March 20, 2015

Live Well, Work Well
April 2015 Edition

New Guidelines- Cholesterol Is Not So Bad
For the last several decades, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, provided by the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Agriculture (USDA), have warned against overconsumption of cholesterol.
Spring Training: 5K Run

Spring is in the air, making it the perfect time to lace up your jogging shoes. Need a running goal? Sign up for a local 5K race, and maybe convince some friends to do it with you. Read 

Google Partners with Mayo Clinic

If you're like many people, the Internet is often the first resource you turn to when you're faced with a new ailment or illness. Unfortunately, not everything you read on the Internet is reliable. Read

Identity Theft Prevention
Identity theft is an increasing problem that could strike at any time. Your personally identifying information can be stolen from many sources, as evidenced by the growing number of cyber-security attacks at major companies across the country. Read

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