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Aloha dear Friends,


Our Europe and mainland tour is almost over and we have two more events before we are returning back to Mother Maui.  If you have missed us you are always welcome to visit us in Maui at our retreat center. And if you have a friend in the L.A. region you may feel open to forward this email on... We will take good care of them with love and inspiration.


Last chance, we would love to have you join us at the showing of our movie this Thursday night, Aug. 18th, 7pm
at Church in Ocean Park, Santa Monica.

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Magical Mystery Tour
Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Where ancient traditions meet cutting edge science.

with Kutira and Raphael


Being in a deep Tantric relationship since 1989, it is only natural that their accomplishments are rich beyond imagination. They created a gorgeous paradise garden oasis retreat center in Maui,  "The Greenest spot on Maui". They have sold over a million music cd's which have been used extensively in yoga, tantric, ritual and death and dying practices.They are also the founders of  sacred school called Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability.


Kutira is well known throughout the alternative healing movement as the master of ritual. There is a certain "specialness" when she officiates weddings, land blessings, pujas, concerts and more.  She has a natural talent for bringing a mature love into a ceremony that everybody can go deep and relax in. She has been a student of many ethnic  healers including Kumuhula Auli'i Mitchell, learning ancient Hawaiian music, chants, dance and arts.


Kutira and Raphael give root to the magic of love and music in daily life.
It is a blessing to be with have such ecstatic teachers who know how to ride between the worlds"
- Margot Anand, Author of The Art of Everyday Ecstacy

Celebratory Puja

A ceremony to deepen the connection with self, others and our precious Mother Earth.  

Couples, singles, everybody welcome.    

"The bridge to true life force flows through our sensual  energies.  Sensual energy is a bridge to spirituality and if openly explored is a way to greater self actualization".    

Time:  Arrive at 3.33pm, settle in, cool down, breath and attune to the magic of the garden

Opening of Puja Circle: 4.14 pm

Closing of Puja Circle: 6.06pm

Cost: $22
Break: bring a healthy snack and if you would like to share something yummy you have made, we would appreciate this.

No better food, then created with love. Of course a healthy snack from

Whole Foods is welcomed too!!  

We will provide refreshments and some light snacks as well.


Time: arrive at 7pm (after food break)

settle in and attune to the energy

Opening chant: 7.30pm

Closing chant: 9.30pm

Cost: $33

Kutira and Raphael's  concerts are truly an unforgettable shamanic experience. Starting with delicate soft transcendental music (including Raphael's psychic readings set to music on members of the audience) we rise into Kutira's powerful Hawaiian Chants and didgeridoo playing.

From here we travel into new realms of music including "Communion", "Prayers for Russia", and the "Lost Concerto of Bach". We usually end with a passionate trance dance where everyone can shake out and experience their bodies as light waves. These concerts can be described as walk, run, fly....hyperspace!


Late Night Show of: The Dance of Earth and Spirit

Starting: 9.45pm

Ending: 11.15pm

Cost: $15

popcorn and lemonade

after the movie questions can be answered

Magical Tour Package: $50 for all three events

Where: this is a lovely private home please map quest directions. 15960 Valley Meadow Place
Encino, CA, 91436  

*RSVP appreciated 808 280 3960 Kutira and 310 741 0605 Maura


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