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August 19th 2014
The dog pictured above is Shiloh. She was very fresh when I met her. I made a couple of videos of her greeting me. The first one is prior to her lesson. The second video is an hour and a half later, after her first lesson. The videos are pretty dramatic. They are short and funny. Click on the link below to view them on my Facebook page. I also did a photo album of our meeting!

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Advanced Class rained out again last week. Perfect weather predicted for this Wednesday! Your dog needs the work, you need the work. Your dog will thank you. I am going to thank you in advance of your coming to advanced!

P.S. We got the 5:30 Basic class in. If you were in that class you can come to a 6:30 advanced class for free to make up for the class you missed. I will go over the moving down with you when you come. 





WEDNESDAY'S 6:30-8:00 PM $15.00 



Advanced just means you have had basic obedience 

Take advantage of this great resource for you and your dog!  


 Had a funny incident in our morning agility class. Spencer (pictured above) was not responding well to the jumps. It was nothing physical. In conversation with his owner I came across and interesting tidbit. She had used the word "jump" to get him to get into her jeep. Spencer had fallen backwards and hurt himself in his attempts to get into the jeep. We changed our command from "Jump" to the word "over!". He then sailed over the obstacles. He had a negative association with the word "Jump"!   



Saturday 8:30-9:30 am $15.00 Drop-in format

Derbyfield Kennels 556 Depot STREET Harwich




Went to P'town last week. Took a few pictures of a small portion of the doggie items that are there. P'town is the most dog friendly place in America. See the photos in an Album on my Facebook page. 


In This Issue
A year ago August 15th, I was divorced. I felt awful about the divorce. I wanted to be picked up from the court by a beautiful blonde in a convertible. The pick-up was to be a balm for my hurt. I had the good fortune/karma to have my fantasy fore-filled by Roxie. (I wonder what the stranger I asked to take the picture thought?) I try to have fun with everything.

 I certainly am not going to recommend divorce. Losing the love of your life, someone who was loved by me more than anyone on the planet will ever love her, was devastating. Sometimes love not enough. At a year out, I can say life does go on. Ulysses says she is definitely happy.  I have grown immensely because of the pain I went through. I am meeting people and having experiences that I would not have had as a happily married person. I am more peaceful and laugh more than I have in years. Divorce is not the worst thing that can happen to you. 

Dogboy has had a rough summer. His car went into the shop to be repainted in May. He still has not got it back. His construction work has been slowed by rain, permits, and delays by the engineers. Alex was unable to pick up extra work because he had no vehicle. He calls me. Alex says "Dad there is something wrong with my mouth. My gums are receding and they hurt." He has health insurance through the VA. He has no dental. We have no time to try to get him insurance. He has to be treated now. I have been trying to pay down my lawyers bill from my divorce. I am not exactly swimming in dough. Can I risk having my hansom boy losing his beautiful smile? NO! I call the good people at BARNSTABLE DENTAL ASSOCIATES. They agree to see him immediately. They treat Alex and put a reduced bill on my Care Credit Account. I can't thank them enough. I can't afford to see them myself right now....but I could not stand the thought of my boy in pain and potentially loosing his teeth.
It is a wonderful smile :)

I only have three dogs in my Saturday Morning 10:00 am Basic class. We need more dogs to make it groupy. If you are a recent graduate and have a FREINDLY dog you can come to the group and pay only $20.00 per class you attend. We are on lesson three this Saturday. Look at these dogs faces while you hum "arms of an Angel" by Sarah Mclachlan. Won't you help us help them? 

If you want a graduation photo send me a good head shot of your dog and I will photo shop the mortar board on it!

Saturday August 23rd 3:00 PM
We will meet in front of the movie theater.
This is a great place to work your dog! 
Tons of opportunity socialize your dog.
This walk is sooo good for your dog:) 

$10.00 R.S.V.P.


Springfield man (?) sought for animal cruelty charges. 
He was jealous of his wife's new puppy. See the story by clicking here:JERK HURTS PUPPY 

Click below for story:




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