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REUTERS: American Bible Society and NHCLC join forces to combat Biblical illiteracy in Hispanic Communities

WORLD MAGAZINE: Supreme Court or Bible?

PR Newswire: Statement by Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Hispanic Evangelical Association, on the Senate's Passing of Immigration Reform Bill

HUFFINGTON POST: On Gay Marriage In Churches, Stances Vary Among Religions, Clergy, Members

CHARISMA NEWS: Samuel Rodriguez: Supreme Court Opens Door for Intolerance Against Christians

CHRISTIAN POST: Leading Latino Evangelical Voices to Headline Major Convergence Event, Movement

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Appoints Robert Gittelson to The NHCLC Board of Directors with Special Appointment as Vice President for Governmental Affairs

CHRISTIAN POST: Sam Rodriguez and Richard Land say no Soros money used in ads

WASHINGTON TIMES: SHAPIRO: The evolution of evangelicals on immigration A religious issue has developed political - and financial - implications

Immigration Forum Statement: Forum statement clarifying the non-existent role of George Soros funding in the Table's work

ONE NEWS NOW: Outreach planned to increase Bible literacy among Hispanics

HISPANIC BUSINESS: The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Appoints Robert Gittelson to The NHCLC Board of Directors with Special Appointment as Vice President for Governmental Affairs

BRODY FILE: Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Religious Freedom

HUFFINGTON POST: Who the Supreme Court Protects with the Voting Rights Decisions

WASHINGTON POST: Sen. Rand Paul offers border security amendment to Senate immigration bill

CHARISMA NEWS: Samuel Rodriguez Urges Intercession for Immigration Reform

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Rand Paul ˜Not Yet Ready to Back Immigration Bill 

FOX NEWS: The Evangelical, Latino case for immigration reform

CP CROSSMAP: 23-Year-Old Hispanic Pastor Josue Urrutia Talks on How Latino Evangelicals Are Shaping America

CHRISTIAN POST Entertainment: Samuel Rodriguez: The Messages of Graham and King

CHRISTIAN POST Church & Ministry: Interview: 23-Year-Old Hispanic Pastor on How Latino Evangelicals Are Shaping America

CHRISTIAN POST Opinion: Reversing the Trend of Teens Leaving the Church: Using Climate Change to Reengage Our Youth

C-SPAN: Renewing Religious Freedom for 21st-Century Diversity

CHRISTIAN POST Politics: Religious Liberty and Complacent Christianity

CHARISMA NEWS: NHCLC to Host Immigration Reform Meeting, Prayer Rally on Capitol Hill

CHRISTIAN POST: Interview: Samuel Rodriguez on Reconciling Billy Graham and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Leadership Journal: Friday Five Interview Samuel Rodriquez Why should evangelicals care about immigration reform? We asked the leader of the Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

Preaching Today: Preaching Skill--Preaching, Vertically and Horizontally: An Interview with Samuel Rodriquez, How to reconcile Billy Graham's message with Dr. King's march



The Lamb's Agenda
By Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Plugged In


Plugged In (CLICK HERE) analyzes various forms of entertainment, including MOVIE REVIEWS, from a biblical perspective. You'll find more than 2,000 of them on our site--nearly half also translated into Spanish.

Why do we do it? Ratings such as G, PG, PG-13 and R are an OK start, but they don't reveal nearly enough. How much profanity? What kind of violence? From sexual situations to spiritual content, we fill in the blanks to make sure the only surprises your family experiences at the movies are good ones.
In addition to warning you about potentially harmful content, we also explore what entertainment does right. You'll discover information and resources (such as fun Movie Nights pages) useful for building character in your children. Stories shape lives. Messages matter. That's why Plugged In has dedicated more than 20 years to helping parents understand what the voices of pop culture are really saying.

In addition to detailed online reviews, we also offer brief snapshots of films via our "Plugged In Movie Review" audio and video features.  Watch now.

I Was A Stranger Video
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Take the "I WAS A STRANGER" Challenge
40 Days of Scripture & Prayer

The heart of why evangelical Christians believe we should love, welcome, and seek justice for immigrants is our commitment to the authority of Scripture over every aspect of our lives. The Bible speaks clearly and repeatedly to God's concern for the immigrant, guiding the Christ-follower toward principles that we believe should inform both the interpersonal ways that we interact with our immigrant neighbors and the public policies that we support. For more information watch the video and go to: I Was A Stranger.

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Rev. Israel Bermudez
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Mes de la Biblia 

September 2013 








National Hispanic Christian Education Sunday

September 1, 2013








National Latino Justice Summit

Washington, D.C.

September 19-20, 2013 








National Hispanic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

October 6, 2013








Alliance for Hispanic Education Summit

Cedarville University

Cedarville, OH

October 16, 2013 








National Hispanic Pentecost Congress

November 13, 2013








Convoy of Hope

End Hunger Sunday-


November 24, 2013  









NHCLC Annual Board Convention

San Diego, Calif.

April 29-30, 2014 





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