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Spring is around the corner and so is race season.  TriColumbia's training partners, Spin 90 and TriFitness Training, are ready to help you reach your goals by providing clinics and training programs to prepare and support athletes at all levels for endurance events. Programs are designed to ensure athletes participating in endurance events have a positive experience during the preparation stage as well as on race day!

For more information on TriColumbia endorsed training programs, scroll down or visit our website.


Registration is still open for the Athleta Iron Girl Half Marathon & Coed 5K, The Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon, The Columbia Triathlon, The BRAND NEW Rocky Gap Triathlon (featuring Sprint and International distance events and offering Early Bird registration fees until April 1st), Celebrating Heroes Triathlon, The TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon, and the ever expanding ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival featuring 7 great events to choose from including a SwimFest and the Moonlight Marathon!  


Visit and sign up today!  Several races are almost full! 


Happy Training, and we look forward to seeing you at the start line!  


The TriColumbia Team



Spin 90 Outdoor Training Classes 
The Spin 90 Outdoor Program is real life, on the road, training. Instructors and anticipants ride different courses to evaluate each rider. Small classes allow instructors to teach each rider on how to take a hill, how to shift correctly, and how to become a stronger more confident cyclist based on personal skill levels.

For more advanced riders, there is a focus on a higher level of training, using intervals, and other techniques to develop a competitive athlete for a winning time.

Whether you're training for your first event or trying to push your training Spin 90 will have instructors and a program for you during each class.

Location:  Elkridge, MD
April 2 - May 21, 8 weeks, 1 day per week



For more information or to register for Elkridge, MD Outdoor Training classes, CLICK HERE

TriFitness Training - Triathlon Winter/Spring Swim Clinics

The Triathlon Swim Clinics offer a skill based technique training approach to help you become a more efficient swimmer. Beginner clinics are designed for athletes who are new to swimming, returning to swimming or new to the sport of triathlon. Intermediate clinics are ideal for athletes who are looking to improve their performance by focusing on technique and fitness training.


Location: Columbia, MD


April Session - Intermediate only (3 week session) - CLICK HERE 


TriFitness Training - Triathlon Basic Camp

Triathlon Basic Camp is designed to help participants understand and properly prepare for race day.  Four week clinic offers skill-based training that provides the techniques and knowledge in all components of a triathlon to make sure you have a safe and successful race experience. Great for new triathletes or athletes who want to receive instruction in all disciplines of the sport.


Location: Columbia, MD

April Session (4 weeks)


For more information or to register, CLICK HERE. 


TriFitness Training - 70.3/140.6 Endurance Camp   

A Primer for 70.3 & 140.6 Triathletes - Train with coaches on the EagleMan/CheseapeakeMan triathlon course.  Endurance Camp provides you the opportunity to swim the 1.2 mile course with coaches and water support.  Swim is followed by sessions on running, transition, nutrition and a ride on a portion of the bike course.  Learn how to prepare for a long course event and have the opportunity to mentally and physically prepare for EagleMan with coaches to assist. Join us for the one day camp or commit to a weekend by adding on the Saturday bike clinic and indoor swim clinic.


Location: Great Marsh Park, Cambridge, MD

Clinic: Sunday, May 5

Optional Programs: Saturday, May 4


For more information or to register, CLICK HERE. 



TriFitness Training - Triathlon Open Water Swim Clinics

Set the stage for a great race day by being comfortable and relaxed as you come out of the water! Open Water Swim Clinics provide opportunities to experience all the elements that you will be challenged with on race day. Learn the techniques, practice in a safe and supportive setting, and have your plan for race day. The beginner's swim group coaches will assist you in overcoming your fears of open water, as well as give you the opportunity to practice open water swimming techniques to prepare you for race day while building comfort and confidence in the water. The intermediate group offers the opportunity to practice open water swimming utilizing techniques and strategies learned at the clinic.


Location: Gunpowder State Park, Hammerman Area, Chase, MD

Saturday, May 18, 2013 - CLICK HERE

Sunday, June 2, 2013 - CLICK HERE

Sunday, July 14, 2013 - CLICK HERE

Sunday, August 4, 2013 - CLICK HERE



For EagleMan and ChesapeakeMan Athletes - Aerodynamics vs.Power

Aerodynamics trump power on a course that will have wind! Maintain a flat back; keep your eyes up and your head down. Practice this well fitted and practiced position, weeks before the race.  You will have wind; it just depends on the direction. Be sure to join Spin 90 and TriFitness Training on May 5th for the 70.3/140.6 Endurance Camp to learn the challenges of the course and strategies to make the day a success.

Overall Fitness  Athletes will get fitter faster if they challenge themselves with a variety of swimming, cycling and running workouts.  Don't fall into a rut of doing basically the same few workouts over and over.

Swimming  Drill Work reinforces proper technique, strengthens the small muscles and teaches neuromuscular memory.

Running Rule of thumb in building your running base is to allow your body to adapt.
Increase running volume by 10% each week for two weeks, and then incorporate a recovery week. 

Over the years I have observed several types of athletes, but here are three that stand out.

  1. "I train hard all the time because that's the way you get fast and strong."
  2. "I read training tips all the time and my workouts are so focused I will become the best athlete I can be."
  3. "I train all the time, but not sure what to do so I just ride, run, and swim more."

Training should be focused and intentional, but at the same time it has to be fun, so you don't burn out.   


Athlete #1 trains hard all the time and will see big improvements fast, but will tire and reach a peak way before he/she has reached his/her full potential. This style of training can be frustrating to an athlete when they plateau. After you train hard and break your body down, you need to recover and rest; that is when the improvement happens.  A few hard days spread out over the week, one endurance day, and lots of easy rest (active recovery) days will give you a much better result.

Athlete #2 is very technical, which is great, but often takes the fun out of the process. Finding the balance between learning and legalistic is important. It's ok to take an extra rest day, go for a long fun ride over intervals from time to time. You can even cheat on your diet from time to time. The idea is to be focused, but live a little.

Athlete #3 just needs some direction. Just going through the motions does not mean you are training.  A simple consult with a coach and a basic training plan can go a long way, even if all you want to do is just finish the race.   


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