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"Living Christ in This World"
June 6 - June 12, 2013
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CSMSG choristers at a recent Evensong. The Church of St. Michael & St. George will host a Festival Evensong on June 13 at 6 PM for The Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Worshipers will enjoy glorious music and medieval pageantry and be invited to join in prayers for peace in the Holy Land as well as for the welfare of the poor and sick. 
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Sunday Liturgy Schedule

   8:00 AM   Holy Eucharist I
    10:00 AM   Choral Eucharist I
    5:30 PM   Evening Prayer*
                      * this Sunday only
Preaching Rota  Archie_100x100 

 June 9     The Rev. Andrew J. Archie
 June 16   The Rev. Nicholas T. Porter
 June 23   The Rev. Andrew J. Archie
Sunday Adult Education 

  Rectorless Forum banner


The Rectorless Forum 

Sunday, June 9  

9 AM   Taylor Room


Organist Nick Bideler will be speaking on "The Hymns and Life of Calvin Hampton," a journey into the melodies and harmonies of his hymn tunes. Singing required! The forum will meet at 9 AM in the Taylor Room.  


The Rector's Forum 

The Rector's Forum is in recess until the fall.

Adult Education  

Women's Bible Study
Fridays   7:30 AM    Sverdrup Room

"I too decided, to write an orderly account for you...so that you may know the truth..."  
Learn about the ministry of Jesus in Galilee as we study the Lectionary C readings for Sunday (roughly Luke 7-11) under the direction of Fr. Mike Wheeler.  All women are welcome for these study sessions, held at 7:30 AM in the Sverdrup Room, for nourishment of the body (with a light breakfast) and soul.  We will finish by 8:30 AM.
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Campaign Update 

"In giving gifts, we give what we can spare, but in giving thanks, we give ourselves."
        -David Steindl-Rast,
       Gratefulness: The Heart of Prayer

As of today, we have received 363 pledges for a total of $1,814,913. Thank you for your pledge!

Seeds for Growth! planter

Wonderful stories are unfolding in our church every day: Stories of faith, devotion, and love for our neighbors. Great things truly are happening here. But if we're to continue with great things, if we are to continue to grow, your help is needed.


Please pick up a CSMSG business card(s) from the "planters" located in the Narthex and Great Hall. Plant one of CSMSG's "Seeds for Growth" in the hand of a friend who is looking to be a part of a wonderful story and a church community. We need your help to help us grow!

This Week

Summer Schedule Has Begun!
Please note CSMSG's summer liturgy schedule:


  8:00 AM   Holy Eucharist I
10:00 AM  Choral Eucharist I
  5:30 PM   Holy Eucharist II


nick bideler Rectorless Forum 

Sunday, June 9

9 AM   Taylor Room


Organist Nick Bideler will be speaking on "The Hymns and Life of Calvin Hampton," a journey into the melodies and harmonies of his hymn tunes. Singing required! The forum will meet at 9 AM in the Taylor Room. 

Next Week

Festival Evensong for The Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist
Thursday, June 13
6:00 PM   Church  
The Church of St. Michael & St. George will host a Festival Evensong for The Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Worshipers will enjoy glorious music and medieval pageantry and be invited to join in prayers for peace in the Holy Land as well as the welfare of the poor and sick. Both the Bishop of Missouri and the Dean of Christ Church Cathedral will participate.

This annual Festival Evensong and Service of Re-dedication is celebrated by The Order of St. John, which is both an active, practical charity and an order of chivalry headed by Queen Elizabeth II. This year's service will include the world premiere of a two-part anthem composed by Rob Lehman, the organist and choirmaster at The Church of St. Michael & St. George, and based on a poem by Friedrich Schiller. The guest preacher will be the Rev. Nicholas Porter, who will draw from his many years of experience in Israel and Palestine to describe the current situation in Jerusalem, that troubled city which nevertheless remains a beacon of peace for all mankind. All are welcome.
Hunger Ministry Sandwich Making   
Saturday, June 15

10-11 AM   Taylor Room 

Sandwich Making will take place June 15 at 10 AM. All parishioners are invited and encouraged to join the St. Michael's Hunger Ministry on the third Saturday of each month to make sandwiches for the Bridge and FOCUS St. Louis clients.

This Month  

Stupp Scholarship  

It's time for interested graduating high school seniors from this parish to apply for a Jane Howell Stupp Living Memorial Scholarship for college for the 2013-2014 academic year. This fund was established by Mrs. Stupp's family to provide one-time only college scholarships to worthy applicants. This is a competitive scholarship and not all applicants will be awarded. Apply by writing the Rector and include a transcript, a list of all the financial support you are already receiving, and two letters of reference, one of which must be written by a teacher. Scholarship applications must be received in the Rector's office by Monday, June 10, 2013. 

