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Training Programs To Ensure Success In 2013 



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2013 is here, and we can't wait for race season!  TriColumbia's training partners, Spin 90 and TriFitness Training, are ready to help you reach your goals by providing clinics and training programs to prepare and support athletes at all levels for endurance events. Programs are designed to ensure athletes participating in endurance events have a positive experience during the preparation stage as well as on race day!


For more information on TriColumbia endorsed training programs, scroll down or visit our website.


Registration is still open for the Athleta Iron Girl Half Marathon, The Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon, The Iron Girl Rocky Gap Triathlon, The Columbia Triathlon, and Celebrating Heroes Triathlon.  Registration for the Kidz Triathlon will open on January 7th at 9 am and registration for the ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival (7 great events to choose from) will open on January 14th at 9 am. Visit and sign up today!  Several races are almost full! 


Happy Training and we look forward to seeing you at the start line!  


The TriColumbia Team





The Spin 90 cycling training program by Coach John Hughes has been developed after years of racing, studying, and training with top level athletes. There are thousands of training programs, but the Spin 90 program goes beyond just a workout or ordinary training plan. John and his instructors break down the "how and why" of each exercise while simulating real life riding situations to make you smarter and stronger.



trifitness training photoAbout TriFitness Training

TriFitness Training is brought to you by Anne Johnson, a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach who has a passion for helping athletes achieve fitness goals. She is an Ironman finisher and will compete in Ironman Wisconsin in September, 2013. She has successfully competed in numerous Ironman 70.3 EagleMan, Columbia Triathlon and Iron Girl events. Anne has assembled an experienced team of coaches with specialties in each component of triathlon. Anne has developed and managed numerous training programs, and is recognized for her commitment to and knowledge of the sport of triathlon.





From John Hughes, Spin 90 Coach

Hydration Self-Test 

There is an important point about training that is seldom discussed, unless it costs you a race.  Even then it is dismissed as a small oversight...I'm talking about staying hydrated.   I coach athletes that train hard and never seem to sweat and others who sweat like a sprinkler.  Understanding how you sweat under a variety of conditions will help you to understand how to hydrate. 


Hydration is more than drinking water or a sports drink.  Even while hydrating you may not be drinking enough, or on the flip side, drinking too much can lead to another set of issues. 


There is a simple test you can do at home to determine your water loss and give you a guideline for re-hydration.   
Step 1: Weigh yourself undressed, with an empty bladder, before a ride or indoor training session.  For example, we will say you weigh 160 lbs.  (A kilogram scale will improve the accuracy of this test.)
Step 2: Exercise for 1 hr at race intensity without drinking any water.
Step 3: After your training session: undress, dry yourself off, empty your bladder if needed, and weigh yourself again.  Let's say you now weigh 156 lbs.
Step 4: Now, subtract your post-workout weight of 156 lbs from your pre-workout weight of 160 lbs.  The difference of 4 lbs is the amount of water lost from sweat and breathing.


A general rule of hydration is 16 ounces for every pound of fluid you sweat during a workout.  Re-hydration rates will vary by individual, but 16 ounces per pound is the general rule.  Now multiply the number of pounds lost (4 lbs) by 16 (the number of ounces needed per pound).  For this example you should be drinking 64 ounces of fluid per hour to postpone or counteract the effects of dehydration. 


The test is that simple!  Remember that fluid consumption should be taken in small increments since your body cannot absorb large amounts of water quickly.  I recommend drinking 10-15 ounces every 15min.  Conduct this test in a variety of conditions and training intervals, as your sweat rate will change. Also, remember using a kilogram scale and measuring water in milliliters will give you more accurate numbers.   


If you have any questions or would like to talk further about this test please feel free to contact me directly.  Spin 90 will be offering this test for free to our indoor training athletes who are interested.  


From Anne Johnson, TriFitness Training Coach:

Cold Weather Running
Get outside and run!  Wear a series of thin layers. Recommendations:
40-49 degrees: Long-sleeved shirt, shorts or tights, gloves.
30-39 degrees: Long-sleeved shirt, another shirt, tights, gloves and hat over your ears
20-29 degrees: Polypro top, another shirt, tights, gloves and hat over your ears


Spin 90 Indoor Cycle Training - 1 Hour Classes  

Join Spin 90 for our 2013 indoor training class. This IS NOT a spin class! The Spin 90 indoor training class will improve your pedal cadence (rpm), speed, power, riding technique, and start to help you build a new level of fitness while riding your bike. Whether you're training for your first Triathlon or working to improve your performance for your next event, the Spin 90 training class is the perfect training program for athletes at all levels.


