Office Highlights


Response to San Francisco Housing Crisis


We are currently experiencing a housing crisis in San Francisco as confirmed by a report I commissioned from the Budget and Legislative Analyst on tenant displacement in San Francisco. The report details a dramatic upswing in the number of evictions in San Francisco with a particularly large increase in Ellis Act evictions. The report shows a relationship between the increase in Ellis Act evictions and the increase in the market value of residential properties in San Francisco. The average home price in San Francisco today is $897,338. The median rental rate in June 2013 for all types of apartments in San Francisco was $3,414.


If you are evicted today in San Francisco, you will most likely be forced to leave the city. And we are not just talking about low-income residents. Even middle and higher income residents cannot afford these rental rates or housing prices. The diversity and vibrancy of our city is disappearing by the day. We must act to ensure that more than just the ultra rich can live here.


I am taking the housing security of our residents very seriously. I am working with housing advocates on a series of concrete steps to keep San Franciscans in their homes. Last week I introduced legislation addressing the widespread practice of landlords trying to harass tenants into self-evicting from their homes. Today, I am asking the City Attorney to draft legislation doubling the amount of relocation assistance that landlords must pay to tenants when they evict them using the Ellis Act. Next week, I am holding a special meeting of the Neighborhood Services & Safety Committee in order to examine the Budget & Legislative Analyst report on displacement. I will use this report to build consensus around these pieces of legislation and other concrete steps I will be rolling out to address this crisis.


Please join me at the hearing on displacement in San Francisco next week at the Neighborhood Services & Safety Committee on Thursday, November 14th at 2:00 p.m. I want to hear your ideas about how to ensure that San Francisco remains a City for all of us.


16th & Mission


When redistricting took place in January, the 16th
and Mission area became a part of my district for the first time.  Since then, I have been working closely with multiple city and regional agencies, community organizations and residents to increase the safety and cleanliness of this area. Hopefully some of you have noticed improvements in the last few weeks! Here is a list of some of our accomplishments and works-in-progress: 


1)      Increasing community policing in the area: We have secured 2 additional food beat police officers who are in the plaza daily, as well as two additional police radio cars who work along the mission corridor during high crime hours. SFPD is also now increasing the foot patrol of Capp Street and along Mission Street towards 17th since receiving reports that drug activity is moving to these areas.

2)      Ensuring regular cleaning of the plaza. We have been in regular communication with BART to ensure that steam and power cleaning occurs at the BART Plaza daily. DPW is also cleaning 16th street daily. 

3)      Improving the climate and bathroom access at the plaza.  We are working with Mission Neighborhood Center to create two stipended positions for peer navigators to monitor the use of the public bathroom in the plaza and help de-escalate conflicts.

4)      Increasing services and housing access for homeless and disabled people who spend time in the plaza. We are working with Bevan Dufty, the director of The Mayor's Housing Opportunity, Partnerships & Engagement (HOPE) to increase the engagement of SF HOT Team workers in this area, and to secure at least 15 stabilization rooms for homeless people who spend time at 16th and Mission.

5)      Improving conditions in the surrounding SROs.  We are working with the City Attorney's office, HOPE and SRO advocates to develop strategies to improve conditions in the surrounding SROs.


While we continue to work on these above issues in partnership with many agencies, we are also cognizant that we need to keep the pressure on the city so the safety and cleanliness of 16th and Mission remains a priority.  We need the support of city agencies in order to continue to make positive changes in this area of our district.   We also want residents, business owners, community members and advocates to have the opportunity to share their concerns and thoughts regarding the area.  Towards this end, I called for a public hearing earlier this month on the 16th and Mission BART Plaza.  I have requested that SFPD, HOPE, BART, Recology, DPW, the District Attorney's office and the City Attorney's office report on current conditions and work to improve 16th Street BART Plaza. Stay tuned for the date of the hearing.


Townhalls on the Affordable Care Act


New health coverage options are available now under the Affordable Care Act - also know as Obamacare. You are currently able to purchase health insurance on the Covered California exchange and many previously ineligible individuals will be able to enroll in Medi-Cal.

The great news is almost every resident in San Francisco is eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act or the Healthy San Francisco program.

