This beautiful painting of the "Goddess of Sustainability" was co-created during an Artist in Residence Retreat by Periwinkle Linda Philippi and Kutira.
Sending waves of gratitude and peace from our hearts to yours, at the end of this calendar year of 2014 and we feel blessed to have your presence in our lives.

This year has been quite busy and incredibly eventful, we barely managed to send you a newsletter! Our sincere wish is to stay connected, share our gifts, and hear what makes you feel alive.
We are excited to let you know about our lives and artistic expressions we treasure so much and what's new at our Maui Eco Retreat, Where your Vacation becomes a Transformation.
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- What's new at our Maui Eco Retreat...many things!

- Raphael's new album and video entitled "Life after Death" to be released in 2015

- Kutira's upcoming Sacred Journeys to Bhutan, contact by phone or email for details

- Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability Retreat in November 2015 in Maui with Kutira, Raphael, and special guests.

- Facebook followers know about Kutira's journey to Europe and her magical time in Mary Magdalena's cave in South of France.

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We feel that our biggest accomplishment in 2014 was taking a bold stand against GMO. Our Maui community really created a movement with grace and clear intention to protect our precious Earth.

The SHAKA Movement (Sustainable Hawaiian Agriculture for the Keiki and the 'Aina) successfully coordinated the first ever citizen's initiative to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot of a Maui County election.

With less then $100,000 budget, we beat the big GMO company Monsanto which spent 8 million dollars in advertisement. Going door to door and educating the residents empowered the voters to protect our precious planet.
It's our joy to gift you with our new song:

I've heard there is a special tribe 
That loves each other and honors the land 
They come together in harmony and unity 
Are you one of them that opens the heart 
Speaks the truth and takes a stand So we can claim again.... Hallelujah 

You may think this is impossible 
Facing the challenges of greed and fear 
Mother Earth in despair and tears 
GMO controlling Earth, raping her fertility 
I cry with her, not giving up and pray ... Hallelujah
I walk the path of awakening 
To honor what is alive in me
that spark of divine, that fire that burns
A cry from my soul to liberate me
from chains that have captured me 
way too long to dance 
again in the light..... Hallelujah

Now I am free to embrace who I am
Commit to love and what nurtures me
Giving back to the Mother, sustaining me Humanity is waking up - 
Birthing the Eco - Soul And 
once again praising.... Hallelujah

Kutira wrote the lyrics and Raphael put it to music with the tune of Leonard Cohen's Halleluiah. It's a kind of a new "Aloha Mai E" sing along. Click the button below to download the mp3.
Sending you our fondest well wishes and a very Happy New Year!

With deep gratitude and let us all celebrate the preciousness of life!

Kutira and Raphael

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