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July News From TriColumbia



TriColumbia logo The summer is in full swing and so is the TriColumbia race season. Congratulations to all athletes who have competed. We hope you achieved your goals, and created memories to last a lifetime! 


If you haven't yet raced this year, or you've experienced the thrill of competing and want more, there are still opportunities to race in 2013! So be sure to reserve your space at Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon or any of the 7 great events at the ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival while there's still room.  


If you are signed up to participate in the Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon or the Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon, remember that you will need to have your race day bike and helmet inspected for safety. In order to eliminate long lines at bike racking, we strongly urge you to have your mandatory, free bike and helmet safety check done before the event at Princeton Sports in Columbia or Baltimore, instead of waiting until the Saturday before the race. Also, be sure you know how to change a flat!  Princeton Sports will be happy to show you how - just ask. Be prepared! Don't let a flat tire ruin your race!


Read on for information about races still open for registration, nutrition tips, training opportunities, special Iron Girl/Princeton Sports promotion, charity partners, inspirational stories, the new TriColumbia iPhone app, and how to become a USAT Certified Race Director.     


Train safely, and we'll see you at the starting line!    


Celebrate Life! 


Kari Ebeling, COO, USAT Certified Level 1 Race Director & The TriColumbia Team 



The CheaspeakeMan Endurance Festival Is Filling Fast! - 7 Different Events - There's One for You!

End your race season with an unforgettable event that everyone is raving about, the CheaspeakeMan Endurance Festival. Enjoy racing through the pristine Blackwater Wildlife Refuge on September 21st  on Maryland's Eastern Shore when the heat of the season has subsided. Taking place in the same venue as TriColumbia's world renown, Ironman 70.3 EagleMan race, ChesapeakeMan offers the same great race logistics, volunteers and venue while maintaining a more intimate and personal feel.

Ted W., Age Group Athlete offers his praise, "This was my second year at the race (although I have been doing EagleMan for years), and it only reaffirmed in my mind what a great event ChessyMan is. The scenery was fantastic, the logistics were well thought out and athlete-friendly, and it was so nice not having to fight for overcrowded water during the swim and to constantly avoid rider-drafting packs during the bike as occurs at some other races people flock to.  I am so glad to hear ChessyMan is on for next year -- I'll be there for sure."

Events now offered include: 
  • ChesapeakeMan Ultra Distance Triathlon - Named a "140.6 Best Race" by Triathlete Magazine and once again the USAT Mid-Atlantic Ultra Distance Championship
  • Skipjack 75.2 Triathlon - begin with one loop of the 1.2 mile ChesapeakeMan swim course in Hambrooks Bay. After a quick transition (skipping the changing tent) and saddling up for the 64-mile first loop of the ChesapeakeMan bike course, there will be an out and back 10-mile run. The Skipjack Triathlon is the perfect event to end your season, or to use as training for a long distance event.
  • Bugeye Classic International Distance Triathlon - a 1.2 mile swim on the ChesapeakeMan Hambrooks Bay swim course, a 25 mile bike through portions of the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge and a 6.2 mile flat run.
  • ChesapeakeMan Aquabike - Interested in challenging yourself but don't want to run the marathon? Then the Aquabike is for you! 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and done!
  • SwimFest - for those who want to brave the waters for 2.4 miles and then join the spectators to cheer on the other racers. The swim start is at the same time as the Ultra Distance and Aquabike events.
  • 10 mile Run - Get in on the fun by running the ChesapeakeMan 10 miler beginning at high noon!
  • Moonlight Marathon - Join Ultra athletes under the stars for 26.2 miles beginning at 5 pm. The party goes on until midnight with glowsticks and tiki torches.

Register Today! 

Kids Had a Blast at the TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon

Nearly 500 kids ages 7 - 15 got their swim, bike and run on at the TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon, which took place on July 21st.  We are delighted to have provided kids the opportunity to experience the thrill of a real triathlon, and boost their self esteem, while discovering that fitness is fun, and that winning is finishing.

