Aloha Dear Friends!

We were so surprised and deeply touched by your responses to our last email!

Somehow many of our dear friends ended up on a discontinued list for the subscription to our newsletter. We thank those of you who took the time to reach out and tell us that you still want to stay connected. Since the response was so positively large to remain on our mailing list, we decided to make it easy for our office to maintain an updated mailing list.

So, with this we simply ask those who would like no longer to receive our infrequent community sharing from our Maui Eco Retreat, Raphael's latest compositions, Kutira's Bhutan Journeys and Body Mind Morphing Adventures, and simply what ever moves our hearts to stay connected with you, to just click "unsubscribe."

Otherwise you don't have to do anything and we promise to let you know when Raphael's new album with the working title "Visions" will be ready. Also just a sneak peak for 2015, Kutira and some really powerful teachers will be gathering in Bhutan for a 5 day conference.... would you like to join?

Thank you again for supporting our spring cleaning!

With Love,
Kutira and Raphael

P.S. If you have a new email address and would like to update, please follow the link below: "update profile/email address."