Youth Ministry     

 HS Graduating Class of 2013

Small Group Lectionary Reading: Every Sunday the YM sponsors an informal gathering for all 6th-12th graders and other interested parishioners to read and discuss the lectionary readings for that day. We meet each Sunday, from 9:30-9:55 AM in the Davis Garden (or the Sverdrup Room, in case of inclement weather). All are invited to grab a doughnut and participate!
MAN OF STEEL: Movie and Lunch! Meet Buzz for lunch and the new Man of Steel movie on Friday, June 14 at Noon at the Galleria California Pizza Kitchen. Bring money for the movie and lunch. Call Buzz for more info at 314.721.1502. E-mail youth@csmsg.org to sign up. Friends are welcome!

Sunday Night Bible Study at Kayak's Coffee!
Meet Buzz at Kayak's Coffee this summer to read and discuss the Book of Revelation. We will meet from 6:00-7:30 PM at Kayak's on the corner of Skinker and Forest Park Parkway on June 16, 23, 30, and July 21 and 28.
Sign up NOW for our Middle School Mission Week which will be June 17-21. This is a wonderful opportunity for rising 5th-9th grade students to participate in local service opportunities in our St. Louis community! Friends are welcome to sign up also! Cost is $50 and the typical day is from 8:45 AM-3:00 PM. E-mail youth@csmsg.org for more info or to sign up!

MS Mission Commissioning will be held on Sunday, June 16 at 10 AM. All MS Mission participants and their families are invited to attend and sit together up front. There will be a
MS Mission Orientation immediately following in the Taylor Room from 11:30 AM-Noon.

High School Mission Trip is July 5-14 and we are traveling to Muskegon, Michigan! All forms should be turned in to Marty Chapman and balances are now due.
HS Mission Commissioning will be held on Sunday, June 30 at 10 AM. All HS Mission participants and their families are invited to attend and sit together up front. There will be an HS Mission Final Planning Meeting immediately following in the Taylor Room from 11:30 AM-12:00 PM. Attendance is required by all participants of the HS Mission Trip.
WE want to be your friend! Friend the Youth Ministry on Facebook at http://facebook.com/csmsgyouth
Church School    
  May Picnic moon walk 
Church School Summer Schedule Has Begun 

All children in Preschool-3rd grade should go to the Kindergarten classroom. Children will join their parents at the time of the Peace for Communion. The summer schedule continues through September 1.


Second Suitcase
Cleaning out the kids' toy box? Mission volunteers are leaving for Nicaragua in July, and you can send gently-used toys in a mission volunteer's "Second Suitcase" for the students of Santa Rosa and Carolina de Sirker schools. Place donations in the Nicaragua donation closet, located across from the Church library. Please see list below of suggested items.

Educational toys such as:

Lincoln Logs                         
Building blocks              
Play stations and 'Play house' items (kitchen, workshop, etc.)
Tent 'Play House' (Playhut, etc.)
Large plastic animals, dinosaurs, etc.
Large trucks/cars 
Educational Toys              
Puzzles  (ages 8+)                              
Baby dolls
Board Games/Card Games
'Dress-up' items

Please - No stuffed animals

The Three T's
Support CSMSG's mission trip to Nicaragua with the three T's:  Travel-size toiletries, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.
Do you, your friends, and/or your co-workers travel frequently? Don't forget to save (unopened) hotel toiletries for the 2013 mission trip to Nicaragua. Missioners take toiletry bags of soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to the patients at the women's and children's hospital in Managua. Last year, we distributed over 300 bags of these helpful hygiene packets.
Toothbrushes and toothpaste go to the students at the Santa Rosa and Carolina de Sirker schools for healthy and bright smiles! Perhaps your dentist has extras?
All donations can be dropped off at the Nicaragua donation closet, located across from the Church library. 

The Nicaragua Mission Wish List 2013 is posted on the "Faith in Action" bulletin board.
We'll be packing "Second Suitcases" for Nicaragua on July 13.


Nicaragua pic
Canterbury Bookstore   
Canterbury Bookstore features new items every week, including great gift ideas for Father's Day on June 16th! Belts, hats, journals, pocket pieces, devotionals, and theological reflections are all great gift ideas. New releases, new vendors, new displays, and new ideas...Visit the Bookstore to pick out something special, and remember, we always offer gift-wrapping!  

What are you reading this summer?