Confused about what your options are? I am very excited to be helping organize two townhalls where you can get information about how to get the best and most affordable health coverage for you and your family.

Thursday, November 7th

6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

San Francisco Community Empowerment Center

2798 San Bruno Avenue

Portola Neighborhood (Presentations will be in Cantonese with English translation)


Saturday, November 16
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Buena Vista Horace Mann School
3351 23rd Street
Mission District (Presentation will be in Spanish with English translation)

Please attend these forums to learn:

  • What coverage is available
  • What premium assistance you and your family may get
  • Hear from experts about Covered California, Healthy San Francisco, the new Medi-Cal expansion, and changes to medicare

If you cannot make one of the townhalls, do not worry. There is help available. Please visit: or call Covered California at (800) 300-1506 or visit SF BenefitsNet at 1440 Harrison Street (M-F 8 am-5pm).


LGBT Connect


My office helped organize and recruit volunteers for the first-ever LGBT Connect event in San Francisco, a multi-service one-stop event for homeless and low-income LGBT community members. The event, put on by Project Homeless Connect and HOPE, took place on Monday October 7th at the LGBT Center. Hundreds of volunteers gave their time and 427 participants were able to access a wide range of services ranging from prescription glasses and dental services to foot massages and city ID cards.  THANK YOU to everyone who contributed time, resources and money to this great event!


Keeping the Dialysis Center at SFGH


Last month I held a moving hearing at the Neighborhood Services & Safety Committee on the decision of the Department of Public Health to move its dialysis center at General Hospital to Laguna Honda Rehabilitation Center and contract out the operation of the Center to a private company. Dozens of dialysis patients and their families came to testify about the hardship this change would create in their lives as Laguna Honda is not as readily accessible to the patients. They also talked about the far inferior care that they would receive if the center was operated by a private company instead of UCSF. As a result of the hearing, the Department of Public Health suspended its request for proposals to operate the dialysis center and is working to keep it at SF General and run by UCSF.


Homeownership SF  


It was wonderful to participate in last month's SF Housing Expo that provided foreclosure prevention resources, housing counseling, and other valuable financial capability workshops to San Franciscans looking to remain in their homes or purchase for the first time. Given the affordability crisis we are facing, keeping current homeowners in the City is a priority for me. Hundreds of San Franciscans participated in the day long event hosted by HomeownershipSF.


SFPD Investigations of Vehicular Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Cyclists


Earlier this month Supervisor Jane Kim sponsored a hearing at the Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee to examine SFPD protocol for investigating cyclist and pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries resulting from traffic collisions. I have called for a follow-up to that hearing, because of the urgency and the seriousness of this issue.  Dozens of people have died over the course of the past 3 years in pedestrian and cyclist-related traffic collisions. This follow-up hearing will be a joint meeting of the Police Commission and the Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee and will focus on officer training.

Stay tuned for the date of the hearing.


Hearing on the Jail Replacement Project 


My office has called for a hearing on the proposed Jail Replacement Project which has been proposed by the Sheriff's Department as a part of the City's Capital Plan.  The primary goal of the hearing is to examine whether the current jail construction plans are the most cost-effective way to meet the short and long-term needs of inmates --with regards to safety, security and access to social services. As many of you may have heard, the  Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant must be rebuilt. It is seismically vulnerable and must be torn down, for the safety of all staff, visitors and inmates.  Jails 3 and 4 that exist within the Hall of Justice are not only in deplorable condition, they represent an outdated model of incarceration that research shows is less humane, less rehabilitative and less effective.  However, as we move forward with the overall Hall of Justice rebuild, many questions remain about whether or not we need to replace Jails 3 and 4 with a new facility- one that will cost 290 million dollars.  A number of community organizations, advocates and residents have also approached my office asking for an opportunity for public dialogue regarding the jail construction.

The hearing date is December 5th at the Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee.


Meeting on Potrero Streetscape Options


After receiving your comments and suggestions, DPW has reshaped the proposed designs for Potrero Avenue between 17th and 25th streets so that it removes less parking. Option A, which includes sidewalk widening and a planted median, removes 58 parking spaces. A new Option C removes 28 parking spaces, with strategically placed bulb outs and median islands. Both options have the potential to recover some parking spaces on nearby streets. Please join us for an open house to learn more about these proposed designs.



