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Pulte Homes Says- "The lake is not an emergency drinking water supply. It's a backup source of water for the Potomac River during times of severe drought. The Potomac is a drinking water source."

Can you follow that logic? We imagine you are also tired of the dance around the importance of Ten Mile Creek and Little Seneca Reservoir. As droughts become more severe, Ten Mile Creek and the Little Seneca Reservoir will grow in importance
 as a backup drinking water supply for 4.3 million in the metro area. 

That's why we need proactive, precautionary land use planning to protect our water resources - a plan that that looks further than 5 years out, relies on science and calculates the real costs of poorly planned development. 

We can still protect the county's last, best stream and water source for 4.3 million area residents. 

Council work sessions on the master plan will begin on Monday January 13, with a decision expected in early February. 
We need to flood the Council with calls and emails- tell them "I drink water and I vote!". 
Please contact all the Councilmembers, however, contacting Councilmembers Leventhal and Navarro is particularly important as they are possible swing votes. (please bbc us - 
As we enter the final weeks of the Master Plan process, five minutes your time to contact these council members will go a long way to getting a decision we can live with for generations. Thanks for taking action! 






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