Many kids competed for worthy causes.  Some fund-raised in support of the Joanna M. Nicolay Melanoma Foundation, and for the 3rd year in a row, passionate kids from Andi's Army and Team Matt competed to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

This was the 3rd event in the
Maryland Youth Triathlon Series, the first and only of its kind youth triathlon series in Maryland, promoting sun-safe practices, encouraging MYTS logo healthy lifestyle choices through multisport, and showing kids that winning is finishing what you start.  The 4th and final event is the Nottingham Kids Triathlon in Mt. Airy on August 24th which is also the USAT Mid Atlantic Regional Youth Championship event.

Check out some awesome video highlights produced by TriSpies, our Official Mobile Content Partner, and a recent article in the Baltimore Sun about the event. 
Iron Girls, Come Race at Beautiful Rocky Gap on September 8th

Iron Girls, finish up your race season at the Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon on September 8th.  This pristine "girls' get away" venue provides the ideal backdrop for a triumphant race, with the swim taking place in beautiful Lake Habeeb, fed by Rocky Gap Run, which winds its way through an impressive mile-long gorge, displaying sheer cliffs, overlooks and a hemlock forest dense with rhododendron and mountain laurel.

Triple Crown Logo This is the last in the Iron Girl Triple Crown Series. Women who complete all 3 TriColumbia 2013 Iron Girl events will receive a special Triple Crown Medal and will have a special gift mailed to them after the event.

Join other women on the journey to live better, and challenge yourself to be the best that you can be!  Only a few slots remain, so don't delay!

Register today! 
TriFitness Training and Spin 90 Training Opportunities

TriFitness Training TriFitness Training is holding an Open Water Swim Clinic on August 4th at Gunpowder State Park. Build your comfort & confidence!  This clinic is great for all levels of athletes who have summer & fall races.  Iron Girls, If you are competing in Athleta Iron Girl Columbia or Iron Girl Rocky Gap, TriColumbia will not be holding an open water dress rehearsal this year, so consider signing up for this clinic!

spin90 logo Spin 90 is offering several clinics to help athletes of all abilities train for peak performance.  There are clinics especially geared toward Iron Girls, as well as Endurance Cycling and Running Programs for endurance athletes looking to improve performances in longer distance events such as those offered at the ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival. Check them all out on the TriColumbia training page! 
Attention Iron Girls - Special Under Armour Promotion, Free Supported Sunday Morning Bike Rides

Princeton Sports logo Princeton Sports, TriColumbia's Official Bike Shop has teamed up with Under Armour to provide women registered for TriColumbia's Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon or Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon with a special opportunity. If you are one of the first 100 people to purchase an Under Armour bra at Princeton Sports, you will receive a free Princeton Sports Tec T ($23.00 value) and a limited edition under Armour Thermal Mug!

Also from Princeton Sports and Under Armour, with any purchase over $50.00, you will receive a free pair of Under Armour Thong or Cheeky Stretch Underwear.

under armour mug While you're there, be sure to have your free, mandatory race day bike and helmet safety check done. Be sure to ask for instructions on how to change a flat too.  Princeton is more than happy to help. Just ask!

Princeton Sports will also be conducting a flat tire clinic after each free, supported Sunday morning bike ride. Rides will depart from Princeton Sports in Columbia, MD at 9 am sharp, and will take place unless there is a race that day, or the weather is inclement.

In addition, on Sunday August 11th at 11:30 am, Princeton Sports, Mid-Maryland Tri Club and Michelle Mighdoll, will be conducting a free transition and tube repair clinic at the Columbia Princeton Sports location. The Specialized Demo Van will be there all day too!

Charity in Focus

Girls on the Run® is one of the many charitable organizations that TriColmbia is proud to support. Girls on the Run is a life-changing series of experiential learning programs for girls in third through eighth grade. The programs combine training for a 3.1 mile running event with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts. The goals of the programs are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development. Lessons promote self-challenge instead of competition; self-worth instead of societal worth; and cooperation instead of rivalry. Their mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident, using a fun experience-based curriculum, which creatively integrates running. Girls on the Run reaches girls in 38 local schools,  who meet after-school twice a week for 10 weeks ending with a 5k event.  Their "Solemates" team supports and raises funds for Girls on the Run through participation in various community events like the Athleta Columbia Iron Girl. 
Do You Want to Become a USAT Certified Race Director?