Here are summer reading suggestions from the Canterbury Bookstore:

The Spirituality of Gardening by Donna Sinclair is both a personal and prophetic book. Written with journalistic skill and poetic passion, this text will encourage and inspire gardeners and all others who care about this planet. The stories, images, and gardening experiences featured in The Spirituality of Gardening awaken us to a deep love and compassion for planet earth. Peaceful, challenging, nourishing, and inspiring.

Praying the Names of Jesus: A Daily Guide by Ann Spangler focuses on 26 of Jesus' most prominent names and titles to provide six months' worth of devotions.  Each week provides a unique devotional program designed for both personal prayer and study and for use in small groups. Prince of Peace, Lamb of God, Bread of Life, Immanuel...through our growing understanding of the context of his names and titles, we come to understand more fully how Jesus reveals God's heart to us.  

All Majesty and Power: An Anthology of Royal Prayers by Donald Gray (a selection of the Episcopal Book Club) is an anthology that contains select "royal prayers" from throughout history. It consists of two parts featuring prayer by royalty and prayers for royalty. The book features scriptures as well as prayers used by Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots, and Prince Philip, among others. The book collects prayers in various styles beginning with prayers used by the first Christians up to the present day.  

Food at the Time of the Bible: From Adam's Apple to the Last Supper by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh features an in-depth yet easy-to-read discussion of every aspect of food in the Bible, complete with amazing illustrations and photographs. As you enjoy learning about what our biblical ancestors ate, you will find yet another way of coming closer to Bible days and Bible ways. Food at the Time of the Bible will help you discover that Scripture, the most important inspiration in our spiritual lives, can serve as an inspiration in the kitchen as well.

Want more suggestions? Stop by the Bookstore and speak with Peggy, Ann, Linda, Rhonda or Mark.

Summer Hours
Sunday 9-11:30 AM
Monday 10-12 AM
Thursday 10 AM-3 PM
Friday   8:30 AM-12 PM
Bulletin Board     

E-Letter/Notice Information

Please send any new information that you would like to go into the notices or e-letters to Debbie at communications@csmsg.org. The deadline for the e-letter/notices is Wednesday at Noon. Please keep the information concise. Thank you.


Altar Guild   


Altar Guild June


The Altar Guild invites you to deepen your spiritual life and connection to the liturgy by becoming a member. This ministry is dedicated to the service of God by lovingly preparing the altars. Many hands are needed, both weekdays and Sundays, to care for the linens, candles, and silver. Contact Caroline Sheehan at 314.537.3853 or csheehan3@me.com for more information on becoming a member!  


Instant Web Connection to CSMSG!
QR code
Notice that strange symbol on the back of the service leaflet? That's a Quick Response (QR) Code! If your smartphone has a scanner app, scanning the image will automatically direct you to the CSMSG website, where you will find links to our weekly updates, calendars, service times, sermons, and news.

The Knitting Ministry
knitting demo
The Knitting Ministry has been active at CSMSG since 2004. Its mission is to offer love, comfort, and prayers to fellow parishioners and friends through knitted objects: Mantles of Comfort, Baby Blankets of Love, and Chemo Caps. On the second Saturday of the month, there is a luncheon gathering where knitters share experiences, get to know one another, and knit together. Prayerful knitting nurtures the knitters as well as the recipients of the knitted objects. For more information, contact Nicki Gillis at nickigillis@att.net.    

Good Neighbors
Please be considerate of our neighbors on Ellenwood and Wydown. Take advantage of the complimentary valet parking on Sundays and do not park in front of driveways.

Valet Parking

Valet service by Midwest Parking will be available on Sunday mornings for elderly parishioners and those with special needs. This valuable service is being provided by an anonymous benefactor. Thank you for this very generous gift!


Altar Flowers  

Please consider giving flowers in celebration of a special event, in honor or in memory of a loved one. Order forms are available near the Ellenwood narthex.   


Birth Announcements Needed

Please contact Debbie Fenner at debbie@csmsg.org or 314.721.1502 when there is a birth in your family, so we can properly welcome the new baby into the parish family.


CSMSG Pre-Primary Enrollment

We are currently accepting applications for our parish's two pre-primary programs: 18-24 months on Thursday and Friday mornings from 8:30-11:30 AM, and two to three years on Monday through Wednesday mornings from 8:30-11:30 AM. We are also offering a five-morning schedule for both classes. Our programs are taught by a degreed teacher and have proven quite successful since their inception. For more information, call Carol at 314.721.1502.

Pre-school fun with parachutes

The Servers Guild   

The Servers Guild provides a unique opportunity for students from 6th through 12th grades to participate in the Sunday liturgies and gain a deeper appreciation for our traditions and style of worship. If you would like to join a group of young people who are dedicated to enhancing the worship experience at CSMSG, contact Fr. Mike Wheeler.