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July 29th 2014
The handsome, crazy boy pictured above is

Chevy. I made a photo album of our meeting and posted it on Facebook Page . In the last photo Chevy is sitting calm and serene. He was being walked on a harness. Harnesses seriously contribute to barrier frustration aggression. I can't stand them. 

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Chevy is overweight. I know, I know look who is talking....but dogs can't open refrigerators and aren't excellent cooks (I made Fruit De Mer Sunday. Muscles, clams, shrimp, scallops, Cod fish, diced tomatoes, white wine, shallots, parsley, basil, red pepper flakes, and garlic on linguine). When you look at your standing dog from above, it should have an hour glass figure. One of the first places a dog puts on weight is the fat pads just in front of the hips. Chevy does not have a broken tail. The second place dogs store fat is the first couple of tail vertebrata. His tail should only gradually get thicker near it's base. 


Ice Cream Social at Krista K's on route 28 Dennis after Advanced Class this week. Here is Fletcher enjoying his doggie dish last week. 





WEDNESDAY'S 6:30-8:00 PM $15.00 



Advanced just means you have had basic obedience 

Take advantage of this great resource for you and your dog!  


 sad puppy

I really don't care, so don't get upset but I am going to mention something... In my last three drop in classes one person did not pay. I assume someone just forgot. Or it could be a different someone every week forgetting. We all are out of it sometimes. If I were on the ball I would know who did not pay me! LOL IF God forbid someone is having trouble paying let me know! I will cover your Derbyfield portion, it is much more important that your dog comes to class to learn and  to socialize. 



Saturday 8:30-9:30 am $15.00 Drop-in format

Derbyfield Kennels 556 Depot STREET Harwich




In This Issue

Out of my siblings, I am the worst at taking care of my Sainted Mother. I try to get up to Hanover once a month and be her entertainment.  I am basically her date.  I will be going to my Niece's Wedding soon. It is going to be so strange to be dancing to all the usual wedding songs with someone new. I was married for 28 years. We had to go to at least 1.5 weddings a year. At a minimum we went to 42 probably closer to 50. At least I will have my first love (Ma) to dance with! Sandi danced for many years so that should be very exciting too! Anyhow, Mom and me go out to eat or an afternoon movie on our dates. Last week I roped Sandi into going with me. We went out to a nice dinner (thanks Ulysses). We then went to JC's for a low fat ice cream cone w/crunch coat (love that stuff) We returned home for  a rousing game of Yahtzee. Sandi got to hear Ma's stories for the FIRST time! . 
   Sandi and me went the Fair. Got to hear the Beatles! I love when know all the words. Our photo of Clyde did quite well at the Barnstable County Fair's photo contest. I came in second place. I guess I am not quite a winner. 
 Well, not a winner in silly stuff like contests or games. (for the record I kicked ass in Yahtzee) I think that I am a winner in life. I get to help people. I make every store clerk, ticket taker, waiter/tress laugh. I spread peace in peoples homes by chilling their dogs. I prevent dog bites. I save a lot of dogs...not all :( , but I turn around quite a high percentage. I am so joyful, peaceful, and energized. Is my life perfect? No!
Perfection is overrated! I had no idea life could be so good!

Dogboy celebrated his 25th birthday by passing out after working a long day. He rallied and eventually made it to Dino's for a beer or two. He wants to go out fishing for striper for his Birthday present. I will have to figure out how to get my Wayward Boys out on the water. I am very proud to have him for my son.



 CALL 508-432-2510 SIGN UP!


Saturday August 2nd 1:00 PM
The parking lot is on Setucket Road near the intersection with Mayfair Road 
We will have a short obedience walk followed by a swim party! Flax pond is clean and sandy. Untrained puppies welcome for free!

$10.00 R.S.V.P.

The officers were called about a report of a loose dog that had been barking and crying all night.  They did not handle the situation carefully, and went into it knowing they weren't going to do all they could to just get Lexie back inside.

"I don't do snares, I don't do dogs ... I'll shoot the f-king thing," one of the officers said on the dashcam.

After Lexie was shot three times, she hid in the bushes to get away from her attackers.  One of the officers said, "Just die, dog," and one of them walked over to the bushes and shot her several more times.  Later they discussed how to finally kill her.  One of them asked the animal control officer if he would, "choke it out," and another suggested using a shovel.

AC officer Massey said that it wasn't a good idea because, "you know this s-t is going to be all over Facebook in an hour," and an officer responded, "yeah, unfortunately."  Still alive, Lexie was snared and forced to walk and get into the van, where she slowly and painfully bled to death sometime between one and two hours later. The above is evidence from a lawsuit filed on behalf of Lexie's owner.


Georgia: Police were investigating a nearby house alarm call, when Tim Theall let his 9 year old German Shepherd, Doc out the back door. Doc surprised an officer in the front yard and he said Holy (blank) and shot him. The house was not being burglarized, it was a false alarm. Here is where it gets weird. The officer would not let Tim tend to or take his wound dog to the vets. The not very intelligent officer informed Tim that he would be arrested if he tried to help his dog. The officer told Tim's wife that animal control was on the way to help Doc. Animal control shows up and asks where is the dead dog? Finally a slightly more intelligent Officer shows up and say Due process is just to take a few photo of the scene. Hours later Doc was taken to the Vets where he survived. He had extensive damage to his throat.  Tim understands the shooting but is angry about not being allowed to help his dog. The officer even blocked his car in. Tim is raising money to help with Doctor's Veterinarian bills.


Maybe Cops are more cat people?



SATURDAY AUGUST 2nd 3:00-4:30 

257 BRICK KILN ROAD (Between Sandwich Road and Gifford)

kiddie pools will be in both the big dog and small dog areas!

More info: click here for Falmouth dog park web site 


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