USAT logo USAT will be offering a Race Director Certification Course in Annapolis, MD on Thursday, October 31 - Friday, November 1st. The cost for all classes is $450 unless otherwise noted, and includes all course materials. Classes are limited to 20 people. Additional information specific to each certification class is available on the USAT website

Additional questions regarding Race Director certification can be directed to Meg Weagley

REGISTER for the Annapolis Course 
TriColumbia is Proud to Sponsor the Heart of the Heart of the Chesapeake Ride to Benefit the Dorchester Family YMCA

On August 4, 2013, The Dorchester Family YMCA will produce the Heart of the Chesapeake Ride featuring a Metric Century ride (64 miles) and a Mid-Distance ride (40 miles), immersing cyclists in the charm and history of Dorchester County on Maryland's Eastern Shore. There will be a "show and go" start from 7 am - 9 am.
The event will provide a nice training ride for those competing in the ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival in September!  

Proceeds from the ride will support The Dorchester Family YMCA's BASE Program. The Before and After School Enrichment (BASE) Program is offered at five public elementary schools in Dorchester County and provides a positive and supervised environment for our youth during the important hours before and after school.

Nutrition Tips from NutraSport Sports Nutrition Center - Hydration

Many athletes that we encounter, consult with, and monitor at NutraSport Sports Nutrition Center suffer from unnecessary fatigue and poor endurance because they are under-hydrated leading into competition. This typically is a result of not understanding the key factors that influence hydration. 

When do you start drinking fluids before a race? If you're like many athletes, you drink according to your thirst - you get thirsty before your race and so you drink water. Unfortunately, this hydration strategy is problematic and will decrease your endurance and increase your muscle fatigue. A mere 2% reduction in body weight, due to under-hydration, has been shown to impair time-trial performance in cyclists (if you weigh 180lbs, this means you'll have to take in about 64 fluid ounces of of H2O to catch up). If you have to catch up with your hydration, then it's too late -- somebody properly hydrated probably just blew by you!
The process of maintaining hydration begins the moment you wake, ends when you go to bed, and is influenced by more factors thank you think. Studies show that you lose around a pint (16 oz.) of water through normal metabolism while you sleep -- so consider yourself under hydrated when you get out of bed! Exercise hydration needs to begin here, when you wake.

Here are three key factors that affect your hydration: fiber, temperature, and altitude.
  • Fiber in foods: Although high fiber foods convey health benefits, their digestion requires more water than low fiber foods. High fiber foods generally have 4 grams or greater of fiber per serving. Prior to training and your race, stick with low fiber foods so your water isn't being used to digest high fiber foods instead of hydrating muscles.
  • Temperature: Even if you feel acclimated to higher temperatures and humidity and you're not sweating, your body is working hard to keep you that way. Cooling, much like exercise happens via changes in blood flow. This process requires water to function properly. Increase your fluid intake during the warmer months to improve your hydration.
  • Altitude: Do you train at or compete in races at higher elevations? Higher altitude means higher air pressure and this causes more rapid evaporation of moisture from your skin and lungs. Factor this into your water intake even if you are training or racing at a few hundred to a thousand feet higher than normal.  

On the morning of competition, don't get thirsty and impair your endurance - start drinking when you wake and don't stop until you're within two hours of competition and you're producing urine that pale yellow to pale in color. Instead of thinking of your water bottle as another piece of gear, turn it into an effective strategy for improving your training and performance!  


Learn more about NutraSport Sports Nutrition Center  

Inspiration Abounds at TriColumbia Events

Often participants become involved in endurance events as a way to overcome an obstacle, cope with a loss, provide a role model, forward a cause, or as a way to change their lives for the better. Why did you become involved? Where do you find your strength to compete? Do you race for a cause? How has your participation in endurance events changed your life? If you would like to share your story and inspire others,  please send us an email with your inspirational story. 