Thursday, November 7, 2013; 6 to 8 pm


San Francisco General Hospital cafeteria: 1001 Potrero Ave. (near 23rd Street), second floor 








Four New Green Wave Corridors
As part of an ongoing effort to improve the safety, comfort and convenience of bicycling in San Francisco, the SFMTA will be implementing four new two-way green waves on Arguello Street (from Lake to Clement streets), Folsom Street (from 15th to 24th streets), Fulton Street (from Laguna to Steiner streets), and North Point Street (from Stockton to Polk streets). The green waves are anticipated to take place by spring 2014. 

Traffic Calming Update

The Livable Streets group of the SFMTA continually works with neighbors across the city to reduce speeding on neighborhood streets. Earlier this year the group adjusted its traffic calming application process in order to improve efficiency. Instead of a rolling application process it instituted a deadline (August 1) for streets to be considered in 2014.  It received 40 applications and is now in the process of evaluating them.


If you are interested in applying for traffic calming next year, please visit this webpage.   


Real-time Muni Alerts

 The SFMTA is conducting a soft launch of an e-mail and text message service to send out real-time Muni Alerts. The real-time service information is provided 5 a.m. - 9 p.m., Monday - Friday; alerts are scheduled for after-hours and weekends. The MTA hopes you will take a moment to subscribe to any Muni route or line that you take. Each route and line is listed along with corresponding parts of the day. Please choose whatever makes sense for you. Please sign up through the home page, where you will find a field under the trip planner for entering your cell phone number (texts) or e-mail address. Also, each Muni route or line page within the Muni transit section of the website has a quick link to subscribe to alerts for that route or line.   



6th Annual NEN Awards

Nominate your neighborhood heroes


From the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services and the Neighborhood Empowerment Network

The nomination window is now open for the 6th annual NEN Awards. Join us this coming January to celebrate the amazing work happening in our neighborhoods.

This year's categories include:

         * Best Green Community Project

         * Outstanding Neighborhood Watch Award

         * NERT Leadership Award

         * Most Empowering City Employee of the Year Award

         * Youth Neighborhood Leader Award

         * Best Graffiti Watch Volunteer Award

         * Comeback Neighborhood of the Year

         * Best Merchant Assoc / BID of the Year Award

         * Best Community Challenge Grant Project

         * Outstanding Park Volunteer Group

         * NEN Lifetime Achievement Award

         * NEN Hall of Fame


Submit your nominations here



Community Events


Neighborhood Emergency Response Team

County Fair Building

Wednesday, November 13, 2013



Come to a forum to understand the Bay Area's Tsunami Risk, Preparedness Efforts, and Emergency Response. The worst case scenario for middle and southern California coastal communities is most likely a 9.0 +M earthquake originating from the Alaskan Aleutian subduction zone creating a tsunami that would reach our coastline in approximately five hours. For the outer coastal Bay Area, portions of the San Francisco coastline could experience inundation up to 15 feet above sea level at high tide. 


Please RSVP here.   


Our Children, Our City

Community Meeting on DCYF's Grant Programs 


What will it take for all of our children, youth and families to thrive in our city? Are there smarter, more effective ways parents, educators, the City, and the broader community can work together to help our kids succeed?


Mayor Edwin Lee, San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent Richard Carranza, and senior leaders from the City and SFUSD invite you to share YOUR opinions and ideas.


The Children's Fund and Public Education Enrichment Fund, which provide more than $100 million every year for our city's young people, will soon expire. The community is invited to help shape the future of these investments in San Francisco children and youth at five public meetings.


Childcare, translation and food provided



Wednesday, November 6th, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

California Academy of Sciences

55 Music Concourse Drive (Golden Gate Park)



Saturday, November 9th, 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Bayview Hunters Point YMCA

1601 Lane Street



Tuesday, November 12th, 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Gordon J Lau Elementary School, 950 Clay Street



Thursday, November 14th, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

Cesar Chavez Elementary School, 825 Shotwell Street