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Last week we kicked off a multi-pronged fundraising campaign to fill up the IEBA war chest so we have the resources we need to continue the fight against HSUS in the courts, and communicate effectively with Congress and the American people.

I'm happy to share the news that we are off to a great start!

We'll be rolling out our IEBA Voluntary Equine Check-off at the Billings Livestock Horse Sale this weekend. Sale barns in Nebraska and Kansas will have them at their next sales.  Make sure your local horse auctions know about it and encourage them to offer it at their sales. The cool part is we are already getting messages like this one from Sharon W. --

"I am going to suggest in our next event email (it will reach over 600 people) that whoever sells a horse in the loose pen for pennies a pound donate the entire proceeds to IEBA. I will begin by sending IEBA the amount we received for a perfectly healthy 1100 lb arthritic gelding.  $183.00"

That's the way to do it, folks!  Download IEBA check-off slips below, forward this email with your own personal message like Sharon did to every network of horse people you belong to, and let's get those dollars rolling in! We have had a number of people become members, and donate straight into the War Chest as well.

But the funnest thing of all is starting to plan these Rope 'em, Choke 'em, and Poke 'em to Stick it to HSUS events!  These will be super fun competitions with two people teams team roping, or golfing, or skeet shooting, and playing pool or any configuration thereof, with an evening Calcutta the night before. Let me know if you want to get one going in your area. Email if you want to get a hold of one of these folks who are already planning events. So far we've got point people in Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska starting to pull together to coordinate one. We are all going to need plenty of help from promotion to donating stock to volunteering at the events themselves. 

There are lots of ways to contribute at whatever level of dollars, or your time and talent, that you can afford to give to the horses, and what feels right to you. Below are buttons to become a member or donate through our secure online system, but you are also welcome to send checks made payable to IEBA to my address, Sue Wallis, PO Box 71, Recluse, WY 82725.  


When everybody does their part to help the horses and the horse people it adds up fast. Thanks! 

  • Become an IEBA Supporter Member - $25 annually     Pay Now 
  • Become an IEBA Equine Business Member - $150 annually    Pay Now 
  • Donate to the IEBA Litigation War Chest.   - $10 increments, change the quantity to donate as much as you like.     Donate
  • Next time you sell a horse sign an IEBA Equine Voluntary Check-off slip and donate $10, or 1% to 100% (you decide), of the sale proceeds, whichever is greater. Click HERE to download a Check-off Slip.  Ask for one next time you sell a horse at a horse sale, and if your sale barn doesn't already know about it, send them my way. 
  • Organize an IEBA fundraising event in your community.
    This can be as simple as a dinner or a cocktail party (we'll be happy to supply speakers and maybe even entertainment), or as fun as a Rope, Stroke, and Poke where two person teams compete in a team roping, a round of golf, and a pool game. I hear in Nebraska another version of this is popular--Rope, Choke, and Poke--instead of golf, they shoot fifty clay pigeons. Or for the non-ropers, how about a Choke 'em, Stroke 'em, and Poke 'em--Skeet, Golf, and Pool? Calcutta anyone? All sounds like big fun, and a great way to gather up some dollars for a good cause! 

Dollars raised through any and all activities associated with this fundraising campaign will be used to pay for the legal and political protection and promotion of the horse industry; to work for a strong, sustainable market at every level; protect the rights of equine owners; and to advocate for humane and regulated horse processing ensuring the intrinsic value of every horse.

flying dollars  

The first priority will be filling up that litigation war chest to fight these legal battles against HSUS!  

If you are ready to help with one or all of the above...let's talk! Send me a note with your phone number and I'll call you from wherever I am. 


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Sue Wallis is a rancher and Wyoming State Representative who is the U.S. Chairman of the International Equine Business Association.


The International Equine Business Association is formed to serve the horse businesses and families of the World by protecting their economic, legislative, regulatory, judicial, environmental, custom and cultural interests. 
The Association promotes the role of the horse industry in resource stewardship, animal care, and in the production of high-quality, safe, nutritious meat, and other products. 
The purpose of the Association is to serve as a production agriculture association for the equine species, to mutually protect the international horse industry, and to promote the use of horses and equine products in commercial enterprises.  

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