Check out the updated events schedule for this week as well as some of the cool stuff we've been putting on our blog!

Upcoming Programs: Register for Felting and Basket Weaving today!

Check out our blog for information about our upcoming events this week!

Avalon Library Upcoming Programs: Crafts, Technology, & More!

We just updated the New Releases: Fiction page on our blog! Check out all the cool stuff coming to the library over the coming months!

 New Releases: Nonfiction

We've updated the Upcoming DVDs section of the blog! Check out all of the cool new movies coming to the library over the next few months!

Upcoming DVDs - Avalon Library Blog

Every Tuesday we put out a blog post talking about a mobile app which we believe could help our patrons. Last week, we didn't get around to writing a new review, but we have received many recommendations for us to review Evernote - a note-taking / all over productivity app. Here's our review of Evernote!

We've started putting together videos to help our patrons get started OverDrive! Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for all of those OverDrive Tutorials and so much more!
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