May this newsletter find you in good health, nurtured and easy going. This is a special year to listen to the call from within and adventure into new territories and prepare for the time ahead.

Ready to write a new chapter of your life?

With the welcome of Springtime we invite you to unleash your curiosity and awaken your spirit for an exploration of your inner and outer journeys.  An inner journey leads to wholeness and understanding and an outer journey to some of the most magical and inspiring places on Earth.


Are you ready to immerse yourself into the fullness of your being?  

We are excited to share some of our passion. We extend a heartfelt invitation to join us in any of our upcoming adventures in Maui, Bhutan and Nepal. For our European friends, this is a special time to reconnect in June in Germany and celebrate the spirit of friendship.

Are you ready to dare and embrace your path with an aim oriented madness? A path divinely guided by your passion and heart's desire?

The people we gather are often like-minded and become friends for life. Join our groups of compassionate explorers, visionaries, adventurers, artists and friends who are ready to expand their consciousness and embrace new horizons.

Take some time and click on the links below. Each website will explain our programs in depth. Don't miss our "Early Bird Specials". Of course you are welcome to contact us any time with your questions at

Would you be willing to forward this message to any of your friends who might be just waiting for this call?

We deeply appreciate your support and you might just know perfectly who could benefit from our offerings at this time. Yes, this is a time to collaborate and co-create and we are counting on you. Thank you.

Sending you our fondest greetings from the heart and wishing you a happy Springtime.

Kutira and Raphael

P.S. In September, we will be teaching and giving concerts in China for the first time. If you want to join this tour, contact us.

After more than 10 years we are coming back to share our music and the teaching of Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability.  Please join us in Germany!

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In the last 10 years I have had many times the opportunity to visit this beautiful Kingdom. Through my involvement with the Nuns of Bhutan Foundation, the Bhutanese Government and the many Bhutanese friends, I have been introduced to a deeper knowing of this amazing country.
I am honored to share with you that precious jewel that is very close to my heart. I can show you more than just the tourist attractions. If you ever dreamt to go to Bhutan.... don't wait too long. The only constant is change and yes, change is happening rapidly in this country too.

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Let us show you the magic of Maui and what has captured our hearts in the past 30 years. We welcome you to celebrate with us the "Spirit of Aloha" ~ the "Mana" (life-force) that is weaving with each breath you take through body, mind and soul, where ever you go. A perfect place to rejuvenate and bond with pure nature.

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Maui Eco Retreat
Celebrating 30 years of Sustainability!

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Unwind In The True Magic Of Completely Unspoiled Nature

We would love to extend a special discount in honor of our 30 year anniversary for any bookings in the month of June of 20%. Please mention "anniversary" with your booking.
And last but not least, stay connected with our music, find out what is new at If you are ready to get in shape check Kutira's Body Mind Morphing program at A good time to shift into healthy living and shed some "Winter-pounds" for Summertime!

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