It is always a pleasure to share our work and passion with you. We thought it would be better to keep this one short, as in 2013 you only received two newsletters for the entire year! We hope to be able to send a couple more this year.

With love,
Kutira and Raphael

To bring to light many important issues, we are proud to support this conference, hosted by our neighbors at Hale Akua (walking distance from our Maui Eco Retreat). 
As we age and experience the death or approaching death of friends, relatives and loved ones, we may find ourselves wondering how best to support them in their passing. We may also find ourselves wondering about existence itself, about life and death and beyond and even about our own life and death. We may also, in our grieving, find ourselves longing to communicate with those who have passed and wondering whether we really cease to exist, or whether, though our bodies die, our consciousness lives on. Raphael is one of the conference's presenters, so we hope that you will join him and other experts in the field on what is sure to be a mystical journey. In addition, if you mention our promo code of 002KD, you will receive a special discount when you sign up.   

I would love to show you a place that has touched my heart and will touch yours too.


Would you like to go on a sacred journey?

 If so, I would love to know if you would be interested in:

Tibet, September 2014
 North India and possibly Kashmir, October 2014
Bhutan Conference next May 2015

 Please write to me at

What is a journey? 
A journey is not a trip. 
It's not a vacation. 
It is a process. A discovery. 
It is a process of self-discovery. 
A journey brings us face to face with ourselves. A journey shows us not only the world, but how we fit in 
Does the person create the journey or does the journey create the person? 
The journey is life itself. 
Where will life take you? 

Words can hardly grasp the vastness of inner and outer exploration. A hug from an orphan girl at Ramana's garden in India, the feeling of sitting in the place where the Beatles created songs that opened doors to another world when I was a teenager.... I still can hear the song: Oh sweet lord, Hare Krishna... worlds melted, boundaries disappeared, doors opened... I traveled.

My sister and I met Klaus in Nepal, where we enjoyed each others' company, talked for hours about the environment - and most memorably saw his great dancing skills in the Buddha Bar. He took care of me when I twisted my foot on the road, and when he told us of his struggle to attain permits from the Nepali Government, I helped him however I could. We laughed when he had to take a beginner's course in flying, and triumphed when our dear friend Raj secured him an appointment with a minister. It was surely a journey of determination, faith, and the will to make a dream come true.

At last, for the first time, a glider soared over Mount Everest on 1 February 2014. With Klaus at the helm, the journey came just short of 50 years after the first ascent of Everest in 1954 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Norgay. His ascent studied meteorological turbulence as part of a research program on pollution and glacier monitoring. Read more here and enjoy the short video with music from The Sacred Feminine Voices of Bhutan.

 "Dear Kutira and Raphael and the Nuns of Bhutan, A great thank you for this inspiring music which passed straight through my heart and fits so well with the feelings I had at this very special place..." 
Klaus Ohlmann

Katmandu International Mountain Film Festival

Kathmandu had a sweet surprise for me in store. Each December the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) is held in downtown Kathmandu, showcasing many wonderful long and short movies from around the world to very special, artistic crowd. Well, the last day was the closing ceremony, to which we received an invitation from a friend. Little did I know that the movie "86 Centimeters," about the melting of Bhutan's glacier, had won the Award for "Best Environmental Film." Our beautiful CD "The Sacred Feminine Voices of Bhutan" was partially used for the sound track of this great movie. Read more about this exciting experience here!

We promise that you won't have to wait too long for the next newsletter. Raphael is deeply immersed in the creation of the music video "A Shared Near-Death Experience" for his upcoming CD - but more about the musical journey in the next newsletter. 
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