Location: TriColumbia Warehouse - 9130-G Red Branch Rd., Columbia, MD 21045

Winter Session: January 7 - March 28, 2013, 12 weeks, 1 day per week

Monday mornings: 1hr, 6-7am, all skill levels, begins Jan 7

Tuesday evenings: 1hr, 7-8pm, all skill levels, begins Jan 8

Wednesday evenings: 1hr, 7-8pm, all skill levels, begins Jan 9

Thursday evenings: 2hr class, 6-8pm, intermediate/advanced riders, begins Jan 10

Thursday evenings: 1hr, 7-8pm, all skill levels, begins Jan 10


For more information or to register for Columbia, MD 1 hour classes, click HERE.  



Location: Revolution Cycles - 1066 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852
Winter Session: January 8 - March 28, 2013 12 weeks, 1 day per week
    Tuesday evenings, 1hr 7-8pm, all skill levels beginning Jan 8
    Thursday evenings,1hr 7-8pm, all skill levels beginning Jan 10

For more information or to register for Rockville, MD 1 hour classes, click HERE 


 Classes sell out fast!  Register TODAY! 

Spin 90 Indoor Cycle Training - 2 Hour Classes  

The Spin 90 2 hr training class is an expanded version of our weekly 1 hr class. This is not a spin class!  The Spin 90 program is a carefully crafted indoor training program to develop any rider's cycling skills and fitness. We go beyond hill intervals and one leg drills, helping our athletes understand and develop more strength and endurance through pedal performance and technique.  Spin 90 2 hr classes are open to all skill levels.


Location: TriColumbia Warehouse - 9130-G Red Branch Rd., Columbia, MD 21045

January 12, 19, 26, Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 - sign up for one or up to all classes.



For more information or to register for Columbia, MD 2 hour classes, click HERE


TriFitness Training - Triathlon Winter/Spring Swim Clinics

The Triathlon Swim Clinics offer a skill based technique training approach to help you become a more efficient swimmer. Beginner clinics are designed for athletes who are new to swimming, returning to swimming or new to the sport of triathlon. Intermediate clinics are ideal for athletes who are looking to improve their performance by focusing on technique and fitness training.


Location: Columbia, MD

Jan/Feb Sessions- Beginner or intermediate (4 week session) - Click HERE

March Session - Beginner or intermediate (4 week session) - Click HERE

April Session - Intermediate only (3 week session) - Click HERE 


TriFitness Training - Triathlon Basic Camp

Signed up for a triathlon event? Now you need a plan to insure reaching the finish line. This interactive four week camp offers skill-based training in all three sports that will provide the support you need to insure a safe and successful race experience. Our goal is to improve your technical knowledge of the sport, and give you the tools to improve your fitness as you train for your first or next triathlon.


Location: Columbia, MD

April Session (4 weeks)


For more information or to register, click HERE. 


TriFitness Training - Triathlon Endurance Camp 

This camp is for experienced triathletes who are looking to compete in or complete a Long Course (70.3) or Ultra Course (140.6) triathlon event. The Endurance Camp provides athletes the opportunity to work with a select group of coaches who will focus on all aspects of preparing you for open water swimming, flat hot and windy bike rides, and long, HOT runs with fast transitions! This is a great opportunity to experience the Ironman 70.3 EagleMan course, and learn how to be prepared on race day! Join us for the one day camp or commit to a weekend by adding on the Saturday bike clinic and indoor swim clinic.


Location: Great Marsh Park, Cambridge, MD

Clinic: Sunday, May 5

Optional Programs: Saturday, May 4


For more information or to register, click HERE. 


TriFitness Training - Triathlon Open Water Swim Clinics

Set the stage for a great race day by being comfortable and relaxed as you come out of the water! Open Water Swim Clinics provide opportunities to experience all the elements that you will be challenged with on race day. Learn the techniques, practice in a safe and supportive setting, and have your plan for race day. The beginner's swim group coaches will assist you in overcoming your fears of open water, as well as give you the opportunity to practice open water swimming techniques to prepare you for race day while building comfort and confidence in the water. The intermediate group offers the opportunity to practice open water swimming utilizing techniques and strategies learned at the clinic.


Location: Gunpowder State Park, Hammerman Area, Chase, MD

Saturday, May 18, 2013 - Click HERE

Sunday, June 2, 2013 - Click HERE

Sunday, July 14, 2013 - Click HERE

Sunday, August 4, 2013 - Click HERE


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