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August 12th 2014
Dating the Dogman has many, many, many advantages...and some disadvantage. Sandi has and old Beagle named Clyde. I have resisted training him for various reasons. Clyde had one habit that I had to change. He ate his own poop.  I really could not let this slide as I do interact with him. This is an unnatural behavior caused by dog breeders not keeping the whelping box clean enough and not putting enough toys in the box for the puppies to play with. An easy way to stop this behavior is to add Brewers Yeast tablets to your dog's diet. You give on pill for every ten pounds of dog plus one for good luck every day. The extra yeast gets extruded in the dogs poop. The yeast makes the poop taste bad to the dog. (Like you need something to make poop taste bad!) After a few weeks the dog should stop dining on Pu Pu platters. Ho-ray! It worked! But now there is more dog poop on the lawn :( This explains why I handed Sandi a pooper scooper like a normal boyfriend might give flowers! The pills and Clyde:

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Rained out last week. We will try again... not a great forecast... but what do weathermen know, really?





WEDNESDAY'S 6:30-8:00 PM $15.00 



Advanced just means you have had basic obedience 

Take advantage of this great resource for you and your dog!  


 Saturday morning agility class was nice last Saturday. Come join the fun. No obedience required!



Saturday 8:30-9:30 am $15.00 Drop-in format

Derbyfield Kennels 556 Depot STREET Harwich



Perfect picture illustrating the proper weight distribution during Gunner's down stay....and  Aaron's excellent calves! 


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I went to my first awkward wedding. It was my first without my ball and chain of 28 years. It was my rather recently, unpleasantly, divorced, Sister's daughter. It felt strange at first. You are seated with your family. With food and drink it soon felt like any other wedding. The families did not mix they way they would have if the family unit was intact but it was not really noticeable. It ended up being a  absolutely terrific wedding! My brother Chienhomme came all the way from France for the event. It was the first wedding without my Dad. My sainted Mother was there.
I slow danced with her. Ma was on the floor for the fast songs too! At the end of the night after the Bride and Grooms last dance (I think they danced to A.C. D.C.'s Highway to Hell) The D.J. played Israel Kamakawiwo`ole version of It's a Wonderful World. My whole family gathered around my mom in her Walker/rolling chair and sang to her. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. To hear the song click below:
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Sandi and Me both brought our camera's to take pictures for Sam and Tom. Both cameras malfunctioned. We took it as a sign that we were not to take photos but to enjoy the moment. We did! As suspected she is an excellent dancer....could not keep up with me but who can? They had a mashed potato bar, a taco bar and a sundae bar. They also had a photo both. Not a good idea with me around! Dogboy was there too.


I received a couple of requests for the recipe for the Fruit de Mer that I mentioned I made a few newsletters ago. Here it is! This is a very forgiving and flexible recipe. You can substitute your favorite sea food, clams in the shell, calamari, etc.  This recipe serves four. Your only worry is overcooking the scallops and shrimp. One tbs olive oil in a high sided saute pan. Add one tbs of minced garlic (or a little more) and 1/4 cup mince shallots (or onion). Cook till onion/shallots are translucent do not brown. Add a 1/2 cup white wine and the juice from a can of minced clams. Save clams we will add later. Heat till reduced by 1/3. Add a medium can of strained minced tomatoes, a small can of tomato paste and 1/4 cup parsley. Add 1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes. Bring to bubbling. Add 1lbs of scrubbed muscles cover. In one minute add 3/4 lbs of Cod or other flaky white fish, cover. Minute later add four large sea scallops or eight medium scallops,cover. minute later add eight large shrimp, clams from the can, cover. As soon as shrimp are pink remove from heat. 
Serve over linguine with french bread!

1:00 pm Saturday August 16th
Take route 28 to Putnam Road Cotuit
 The Eagle Pond Parking lot is on the left about a mile or so. This is a good hike followed swimming. 
Beautiful place! A real fun time. Two dogs that had never swum before did so last time we were here!
$10.00 R.S.V.P.


The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History will host a talk on wolves by Michael LeBlanc. There will be ambassador wolves there! Tuesday August 19th 4:30 and 6:00 $10.00 to make reservations call 508-896-3867 EXT. 133

Want to see some videos of dogs trying to befriend cats? Click on the YOU TUBE icon below:

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