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Knightly News Summer Issue 2
June 19, 2014
The DCS Knightly News is a communication letter to our school families in order to keep them informed of upcoming Dominion Christian news and events.
6th Grade Students and Their Parents

We would like for this coming year to be an unforgettable experience for your child in which great new friendships are built.


To that end, we'd like to invite you to a Summer Picnic at Dominion Christian Schools on Saturday, July 12 at 12 noon.


This will provide an opportunity for the new 6th grade students and parents to meet each other. You can look forward to building new relationships which will grow throughout the next few years.    

  • Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs provided
  • Kids can start getting to know each other 
  • Great time for parents to connect
Summer Reading Requirements 2014
We are pleased to provide you the information on Summer Reading for 2014.

All new and returning students are required to complete summer reading prior to first day of school.
  • Middle School - Read ONE SELECTION for the grade you are entering and download and complete the Summer Reading Form. This will be turned in at the beginning of school.
  • High School - Read ALL BOOKS for your grade. Be prepared for an assignment or assessment at the beginning of the school year.

Please click here for the list of required reading books.

at Dominion

 Semester 2: July 14 - July 31 

  • Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Advanced Mathematics
  • Biology, Chemistry    

Course offerings require a minimum enrollment per course.

Note: Unless pre-approved by the principal or guidance counselor, current Dominion students may not take outside course work during the summer in place of taking that course at Dominion. Please review DCS policy on outside academic work (pp. 27-28 of the Parent & Student Handbook).
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Summer Office Hours
The office will be open to serve you on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 8 am - 2 pm, and closed on Mondays and Fridays.

The office will be closed from Thursday, June 26 - Monday, July 7; reopening Tuesday, July 8. 
Upcoming Events
July 12: 6th grade Picnic
July 14: Summer School (Sem 2)
July 24-26: VB @ "Harrison Digs"
Aug 1: New faculty orientation
Aug 4-6: Faculty pre-planning
Aug 6: New student orientation
Aug 7: 1/2 all students
Aug 8: Full day classes
Aug 14: Back to School Night
DCS Athletics Forms
Summer Camps

Soccer Camp, July 14-16

5th-12th grade


Registration & Information Brochure 

Fourth Quarter Honor Roll

Dominion Christian Schools is pleased to announce the 2013-14 fourth quarter honor roll for the middle school and high school. The Dominion Honor Roll, published after each quarter, recognizes outstanding academic achievement.

  • High School: To be eligible for the honor roll, students must have earned a GPA of 3.0 or greater for the grading period; high honors requires a minimum 3.5 GPA.
  • Middle School: To be eligible for the honor roll, students must have earned all As and Bs for the grading period; high honors requires all As.    

Middle School Honor Roll

High Honor RollHonor Roll

Gray Austin
Regan Austin
McLain Brogdon
Rachel Anna Brunson
Alana-Maria Desrosiers
Renée Dockins
Hugh Hogan
Justin Jewell
Annastasia Lineberry
Clark Motes
Sakina Mungai
Hannah Newton
Steven Robinson
Thomas Rogers
Tyler Russ
Ethan Schneider
Patricia Schumacher
Julia Shipman
Elizabeth Stout
Rebecca Valle

Matthew Barber
Reese Baumgartner
Ross Bryant
Michael Caldwell
Garrett Conforti
Carolan Docker
Cailyn Donahoo
Kaitlyn Dunn
Meena Edwards
Cole Faires
Grace Gibson
Hailey Giles
Samuel Giles
Austin Hughes
Thomas Iorillo
Halle Kireta
Samantha Laycock
Christopher Leigh
Katelyn McLendon
Sara Moore 

Emily Parham
Carter Payne
Alexander Pearson
Olivia Pearson
Savannah Peeples
Gavin Petrunich
Riley Powell
Zachariah Rhyant
Annika Robbins
Emily Rowell
Jacob Smith
Landon Thibodeau
Rachel Tomsche
Andrew Vahanian
Thomas Vonier
Jacob Wittenberg
Jacob Worley

High School Honor Roll

High Honor RollHonor Roll

Allison Ashworth
Hannah Bae
Dillon Barahona
Beck Barbin
Nic Bradley
Grace Buckner
Ricki Burrell
Ethan Butler
Sue Byun
Dave Carr
Jin Choi
Tate Cooney
Nick Costa0
Taylor Dennis
Ross Dockins
Reid Dockins
Danny Edwards
King Edwards
Xandy Edwards
John Ehrhart
Shelly Eidson
Bailey Fawcett
Emily Filer
Drew Garavaglia
Nyomi Gibson
Hannah Hall
Lewis He
Kaitlyn Hipps 

Abbey Hipps
Harrison Huff
Alec Hughes
Haeily Hwang
Tyler Imsand
Dorien Jenkins
Andrew Jiang
Ava Johnson
Arles Johnson
Ethan Johnson
Emily Jones
Ben Kimbrell
Brandt Kireta
Ally Knowles
Molly Lanier
Justin Lee
Jake Leigh
Emma Lewallen
Anna-Beth Lewis
Jack Li
Lauren Lightner
Cesar Lin
George Liu
Gary Lu
Ally Lyman
Abby Mason
Katherine Matthews
Michael Matthews

Aubrie McDuffie
Kym Meng
Jackson Miller
McLain Miller
Baily Milligan
Kate Newman
Justin Nguyen
Lucy Niverson
Cydney Owens
Josh Perry
Camille Pugh
Sheldon Robyck
Eric Schneider
Nicole Shao
Jennifer Sharpe
Paul Shin
Jacqueline Thomas
Josie Veal
AJ Wilson
Lucy Woolard
Kate Worley
Sherry Ye
Brianna Zambo
Brittany Zambo
Ziyi Zhang
Monica Zhang
Winnie Zhang 

Mitt Comer
CJ Copeland
Michelle Emanuelo
Liv Fidell
Chelsea Gair
Jacari Gill
Christiana Green
Sabrina Johnston
Cody LaVigne
Luke Lewallen
Tom Liu
Eric Liu
Rain Ming
Analise Niverson
Caroline Parr
Owen Powell
Gavin Pryce
Diana Sandoval
Alex Sun
Bentian Wang
Jerry Wang
Belinda Wu
Danny Xu
Emily Yang

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