October 7, 2015
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Chrystine M. Heier, CEBS, LIA
Principal and Co-Owner
This morning, as I sat in a doctor's office waiting, I learned that the dollar value of my lost time seeking medical care was valued at $43, more than the $32 average out-of-pocket cost for the actual care!  This figure is based on a typical doctor visit expending 121 minutes seeking care; 37 minutes of travel, 64 minutes waiting for care or completing forms, and only 20 minutes of actual face time.  My actual time was significantly longer, and I hate to think of what the actual dollar value of my lost time really cost (128 minutes of travel, 32 minutes waiting for care and 47 minutes of face-to-face time). Read
Fit What???
Brought to you by Lori L'Ecuyer
Fitness & Nutrition Consultant
As a twenty six year veteran of the fitness industry I have seen all of the latest and greatest fitness gadgets; from the thigh master to the ab cruncher; to be honest they leave me a little leery!  So, this generation is all about fitness trackers.  Again, a little skeptical but at the same time curious, so I had to see for myself.  

I went out and bought one (at $170).  After I figured out how to program and sync it to my computer and phone I was all set. Read 
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