April Doherty is a member of the Cool Kids Campaign Team, and will be competing at the Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon on August 18th.  Here is April's story:

"On June 1, 2012, the lives of so many loved ones and friends were changed with the news of Rene's death. I was her personal trainer, friend, and co-worker and I absolutely will never forget her smile.  I helped her prepare for her triathlons in my cycling classes and we swam together ONCE-before I learned how to swim efficiently!  She totally smoked me.  My heart beat out of my chest as she swam with such finesse and ease.  Rene's smile will always be remembered in my heart.

I decided to complete the Iron Girl as part of my 2013 sponsorship by Athleta's Towson Store in memory of Rene.  I selected Cool Kids Campaign because Rene loved her family, especially her nieces and nephews; therefore, raising money for children with cancer will hopefully share more smiles and love!
I will be conquering a variety of fears and challenges since I've never ridden a road bike before, nor have I swam (without scuba gear) in open water. To be driven with the emotional love and support of Rene Altiere, her family, friends, and coworkers has motivated me with the added honor of completing the event on Rene's bike! Training is hard, especially conquering the breathing for swimming and clipping into a road bike! I often tell my clients that "can't" is not a word, and I will truly be "digging deep" to reiterate that with my training for this event.

This is my first triathlon, and I cannot wait to cross the finish line on August 18th!  Let's rock this ladies!!!"

Cool Kids Campaign is a charity located in Towson, Maryland that seeks to improve the quality of life for children with cancer.  12 athletes are participating at the Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon on behalf of the families and children affected by cancer.  Learn more about the Cool Kids Campaign.

We wish April, and all those who race for a cause or to overcome a personal obstacle, the best of luck!

bikecheckMandatory, Free Pre Event Bike & Helmet Safety Inspections, and Learn How To Change A Flat

for Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon, and the Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon can be done any time from now until race day at the Official Race Bike Support Shop, Princeton Sports, (410) 995-1894, 10730 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia, MD 21044 or or 6239 Falls Rd., Baltimore, MD 21209. No appointment is necessary. Princeton will be checking all major bike components to help ensure a safe bike leg. You must bring your CPSC-certified helmet and your race day bike. The age of your helmet does not matter as long as it is ANSI or CPSC approved ,and in good condition.

Also, be sure to learn how to change a flat tire. Princeton Sports will show you how. Just ask! Princeton Sports will also be conducting a flat tire clinic after each free, supported Sunday morning bike ride. Rides will depart from Princeton Sports in Columbia, MD at 9 am sharp, and will take place unless there is a race that day or the weather is inclement.

You may also have your bike inspected at the race site prior to racking your bike.  However, we strongly advise against waiting until the day before the race, as the lines tend to be long, the weather could be inclement, your bike could need parts unavailable at the park, or repairs could take longer than just a few minutes.

Announcing TriSpies Mobile App

TriSpies logo TriColumbia is excited to announce TriSpies as our Official Mobile Content Partner. As busy athletes, we know that many of you get news and information from your mobile devices. We've partnered with TriSpies to create the TriColumbia mobile app providing event news, course information including maps and videos, race schedules and information, live race day updates, photos, and results. Through the app you can share content with Friends on Facebook and Twitter, and opt-in to get timely alerts and notifications. Download the app today from the iTunes App Store.

Later this year, TriSpies will be launching their first mobile training app, providing virtual video training on actual race courses. Imagine training on the  EagleMan flats or the Columbia Tri hills on cold, wet, wintery days from the comfort of your home or local gym. TriSpies course videos embedded with GPS data will allow you to do just that!   
TriColumbia Protects The Environment

rackjacket RackjacketTriColumbia and EnduraFit are pleased to present a revolutionary product, The Rack Jacket, an alternative to using trash bags to cover your bike. We fully embrace the "leave no trace behind" concept, and strive to eliminate litter produced at our events. You may also use an old swim cap to over your bike seat if you like. The Rack Jacket is the essential item for those of you who wish to protect your bike from the elements.

