Check out the updated events schedule for this week as well as some of the cool stuff we've been putting on our blog!

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Library Programs: October 12th - October 18th
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OverDrive, your source for borrowing all of the most popular eBooks and Audiobooks, has a neat feature which allows you to tell us what to put in our OverDrive collection. We put together a little video to show you how to do it! Just click on the "Quick Tip" image to view the video.

Check out the top 10 nonfiction books circulating at the library right now! 

Every Tuesday we put out a blog post talking about a mobile app which we believe could help our patrons. Last week, we talked about Dropbox - a cloud storage app that can help you with everything from sending huge files over email or just making more room on your phone for more selfies!

App of the Week: Dropbox
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