June/July 2014

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Greetings Fellow Americans,
Quite a bit of historic dates have passed since the last newsletter. June 28th was the one hundredth anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. This was the match that lit the fuse for the largely inexplicable War to end all Wars. We had the 70th anniversary of D-day. The death knell of the Nazi Empire. July 21st 1918, Orleans was the site of a U-boat attack. This was the first attack on U.S. Soil since the war of 1812. We have the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Cape Cod Canal. The canal had huge military significance. CCMM collection and knowledge continues to grow. There is so much to know about our history right here on the Cape.  
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Here is a photo of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie shortly before their assassinations on June 28th 2014. Gavrilo Princip was the name of the 19 year old Serbian separatist killer. Even after the investigation found no connection between the Serbian Government and the assassination, Austria-Hungary proposed an ultimatum that was sure to be rejected. The partial rejection lead was the excuse Austria need to invade Serbia. The alliances by other European Nations cause a domino effect of warring parties. Four years later, ten million dead soldiers, a world wide Pandemic and nothing much to show for it....except for the amazing histories of the individuals involved in the War to end all Wars. Harry Watling came through with a couple of timely donations. WWI canvas bags. I do not know if they are the famous "Kit Bags" of song but they are a  couple of cool additions


The link above will take you to attackonorleans.com . There you can purchase the book on the July 21st incident. I have not read this book yet. We have a postcard of a painting of the attack in CCMM's collection. I plan on picking up a copy for the Museum. 
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We received this Army uniform from the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  One of their members passed away. Before he joined the Auxiliary he was in the 126th Aviation. This is the same unit my son was in. My son is working on getting an indoor area to bring our duck boat in for the winter. There we can start to work on getting her up and running. 

Tom Dresser generously donated a copy of MARTHA'S VINEYARED in WORLD WAR II. He is one of the tri-authors. Herb Foster and Jay Schofield are the others. I have just started this book. A full review will be in the next newsletter. 



Below is a link to the Cape Cod Canal Centennial Website. There are going to be a lot of historical fun events check them out!

Joseph Yukna, Co-Founder


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