Key Benefits of the Rack Jacket are:
  • Designed specifically for triathlon bike racks
  • Made of highly water resistant ripstop nylon
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable
  • Cord locks and Velcro straps keep it securely fastened in windy conditions
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Team orders are welcome

EnduraFit is also excited to announce two new Rack Jacket products that are designed for use on your bike while on your car rack.  These products are able to withstand any highway speeds over long or short distances, and are available for pre-order immediately.  Both of these products are designed to keep moisture and road grime off of your bikes.  Check them out at www.therackjacket.com  


Click HERE to order 


Gatorade 2013 logo Train with what's on course!

Gatorade Endurance Formula is a specialized sports drink designed to sustain hydration during prolonged training and racing when fluid and electrolyte losses can be significant, and will be served along TriColumbia race courses. It contains nearly twice the sodium (200mg) and more than three times the potassium (90mg) of Gatorade Thirst Quencher to help sustain hydration, maintain proper fluid balance and replace the critical electrolytes lost in sweat during these occasions. 

Learn MORE 

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Congratulates Athletes

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School As a proud sponsor of the 2013 The EnduraFit Ironman 70.3 EagleMan Triathlon, the Columbia Triathlon, Celebrating Heroes Triathlon, and the Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon, The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School congratulates all triathletes for their dedication to this challenging sport

Where business is taught with humanity in mind.


Our Sponsors

Gatorade   Hammer Nutrition   EnduraFit   Princeton Sports 

Aqua Sphere   Baltimore Sun Media Group   Rackjacket   Maryland Public Television 

event_schedule2013 Event Schedule
April 28, 2013 - Athleta Iron Girl Columbia 1/2 Marathon & Coed 5K - benefiting Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center - Thanks for racing with us!  Join us next year.
First in the Iron Girl Triple Crown Event Series - Named a "Best Women's Event" by Competitor Mid-Atlantic
Also sponsored by Her Mind Magazine, Mix 106.5 FM, Lisa Hussman Foundation, Howard Magazine, Safeway, and Polar

May 19, 2013 - Columbia Triathlon
- benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Maryland Chapter - Registration is closed.
30th year and a 5150 qualifying event

Also sponsored by Conscious Corner, Her Mind Magazine, Howard Magazine, and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School  


June 1, 2013 - Rocky Gap Triathlon - Sprint and International distance events offered - benefiting the Cumberland YMCA


June 9, 2013 - Ironman 70.3 EagleMan Triathlon & Aquabike 
**The EagleMan 2013 Aquabike has been named by the USAT Mid Atlantic Regional Committee as the 2013 Regional Championship.
Also sponsored by Heat 106.3 FM, and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

June 23, 2013 - Celebrating Heroes Triathlon 
Also sponsored by Her Mind Magazine, Howard Magazine and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

July 21, 2013 - TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon 
Also sponsored by Her Mind Magazine, Maryland Family Magazine, and Road Runner Sports

August 18, 2013 - Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon
Second event in the Iron Girl Triple Crown Event Series - Named a "Best Women's Event" by Competitor Mid-Atlantic
Also sponsored by Her Mind Magazine, Howard Magazine, Polar, and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

September 8, 2013 - Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon - Registration is OPEN - Limited slots remain!
Third event in the Iron Girl Triple Crown Event Series
Also sponsored by Her Mind Magazine

September 21, 2013 - ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation® of the Mid-Atlantic featuring the Ultra Distance Triathlon, Skipjack 75.2 Triathlon, Aquabike & Bugeye Classic (intermediate distance) Newly added events for 2013 are the SwimFest, Moonlight Marathon and ChesapeakeMan 10 miler.

** The ChesapeakeMan Ultra Distance Triathlon has been designated as the 2013 USAT Mid Atlantic Championship and was named by Triathlete Magazine as a "Best 140.6" - Registration is OPEN

TriColumbia is now on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Please join us on these sites for daily updates, special offers, and race reports.

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