know and understand each other", said the company in a press statement issued here on Monday.

Fam Tours are a great learning tool for travel agents as they learn about the travel products of Uzbekistan and then agents are in position to recommend travel to their customers. Travel writers and documentary producers are also invited to visit destinations so they can write or put such destinations in their writing and travel documentaries. A large number of travel writers and documentary producers visited Uzbekistan through Silk Road Destinations and promote Uzbekistan at international travel and tourism events.

Those who attended Fam tours include Florence Colomban, Benoit Tredez, Nathalie Trichard, Brigitte Petre , Gauthier Magny, Fabrice Noyelle, Pierre Bessette, Marie-Josť Goussard, Tara Isabella Burton, Caytlin Swartz, Tiziana Poli, Oriana Righero, Laura and Giampaolo Benelli

Next Fam tours will be offered in June, August and November 2015.

It may be mentioned that according to Uzbekistan Tourism National Reports, spring and autumn are the most visited seasons in Uzbekistan, followed by summer and winter. Generally, there are ten sunny months in Uzbekistan during the entire year.



March 25, 2015 


The Tashkent Pipe Plant joint venture LLC intends to begin the rolled sheet stock production for the next two years with a capacity of 150,000 metric tons per year annually, Uzmontajspecstroy joint-stock company, including the pipe plant, told Trend with the reference to the plant's development program.

The project cost is $79.6 million, a representative of the joint-stock company said.

The enterprise intends to begin the construction in late 2015.

The enterprise's development program also envisages the construction of welding electrode production with a capacity of 2,000 metric tons per year worth $4.4 million.

By the end of 2015, Tashkent Pipe Plant plans to complete the project on creation of profiled hot-rolled steel production of rolled metal products (rod and bar with diameter from 6.5 to 12 millimeters and from 12 to 45 millimeters, respectively) with design capacity of 30,000 metric tons per year and the value of $39.7 million, the production of strip and wire galvanizing with capacity of 3,000 metric tons and screws with capacity of 1,000 metric tons per year, having spent for these purposes $3.88 million and $4.44 million, respectively.

It is planned to carry out all the projects at the own expense of the joint venture.

The plant commissioned a metal-rolling complex in 2014 with the annual capacity of 130,000 metric tons of steel bar and rolled wire of various gage and with the diameter of 6-45 millimeters. Earlier, Uzbekistan was importing these products. The cost of the project was $30 million.

The length of the installed rolling mill is almost one kilometer and in terms of the certain technical and economic parameters and engineering solution it has no analogues in Central Asia, or in CIS countries.

The project is financed with the funds of the co-founders of the enterprise.

Moreover, as part of the program for expanding the production, the enterprise started the production of longitudinally welded pipes (89-219 millimeters) and profiled pipes (270-700 millimeters) with the total capacity of 55,000 metric tons per year, as well as steel pipes with polyolefin covering with the capacity of 8,000 metric tons per year.

Tashkent Pipe Plant JV, commissioned in 1999, is the largest enterprise for production of pipe products in Uzbekistan.

It produces steel thin-walled water and gas pipes, steel pipes of a diameter of 159 mm to 377 mm for main oil and gas pipelines, corrugated sheets and corrugated roofing slates from galvanized steel, and piping attachments.

The list of the main founders of the Tashkent Pipe Plant JV includes the US Capital Industrial Supply (62.4 percent share), the Russian company Onest-D (20 percent share) and China's Xinjiang Jinboer Industry & Trade Co. (17.2 percent share).



March 27, 2015 






8.30 am - 4.00 pm

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Pavilion Room

The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20004



Mr. Elyor Ganiev, Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan (confirmed)


Ms. Nisha Biswal, Assistant Secretary of State, South and Central Asian Affairs, US Department of State(invited)

Mr. Michael Lally, Executive Deputy Assistant Secretary, Europe, Middle East and Africa, US Department of Commerce (confirmed)

Mr. Raymond Ellis, Vice President & Manager, Global Business Development Division, Export-Import Bank of the United States (invited)

The event will be followed by a reception to welcome members of the official Uzbek delegation and the forum's participants

More information about the forum's speakers and agenda to follow.


Organized by the American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce


Sponsored by The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center



For more sponsorship opportunities, please contact AUCC at 202-509-3744 and [email protected]


AUCC would like to invite all interested parties to participate in the 2015 US-Uzbekistan Annual Business Forum and hear the Uzbek Government plans and opportunities for our members' increased trade and investment engagement in the market that can help US become a leading business partner.  AUCC members will also share their success stories to encourage more US companies to do business and invest in Uzbekistan.    


The American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce (AUCC) is the only trade association in the United States and Uzbekistan that exclusively represents the business interests of U.S. companies active in the Uzbek market. Established in 1993 and based in Washington, D.C., AUCC is the first bilateral trade organization that successfully promotes trade and investment ties, cultural exchanges and bonds of friendship between the United States and the Republic of Uzbekistan.


In performing its functions, AUCC places primary emphasis on serving the needs and interests of its members, namely:  
The Boeing Company, Case New Holland Industrial, The Coca-Cola Company, FMN International, General Electric, General Motors, Harris Corporation, Honeywell, Indsur Stelcor, Inc., Lockheed Martin, Nukem Inc., Rio Tinto, Solar Turbines, Sustainment Solutions, Inc., White & Case LLP and Zeppelin International AG. These companies are united by one common cause: promotion of trade and investment ties, cultural exchanges and bonds of friendship between the United States of America and the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Today, Uzbekistan represents the largest market in the Central Asia region with a population of almost 30 million people, an annual GDP growth of 8% and a well-established and diversified economy. American companies invested more than $500 million in the Uzbek economy during the period 1992 to 2012.  In addition, U.S. exports to the Republic of Uzbekistan amounted to more than $3.3 billion. The year 2012 is a good example when US exports to Uzbekistan totaled more than $285 million compared to $100 million in 2011 and $101 million in 2010.  In 2013, the trade levels continued to increase reaching a record $386 million.  During the first nine months of 2014, the US-Uzbekistan trade turnover amounted to $281 million.  While this is good news, the volume of U.S. exports and investments in this largest Central Asian market is lower than those of Uzbekistan's near neighbors, including Russia with its' 2013 exports to Uzbekistan reaching more than $7.1 billion; Сhina - $5.2 billion and Korea - $2.1 billion.  


To register and learn more about the forum, please click here.  Seating is limited.  


Please respond by Monday, October 5, 2015 to confirm your participation.


Admission Fee:


$00.00 - AUCC members ONLY and the US Government offices


$100.00 - All other companies and organizations


Cancellations received within 48 hours of the event are non-refundable. 

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For more information about the event, please contact AUCC office at [email protected] or call us at 202-509-3744.  


Thank you for your attention and response.  We look look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. 


The American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce



March 26, 2015 


You Are Invited To The 10th Annual Silk Road Conference

Monday, April 27, 2015

Organized by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center

Sponsored by Northern Illinois University, College of Business at Illinois Institute of Technology's Kent School of Law Auditorium

565 West Adams Street

Chicago, Illinois


For more information and agenda please contact Professor Harry Lepinske:

[email protected]



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